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The Art of Michael Bedard

Raquel CastroAll TimeLast 60 Daysin Abstractsin Floralsin Impressionismin LandscapesGo To Result Page: Prev Page #1-A A-Agui Ah-Amaz Amaz-Anim Anim-Aswa Asyl-Balc Bali-Beco Bed-Beyo Beyo-Blac Blac-Bobb Bobb-Brea Brea-Bust Bust-Carr Carr-Chea Chea-Circ Circ-Comf Comi-Crea Cree-Danc Danc-Dear Dear-Di Diab-Don Don-Drea Drea-El El-Erre Erro-Fall Fall-Fire Fire-Fort Fort-Gabb Gabi-Giga Giga-Gork Gorm-Gumb Gumm-Haun Haun-High High-Hope Hops-I I-Infe Infe-Jack Jack-Joe Joe'-Just Just-King King-La La-Leav Leav-Ligh Ligh-Lori Lori-Luna Luna-Man Man-Mast Mast-Mich Mich-Momu Mon-Mudd Mudd-Nake Nake-Nico Nico-Nusr Nutc-Opti Opti-Pass Pass-Pie Piec-Potr Poul-Pump Punc-Ray Ray-Reve Reve-Rock Rock-Sacr Sacr-Scho Scho-Sex Sex-Shor Shor-Slav Slay-Soul Soul-Stan Star-Stra Stra-Supe Supe-Tang Tank-The The-The The-The The-The The-The The-Timo Timo-Trad Trad-Twil Twil-Up Up-Vinu Viol-Welc Welc-Wild Wild-Wow Wow-Zato Zato-Zz Next PageLoretta SwitWhat magazines did you see TL authors ? Just who 's articles did you see? A lot of times I enjoy many articles in the magazines I subscribe to but never tried to link authors to this site. Maybe I should pay closer attention in the future.Bedard MichaelBuy Emily by MICHAEL BEDARD from home at our online store. Click here for reviews, product information, comments, and criticism.Unfortunately, there's nothing that unusual about Tina's story, except she has the courage to tell it.A medical records manager who lives near Dallas, she's 43. She weighs about 375 pounds, and she's been overweight since childhood."I'd go home from school crying most days," says Tina. "And then my Mom would always have cakes or cookies and that was my comfort whenever somebody was teasing me.""The more she gained, the worse she felt about herself," says Pat Hove, Tina's mother. "And the more she tried to lose, the more frustrated she became."Tina's obesity has now led to high blood pressure and diabetes. She has to take insulin two times a day and her mother worries all the time."I've lost many a night's sleep over it in trying to figure out what we can do to help her," says Pat.And for Tina, sometimes, it's just too much to bear."You've got people telling you if you don't lose the weight, you're gonna die, if you don't take your medication you're gonna die," says Tina. "I mean there are times that you want to say OK, if that's the case then let's do it."The heartbreaking answer is yes, she's even considered taking her own life."Sometimes you want to give up, you just want to give up," says Tina. "And when I want to give up I call my mom and I talk to her.""I talk about it," says Pat. "I listen to her and let her sound off and try to encourage her and be there.""She puts me back on the right track," says Tina. "She tells me what I would be missing and that people would miss me so she gets a lot of phone calls some days some days it's really hard. But people don't understand how hard it is. So you just keep trying."So many of us are trying. But sometimes it seems like modern American society is stacked against us."We are a nation of fat-building," says Lisa Dorfman, a sports nutritionist at the University of Miami. "We do a great job at making people become fat either through restaurant portion sizes or encouraging people to eat to deal with stress, or say, 'Are you really going to sweat for an hour?'"But the come-ons for food are everywhere, especially on TV. Who wouldn't be shaking watching all this? We recorded just one afternoon's worth of commercials on the NBC station in New York, and there were many ads for diet programs. They're now a 40 billion business, but are they getting us anywhere?Nutritionist Maggie Greenwood-Robinson was a consultant on "The Ultimate Weight Solution.""I think it's important for people to realize that we are dieting our way to being overweight," says Greenwood-Robinson. "We start a diet, we lose some weight. Then we go off the diet, we gain back weight, we gain back a little more weight. So we start another diet, and we're back up, up, up. So, we're climbing our way to obesity."But being tempted to ditch our diets is easy. We have more food, in more places, at easier reach, than anyone could have imagined even just 20 years ago. It's everywhere we look, in gas stations, convenience stores, the office, vending machines, and even in pharmacies. You can't get away from it. And if you're busy - and who isn't? - it's easy to just do a drive-by.At the same time, portion sizes have grown as fast as our waistlines. According to recent studies, we've gone from "hold the pickle, hold the lettuce" back in the 1970s, to not holding back on anything. Serving sizes for burgers, fries, and sodas in the past 25 years have grown two to five times."One example of course is the very popular fast food place where a few years ago french fries came in two-ounce bags," says Dr. Satcher. "And that's about 200 calories. But now the supersize one is over six ounces and over 600 calories."Another reason we're getting supersized is that we're much less active than we used to be."One of