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The Art of Michael Bedard

Josie BissettCart & Checkout | Help | Order Status | Shop Home | Holiday Gifting & ShippingVictoria FoytAugust 04, 2004 - Sitting Ducks is a syndicated, CG-animated cartoon that's spun off from a clever painting by Michael Bedard from more than thirty years ago, titled, what else, Sitting Duck. Michael expanded his world of the Sitting Ducks in later artwork, which was then expanded further in the computer-animated series. After more than three decades after the origin's debut, we're getting the world of Sitting Ducks in a dry and uncreative Game Boy Advance game. Oh, it looks and sounds like a solid GBA title, but the actual game design -- a series of fetch quests -- is incredibly redundant, bland, repetitive just no fun at all.FeaturesThree playable charactersAdventure and racing modes20 levelsPassword saveSitting Ducks is, basically, one incredibly boring game with very little to do. Nearly every level involves players wandering around the town collecting something before the time runs out. The intention is, apparently, to challenge gamers into collecting as many of the coins as possible to keep the clock running, but since the level designers lay out a path of coins from start to finish, it's more of a do it task than a see if you can do it challenge. Oh, the designers try and throw in a few hitches with manholes to accidentally fall through, or traffic to run into. Difficult, not really. Outright tedious? Absolutely. The variety comes from the different playable characters, but the action never seems to change when the player's controlling a duck or the enormous alligator: collect coins, keys, and other objects. Wash, rinse, repeat.In an attempt to hide the tedium, the designers throw in a scooter race option in each of the game's levels. These challenges are clearly thrown in, because the vehicle controls are awkward due to the few frames of animation given to their rotation, and the quirky behavior of the opponents' AI routines. And without any link cable support in Sitting Ducks, these races become just as unexciting as the game's adventure mode.The Game Boy Advance version of Sitting Ducks was handled by LSP in Europe. The studio has put together some decent GBA product in the past (most recently CT Special Forces 2: Back in the Trenches), but the studio must have put its B team on Sitting Ducks because this handheld game doesn't give us quite the same quality of gaming as what they've given us in portable product before. The game looks competent with better than average art and animation that's based on the CG cartoon, though the game definitely lacks any graphical flair. The music and sounds, also based on the 'toon, aren't nearly as charming to hear as the graphics are to see.Closing CommentsCorrect me if I'm wrong, but games are supposed to be fun, right? To give you some enjoyment out of playing the game. That never seems to happen in Sitting Ducks. Of all the things you have to collect in this game, what the designers really needed was a fun power-up. I definitely don't think this is what Michael Bedard had in mind for his characters when he first created the Sitting Duck portrait those many years ago.-- Craig HarrisLook for similar items by category:Da VinciDisneyKlimtMonetVan GoghDaliKandinskyPicassoWarholMatisseMiroRothkoLichtensteinCasaroDe Lempicka Ver másEstilosKünstlerBedard MichaelTitelA Stranger in ParadiseRubrikMotiv - ComicGröße (cm)60 x 100Versandfertigin 24 StundenArtikelnr.2400257Preis (CHF)82,49Albert Einstein Posters & Art Prints, pg 1Sitting DucksOther products by HIP InteractiveMichael Bedard, the eldest of five children was born, on June 26, 1949. He was raised and educated in Toronto where still lives. As a child he spent much of his time reading comic books and exploring neighborhood in which he lived. He says that he never thought about being a writer as a child; he was content with just being a kid. His desire to become a writer took root around the age of seventeen when he discovered poetry and began writing. His first ventures into writing showed him the joy in the texture and taste of words. (Writing Stories, Making Pictures, 21)Bedard received his Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Toronto. After graduating, he worked as a librarian, then, as a pressman in a print shop. He continued writing poetry and began writing professionally in the 1970's. His first book was published by the printshop where he was working. Bedard worked closely with all aspects of the book's publication. In 1983, Bedard decided to focus on his writing full-time. He has written both picture books and novels for young adults.Today he writes nearly everyday for about four or five hours, depending on his level of inspiration. He begins writing around ten in the morning after his children have gone to school and the dishes have been washed. Superstitious about his writing, Bedard follows a strict routine. He says he is unable to write if the dishes are not washed. He always works downstairs with the door closed. He insists on the completion of these rituals in order to retain his muse. When beginning a story Bedard is careful not to over-analyze his work or ideas lest he chase away his inspiration before the story has a chance to develop. Given these somewhat mystical origins it seems appropriate that magic plays such an important role in Bedard's work.While listening to instrumental music, Bedard writes his first drafts and brainstorms in longhand in notebooks. He pretend[s] that [he is] not really writing so that the words will get by the guards at the gate. (Writing Stories, Making Pictures, 22) His concepts begin as images, feeding off each other as they multiply in his mind and link together to form the details of the plot. For several months he works on different scenarios and develops the characters. When he begins to gain a clear picture of what he is going to be writing, he says that, If the story feels right it will have the distinctive quality of a dream. After this initial process Bedard works on a typewriter.The influence of literature on Bedard's writing can be seen in Redwork and his other novels. Bedard regards the poetry of William Blake, which he synthesizes into the plot of Redwork, as a powerful influence on both his life and writing since he was a teenager. Bedard's keen interest in magic and Blakean mysticism create interesting backdrops and plotlines for his novels. His dense narrative style is a challenging read as he explores human relationships, magic and literature in all his novels. Bedard also claims children and their sense of amazement at the world as a great inspiration. Having grown up in a large family and raising four children of his own, Bedard has learned a great deal about the symbiotic relationship between the old and the young.Click here to view Michael's bibliography and a list of other awards he has won.Click here to view a list of articles and links on Michael Bedard and RedworkYou know someone, who would like this picture, too? Then send him a card.Sheet Music Instruction and ResourceA lavish array of fresh fruit direct from the grower awaits with our Fruit of the Month Club. Enjoy five pounds of two different selections of the finest hand picked, mouth-watering fruit delivered each month to all our lucky Fruit of the Month Club members.The Flower Gift Clubchoral, pop, christmas, songs, show, choir, musicHome Search ResultsDVDsAstronomy (99)Jamie Lynn SiglerColumbia ReportA reproduction of the official accident investigation report into the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven.U.S. STOREU.K. & WORLDWIDE STOREartExpression L.L.C.1027 Bel Marin Keys Blvd.Novato, California 94949, United States : 415-883-1830 : 415-883-8817Order : 1- -398-4335Revised October 19, 2004. 1998 - 2004 artExpression L.L.C.Legal and Privacy Policy



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