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The Art of Michael Bedard

Submit Company newsSonik PostersPosters and Prints:AmericanaAnimalsArchitectureChildren's Room DecorCollegeComicsContemporary ArtEthnic / InternationalFaith & SpiritualityFantasyFigurativeFine Art ReproductionsFloral / BotanicalFood & BeveragesHumorMotivationalMoviesMuseum ArtMusicNature / LandscapesPerforming ArtsPhotographyScience / EducationSportsTelevisionTransportationTravelTrends / LifestylesVintage Art & StyleTranslationFür meine Kinder. Dass sie starke Individuen werden. Und für alle Zeitgenossen. Dass sie ein starke Gemeinschaft bilden. Für den Frieden, für die Freiheit und für dieVernunft.Tip: Save on shipping - buy more than one poster.Buy flowers onlineCreature from the Black LagoonReel Scary Monsters24 X36 25.00MedicalCardiologyClinical SeriesDiagnostic and Therapeutic ManualsDrug ReferencesMedical DictionariesMedical Student ReferenceNursingHelp ? | My Account | Shopping Bag | Sign InFishing2 in. x 3 in.Buy FishingCOMMUNITY/ NEIGHBORSWeddingsBirthsMilitaryReligionSeniorsColumnistsFeaturesYouth & EdAbout the RegionAnnouncement FormsABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZWhat? Where?in inposters for sale, poster, prints, buy posters , Humorous Birds, Humorous Bird, Humor, Birds, BirdMORE POSTERS LIKE THIS FROM ART.COMwhimsical art hand painted posters watercolor prints limited edition garden sculptures giclee apron Stewart Moskowitz Stu Wooket a herd of laughter Terry Willis print poster funny colorful Bedard Michael children kid cows grandchild kids child animals creative whimsy artistic serigraph gallery t shirt sillyOur : 6.89Donation: 3% to Your Non-Profit CauseIn Stock: Usually ships within 1 business day.Retail : 6.99Your Savings: 1%Book DetailsShipping CostsAll ProductsElectronicsComputersBooksTools/HardwareHome/Garden----------------Non-Profit CausesBook DetailsFormat: PaperbackPublisher: PENGUIN JUVENILEPublish Date: May 1, 2001Dimensions: 0.15 in. by 11.15 in. by 8.50 in.ISBN: 0698118979Day after day, brand new ducks roll off a giant assembly line operated by alligators at the Colossal Duck Factory. They are loaded into trucks and taken to Ducktown, where they are fattened up in preparation for their final destination-into the stomachs of alligators. Everything proceeds smoothly, until the day one of the alligators decides to take a wayward duck home. Over time, the alligator grows fond of his future dinner. Can a duck and an alligator really be friends in an alligator-eat-duck world? Find out in this charming and humorous friendship story.Shipping CostsYou can use your Shopping Cart to generate a quote for the shipping cost for your order.Add the items to the Shopping Cart (you can remove them later), then enter your zip code for a shipping estimate.Quantity:[Top] [New Releases] [Authors & Illustrators] [Teacher Resources] [Home] [Search]Author Browse / Title BrowseSubject Search: Fiction / Non-Fiction / Story & Picture Books / Myths & Legends / The Simon Series / The Alphabet Series / Cultural StudiesBECKETT, ELSA* Family Ties, (ss) Fantasy Tales #5 1990Fantasy Tales, #5, ed. Stephen Jones & David A. Sutton, Robinson 1990BECKETT, FRANCIS* Judgement Day, (ss) The Young Oxford Book of Aliens, ed. Dennis Pepper, Oxford University Press 1998BECKETT, JEREMY* A Report Concerning the Predator Population in the Northern Part of the Forest, (ss) Xanadu 3, ed. Jane Yolen, Tor 1995BECKETT, M. E. (1942- )* Near-Beauty, (ss) Black Thorn, White Rose, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Morrow AvoNova 1994* Sorcerer's Mate, (ss) Adventures in the Twilight Zone, ed. Carol Serling & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW 1995BECKETT, MALCOLM* The Alzheimer Trajectory, (ss) Crank! #4 1994* Arbuthnot, (ss) Return of the Dinosaurs, ed. Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW 1997* Armdale Rotary Horse, (ss) Xanadu 3, ed. Jane Yolen, Tor 1995* Pasquatz, (ss) Amazing Sum 1998* Protectors, (ss) Amazing Spr 1994BECKETT, SAMUEL (1906-1989)* Stage Direction [from Waiting for Godot], (pl) 1952Worlds in Small, ed. John Robert Colombo, Cacanadadada Press 1992_____, [ref.]* Obituary: Beckett, Samuel, (ob) Locus v24:2 No.349 Feb 1990BECKETT, TERRI* Don't Go Near the Water (with Chris Power), (ss) Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear, ed. Jody Lynn Nye, Baen 1996* The Long Hand, (ss) Gods of War, ed. Christopher Stasheff, Baen 1992BECKFORD, WILLIAM (1760-1844) (books)* Azemia, a Description or Sentimental Novel [as by J. A. M. Jenks], (ex) 1797Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters, (ex) 1780Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* Dreams, Waking Thoughts and Incidents, (ex) 1783Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* Italy, with Sketches of Spain and Portugal, (ex) 1834Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* The Journal of William Beckford in Portugal and Spain 1787-88, (ex) 1954Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995; this version is restored from Beckford's manuscript.* Modern Novel Writing or the Elegant Enthusiast [as by Lady Harriet Malowy], (ex) 1796Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha, (ex) 1835Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995* The Story of Prince Alasi and the Princess Firouzkah, (nv) Episodes of Vathek 1912* The Story of Prince Barkiarokh, (n.) Episodes of Vathek 1912* The Story of Princess Zulkaïs and the Prince Kalilah, (nv) Episodes of Vathek 1912* Vathek, (n.) London: Richard Bentley 1786Four Gothic Novels, ed. Anon., Oxford University Press 1994* Vathek, An Arabian Tale ["An Arabian Tale from an Unpublished Manuscript" as by Anon.], (n.) 1786Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995; this is the text as reconstructed by Kenneth W. Graham in 1971.* The Vision: Manuscript of a Romance, (ex) 1930; the contents page has "The Long Story (known as The Vision)".Vathek and other stories, Penguin 1995BECKMAN, JANE GABRIELLE* The Natural History of the Unicorn, (ss) Amazing Sep 1989BECKWITH, MARTHA* The Marchers of the Night (with Mary Pukui), (ss) Kepelino's Traditions of Hawaii, ed. Martha Warren Beckwith, Bernice P. Bishop Museum: Honolulu 1932Horror in Paradise, ed. A. Grove Day & Bacil F. Kirtley, Mutual 1986BEDARD, MICHAEL (1948- ) (books)* Gods, (pm) Border Land #1 1984* Resurrection, (pm) The Unseen, ed. Janet Lunn, Penguin/Puffin 1997_____, [ref.]* "Painted Devil, Michael Bedard" by Carolyn Cushman, (br) Locus v33:2 No.403 Aug 1994* "Redwork, Michael Bedard" by Carolyn Cushman, (br) Locus v26:2 No.361 Feb 1991BEDDOES, THOMAS LOVELL (1803-1849)* The Oviparous Tailor, (pm) Death's Jest Book 1850Border Land #2 1985BEDFORD, JACEY* The Jewel of Locaria, (nv) Warrior Princesses, ed. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW 1998BEDFORD, RANDOLPH (1868-1941)* Fourteen Fathoms by Quetta Rock, (ss) Munsey'sThe Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories, ed. Ken Gelder, Oxford University Press 1997BEDFORD-JONES, H(enry James O'Brien) (1887-1949)* Red Moon on the Flores Sea [as by Gordon Keyne], (na) Blue Book May 1942The Fantastic World War II, ed. Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Baen 1990BEDWELL-GRIME, STEPHANIE* And Not a Drop to Drink, (ss) After Hours Fll 1994* The Dead Go Shopping, (ss) Northern Frights 3, ed. Don Hutchison, Mosaic Press 1995* Dead Letter, (vi) Horrors! 365 Scary Stories, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg & Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble 1998* In the Eye of the Beholder, (ss) After Hours Fll 1993* Night Cruise, (ss) The Rejected Quarterly Sum 1998* Transfer, (ss) Northern Frights 4, ed. Don Hutchison, Mosaic Press 1997BEE, ROBERT* The Bargain with Yog-Sothoth, (ss) Cthulhu Codex #15 1998* Beausoleil's Sculptures, (ss) Terror Tales #4 1998* Tirmagel's Cathedral, (ss) Outer Darkness #17 1998BEEBE, MARC* Celia's Story, (ss) Keen Science Fiction! Jul 1996BEEBEE, CHRIS (books)_____, [ref.]