the biggest things behind the obesity epidemic is that we are under-exercising," says Greenwood-Robinson. "We start the day as desk potatoes and we finish the day as couch potatoes. We're just not active enough."Researchers say that's especially true for kids. It seems the most exercise some are getting is sliding from the TV to the computer. And then there's the frustration factor, courtesy of the entertainment and fashion industries.For regular folks to try to live up to the body images of the models and actors that are out there today? Fuggedaboutit.At the very time we're blowing up, Hollywood and the fashion industry are telling us we should rail-thin. And for young girls, the temptation or pressure to go on diets to look like the latest pop star can be downright dangerous."Because it fuels the obsession to be thin," says Greenwood-Robinson. "And that can lead to eating disorders."In fact, some experts suggest maybe we should just relax a bit about our eating habits. That's because in France, where people just say oui to foods notoriously rich and high in fat, only about eight percent of the population is overweight. It's been called the "French paradox."Dr. Paul Rozin, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, says that the famous French love of food could reduce stress and help them stay thin and healthy."We're getting fatter as we worry about getting fat, the French are not as worried about getting fat and they're not getting fatter," says Dr. Rozin.Some researchers suspect smaller food portions are the main reason the French stay petit. But stress is a known factor in obesity. And the former Surgeon General says a good first step for losing weight might be to try and cut stress in our lives, along with the calories."It's a problem in terms of the way we eat," says Dr. Satcher. "It's a problem in terms of the way we tend to feel that we don't have time for physical activity. And it's driving us to graves really." 2004 MSNBC InteractiveCustomers who bought Kill Bill Vol.2 Premium BOX (Limited Edition)(Japan Version) also bought:New Anime DVD Releases1-04, 2-04, 3-04, 4-04, 5-04, 6-04, 7-04, 8-04, 9-04, 10-04, 11-04ELA Outcomes:Writing:2. Appropriate organization and development of meaning are essential qualities of written compositiondemonstrate the ability to organize their thoughts coherentlydevelop their ideas by using methods appropriate to their topics4. A writer¹s ideas and experiences can be presented through various modes of discourseuse personal or exploratory writing, such as journal writing or personal reactions, to express and clarify their thoughts and feelings, and to develop ideas for other types of writingReading/Literature:6. Reading is a process that demands active involvement of the readerrespond to the material that they read with increasing sensitivity, thoughtfulness, articulateness and self-relianceunderstand that the study of literature involves initial reading of the material; personal response; sufficient thoughtful consideration to assure understanding; possible sharing of one's response with others, orally or in writing; and, where appropriate, a personal, social or critical evaluation9. Human experience and values can be explored through literaturedescribe the major physical characteristics and personality traits of charactersexpand experience vicariouslyrelate literary experience to personal experience10. The understanding and appreciation of a literary selection is dependent upon the recognition and understanding of the general characteristics of literary forms and the relationship of form, idea and purposeretell or summarize the content and identify the basic organization the author has usedidentify the point of view of a literary selection11. Locating, selecting and evaluating written materials, frequently required to fulfill one's purpose in reading, are important life skillsidentify their purpose for reading, and extract information based on that purposeViewing:14. Elements in and structure of the image strongly influence the total effect of the communicationunderstand that the message of a visual presentation is affected by factors such as colour, angle and movementMelanie GriffithRosemary HarrisDixie CarterCrowmatics - 1988The limited edtion was done as a silk screenBedard - Sitting DuckRecherche des artistes: de A comme Adams jusqu'ą Z comme Zappini.britannica, reference, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, trivia, history, art, science, politics, sports, timeline, Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, North America, South America, World, browse, alphabet, collegiate, searches, heritage 600 CanvasSOLDSOLD Silva Francis Augustus - Original Oil on Board painting titled 'Sunset over Rocky Coast - Fine Art:Paintings:Oil On Artist BoardFrancis Augustus Silva - Original O/B painting titled 'Sunset over Rocky Coast - Thacher Island, Cape Ann, Ma.', signed by the artist SLR F.A.Silva . This painting was formerly part of the collection of J. N. Clark. It is a wonderful small oil that CCT International FI ~ Exclusively on Ruby Lane



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