* "The Main Event, Chris Beebee" by Scott Winnett, (br) Locus v23:6 No.347 Dec 1989BEECH, MARK* Analysis, (ed) Psychotrope #1, #2 1994, #3 1995, #4 1996, #5 1997, #6 1998* Of Secrecy and Silence, (vi) Sierra Heaven #3 1997BEECHCROFT, WILLIAM; pseudonym of William F. Hallstead, (1924- )* No Cabs Run After Midnight, (ss) Pirate Writings Sum 1995* Paperwork, (ss) Voices from the Night, ed. John Maclay, Maclay & Associates 1994* A Tap-Tap at Sundown, (ss) Weird Tales Win 1990BEECHER, DENNIS S.* Beneath Each Tombstone, (vi) The Ultimate Unknown Fll 1996* In Loving Memory, (ss) Bloodsongs #7 1996* The Last Illusion, (ss) Outer Darkness #15 1998* The Nature of the Beast, (vi) Crossroads Jun 1996* There Are No Monsters, (ss) Gaslight Aug 1992* Thumbtripper, (ss) Crossroads Jul 1993* We All Have Our Demons, (ss) Crossroads Jun 1997* When Yesterday Bleeds, (ss) White Knuckles Fll 1995BEEDALL, LESLEY* The Gallery of Greats, (bg) Terror Tales #1 1998 [H. P. Lovecraft; William Hope Hodgson; Algernon Blackwood; Robert W. Chambers]BEEJAY, DEEJAY* The R'lyeh Rap (with Grandmaster Sequeira), (pm) Shoggoth #2 1993BEEKMAN, DOUGLAS_____, [ref.]* "Biolog: Doug Beekman" by Jay Kay Klein, (bg) Analog Jul 1985* "Gallery: The Wizard of Character (Douglas Beekman)" by Matthew Woodring Stover, (pi) Realms of Fantasy Dec 1998BEELER, CECIL* Best Hanging, (vi) Beyond #20 1991BEER, GAYE* Puzzle Pages (with Ben Daily), (pz) Salarius v1 #4 1987BEERBOHM, H. M.; see under Beerbohm, MaxBEERBOHM, H. MAXWELL; see under Beerbohm, MaxBEERBOHM, [Sir] (Henry) MAX(imillian) (1872-1956)* Enoch Soames, (nv) The Century May 1916Black Water, ed. Alberto Manguel, Picador 1983The Book of Fantasy, ed. Jorge Luís Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares & Silvina Ocampo, Viking 1989Devilish Doings, ed. Frank J. Finamore, Random House/Gramercy 1997BEESE, P. J. (1946- ) (books)* God Save the King (with Todd Cameron Hamilton), (ss) Superheroes, ed. John Varley & Ricia Mainhardt, Ace 1995* The Pride (with Todd Cameron Hamilton), (nv)Cats in Space, ed. Bill Fawcett, Baen 1992* A Valentine (with John Varley), (ss) MosCon X Program Book, ed. Jon Gustafson, Moscow SF Conv., Inc. 1988* White Wings, (ss) Women at War, ed. Lois McMaster Bujold & Roland J. Green, Tor 1995_____, [ref.]* "The Guardsman, P. J. Beese & Todd Hamilton" by Carolyn Cushman, (br) Locus v21:6 No.329 Jun 1988BEESON, BRAD* Creature of the Night, (pm) Eldritch Tales #27 1992* Witness the Id, (pm) Eldritch Tales #26 1991BEESON, JANE* The Maid, (ss) Shivers for Christmas, ed. Richard Dalby, O'Mara 1995BEETEM, DORIS* The Hunting, (ss) Star Trek: The New Voyages #1, ed. Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath 1976Decades of Science Fiction, ed. Applewhite Minyard, NTC Publishing 1997BEETLESTONE, SUSAN* An Artificial Life, (ss) Interzone #34 1990* Face Lift, (ss) Interzone #26 1988* Heart of Santa Rosa, (ss) Interzone #38 1990* Wallpaper, (ss) Interzone Jul 1998BEGAMUDRÉ, VEN* In the Beginning, There Was Memory, (ss) On Spec Spr 1996* Out of Sync, (ss) Tesseracts 4, ed. Lorna Toolis & Michael Skeet, Victoria: Beach Holme Books 1992* Vishnu's Navel, (ss) Tesseracts 3, ed. Candas Jane Dorsey & Gerry Truscott, Victoria: Press Porcepic 1990BEGGS, DELORES GOODRICK* Affair of Honor, (ss) Tomorrow Apr 1994* Between Pages: Snatched Conversation, (iv) Midnight Zoo v1 #2 1991* Dayscreen Time Machine, (pm) SPWAO Showcase #8 1992* Ghouly's Hole, (pm) Amazing Experiences Dec 1990; given as by Delores Goodrich Beggs.* H. G. Wells: Five Opportunities for SF Writers, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #6 1991 [H. G. Wells]* How to Finish What You Start: Toward a Steady Output, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #3 1991* Ideas: How to Access Them, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #5 1991* Patterns, (ss) Tomorrow Feb 1996* Poetry: Some Like It Cold, In Print, and Some Like It in the Group, Spoken, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #4 1991* Six Ways to Fast Publication, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #2 1991* Small Press and the Dowser, (ar) Midnight Zoo v1 #3 1991* Small Press: Hints for New Writers and First-Time Submitters, (ar) Midnight Zoo v2 #1 1992* Writing to Sell: An Interview with Judith Tarr (with ElizaBeth A. Gilligan), (iv) Midnight Zoo v1 #5 1991 [Judith Tarr]BEHNKE, THOMAS* Insomnia, (pm) Talebones Sum 1998BEHRENDS, STEVE (1959- ) (books)* Introduction (with S. T. Joshi, Marc A. Michaud & Susan Michaud), (in)Nostalgia of the Unknown, Necronomicon Press 1988* The Lost Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith, (ms)Strange Shadows, Greenwood Press 1989* A Note on the Contents, (ms)Strange Shadows, Greenwood Press 1989BEHRENDT, FRED* Beauty [Severn Valley], (ss) Made In Goatswood, ed. Scott David Anioloswski, Chaosium 1995* Cauldron of Rain, (pm) Space & Time Win 1988Alpha Gallery, ed. Joy Oestreicher, Mark Rich, David Memmott & Charmaine Parsons, SPWAO 1990* Harvest, (vi) Horrors! 365 Scary Stories, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg & Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble 1998BEHRENDT, KRISTIN DeSMITH* Drinking Dendelion Wine, (pm) Pirate Writings Win 1993BEHRENS, KAZUKO Y._____, trans.* The Blue Sun, by Yoshio Aramaki & Lewis Shiner, ed., (ss) Strange Plasma #4 1991BEHRENS, RICHARD* Carnival, (ss) Forbidden Lines #16 1994* The Patsy, (ss) Forbidden Lines #12 1992BEHUNIN, JUDITH R.* Community Service, (ss) Footsteps #8 1987* Curiosity Killed the Cat, (vi) Eldritch Tales #21 1989* Ghosts, Phantoms and Fantasies, (pm) 2AM Spr 1988* Immediate Danger, (ss) Eldritch Tales #26 1991* In Case You Get It, (vi) Eldritch Tales #25 1991* Minus One, (ss) Eldritch Tales #18 1989* Remember the Good, (pm) Eldritch Tales #29 1993* Remembering, (vi) Eldritch Tales #30 1995* Salem Dreams, (pm) Eldritch Tales #22 1990* Sometimes (mood of June morning), (pm) Eldritch Tales #27 1992* Three Birds with One Stone, (ss) Eldritch Tales #23 1990BEIMLER, HANS* Who Watches the Watchers? (with Richard Manning) [Star Trek], (ss) Star Trek: The Next Generation Jan 1990BEINING, GUY R.* Axiom of a Torn Pulley, (pm) Dreams & Nightmares #46 1996* untitled, (pm) Dreams & Nightmares #42 1994BEIZER, JANET* Introduction, (is)The Decadent Reader: Fiction, Fantasy, and Perversion from Fin-de-Siecle France, ed. Asti Hustvedt, MIT Press/Zone 1998BELBIN, DAVID* Boomerang, (nv) 13 Again, ed. A. Finnis, Scholastic UK 1995* The Buyers, (nv) Point Horror, ed. A. Finnis, Scholastic UK 1994Bone Meal, ed. A. Finnis, Scholastic 1995* Christmas Past, (nv) Chilling Christmas Tales, ed. Anon., Scholastic UK 1992* Home for Christmas, (nv) Mysterious Christmas Tales, ed. Anon., London: Scholastic UK 1993* The Investigators, (nv) Haunting Christmas Tales, ed. Anon., Scholastic 1991BELCAMPO; pseudonym of Herman Schönfeld Wichers, (1899-?)* Funeral Rites, (ss) The Dedalus Book of Dutch Fantasy, ed. Richard Huijing, Dedalus 1993; "Uitvaart", Tussen Hemel en Afgrond, 1959.; tr. by Richard HuijingJoin The Art For Sale Webring?[Prev] [Next] [Random] [Next 5] [List Sites]Customers who bought this item also bought these items:Sitting Ducks - Season 1 Quack Pack DVD ~ Walt KubiakDuck for President by Doreen CroninGiggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin (Author)The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene TrivizasDucks Don't Get Wet by Augusta GoldinEmily by MICHAEL BEDARDExplore Similar Items: in Books, in DVD



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