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The Art of Michael Bedard

Name of ParentsDate BornSexBabernick, MichailaBachelder, Frank E.Bagdziun, KazimirBaillargeon, JacquesBainbridge, William A.Baker, Everett B.Baker, MichaelBakke, George H.Ballo, Manuel F.Ballos, ThomasBanack, AlexanderBanville, AlphonseBaragtaris, CostosBaran, KarolBarber, WilliamBarboza, JohnBaribeault, ArchilleBaril, JosephBarker, CyrilBaron, Alfred P.Baroxis, AndrioBarros, Manuel F.Barry, Charles J.Barry, Patrick J.Barry, William A.Barsarian, SarkissBasinos, VasiliosBassett, Joseph H.Bastien, JosephBastien, NapoleonBates, George W.Batista, Lawrence F.Bauer, PeterBawolek, Heronim S.Beaubien, ThomasBeauchesne, ArmandBeauchesne, NestorBeauchesne, VictorBeaudoin, ArthurBeaudoin, ErnestBeaudoin, JosephBeaudoin, MoiseBeaulieu, JohnBeaulieu, NoeBeauparlant, Joseph J.Beaupre, HiladoreBeauregard, EphrainBeauregard, William J.Bechard, ArthurBechard, Louis T.Beck, ClarenceBedard, AlfredBedard, ArthurBedard, NapoleonBedard, PierreBedore, Arthur H.Begin, WilliamBegley, John J.Belair, GeorgeBeland, AdelardBelanger, AlfredBelanger, NarcisseBell, Percy R.Bellefeuille, AlfredBellefeuille, GeorgeBellehumeur, GeorgeBellerose, AlfredBelleville, LeoBelocas, PeterBelyea, William M.Bendis, StanleyBendos, WalterBennett, Fred J.Benoit, ArthurBenoit, Francis J.Benoit, MedericBentas, HarryBerard, GeorgeBerard, HenryBerard, William E.Bergeron, AlbertBergeron, AlpheeBergeron, CyrilleBergeron, DonatBergeron, EmileBergeron, OvilaBergeron, RaineyBernard, ArthurBernard, Joseph E.Bernier, Antoine C.Bernier, LouisBertrand, EugeneBertrand, WilfredBerube, AlfredBerube, JosephBerube, JosephBevan, JamesBibeault, AmedeeBibeault, PhilipBibeault, WilfredBickford, Harry W.Biedron, JosephBieksza, VladasBigelow, Harold L.Bingley, JosephBiron, George E. A.Bisson, EmeryBlackstock, James R.Blaisdell, Kelsey A.Blaisdell, William F.Blake, CliveBlanchard, John W.Blanchette, ArthurBlanchette, Tancrede L.Blattner, Leon J.Blazonis, AntoniBletsis, StatasBlouin, WilfredBobola, StanislawBochu, Herman F.Bocka, AdolfBoghossian, CharlesBoisjoly, Joseph A.Boissonneault, HenriBoisvert, ArthurBoisvert, ArthurBoisvert, HenriBoisvert, HerveBoisvert, NapoleonBoisvert, RemiBoisvert, ThomasBoisvert, WilliamBoland, WilliamBolcewicz, MichaelBolduc, LudgerBoncar, MichaelBorst, Herman A.Borys, JosephBosca, JosephBotes, JohnBottie, Robert L.Bouchard, FrankBoucher, AlbertBoucher, ArthurBoucher, F. AlfredBoudreau, CharlesBoudreau, GeorgeBoudreau, LouisBoulard, ArmandBoule, TheophileBourassa, ArthurBourassa, LucienBourgeault, EugeneBourgeault, WillieBourgeois, WilliamBoutin, ArmandBowers, John J.Bowler, Harold D.Bowles, FrankBoyd, EarlBrady, BernardBrady, James F.Brady, Michael D.Brady, PeterBranco, JosephBratsinos, GeorgeBreault, George J.Brendas, WilliamBrennan, DanielBrennan, Michael F.Brennan, PatrickBreton, NapoleonBreton, OxeliphasBrewer, Everett S.Bridges, Frank E.Brien, ArthurBrien, JosephBriere, JosephBriere, JosephBritton, William L.Brodeur, AdolpheBrodsky, CyBrouillard, AntonioBrouillette, DelphisBrown, Emil W.Brown, ErnestBrown, HerbeyBrown, Ira H.Brown, JamesBrown, William F.Brule, ?Brunelle, AndreBrunelle, Blaise E.Brunelle, JeromeBrunelle, JosephBrunelle, WilliamBryant, AlexandreBryere, WilliamBubanas, HarryBuckley, John P.Buckley, John W.Budd, GeorgeBuilbeault, Jean B. O.Buja, JosephBujnowski, VincentBukala, MichaelBuote, JosephBurgoyne, JohnBurke, EdwardBurke, FrankBurke, FrederickBurke, StephenBurke, Thomas J.Burnett, FrancisBurns, James E.Burns, James J.Burns, JohnBurns, RedmondBurns, Richard E.Burns, Thomas F.Burns, WilliamBurt, NeilBurt, William H.Burtchell, GeorgeBussiere, StanislasButler, Stanley C.Byam, Arthur W.Byers, DavidByrne, Edward 22 Mar. 192214 Feb. 192213 Nov. 192217 Apr. 192225 Jan. 192220 Jul. 192227 Jan. 19226 Mar. 192228 Sep. 192222 Mar. 19225 Dec. 192211 May. 19229 Mar. 192224 Jun. 192211 Jan. 19225 Oct. 192216 Jun. 19225 Jul. 192213 Nov. 192210 Jan. 192224 Aug. 192223 Mar. 192225 May. 192212 Oct. 192220 Sep. 192225 May. 192213 Nov. 192211 May. 192230 Jun. 192213 Jan. 19223 May. 192218 Mar. 19223 Jun. 19221 Jul. 19227 Aug. 19221 May. 192224 Aug. 192231 Dec. 192215 Sep. 19222 Jun. 19222 May. 19222 Oct. 19225 Sep. 192231 Aug. 192220 Sep. 192222 Feb. 192219 Jul. 192222 May. 192228 Jan. 192218 Mar. 192228 Jan. 19226 May. 19222 Feb. 19222 Mar. 19221 Sep. 192213 Nov. 192212 May. 19223 Apr. 192212 Feb. 192210 Oct. 192220 Jul. 192212 Apr. 192223 May. 19224 Mar. 192221 May. 192231 Aug. 192212 Aug. 192226 Jan. 19228 Aug. 192212 Feb. 192223 Oct. 192211 Apr. 192218 Nov. 192228 Jan. 192229 Aug. 19227 Apr. 192216 Apr. 19225 Dec. 19221 Sep. 19223 Jun. 19229 Oct. 192213 Jun. 192223 Feb. 192211 Jul. 192224 Aug. 192215 May. 192213 Jul. 192215 Mar. 19226 Jan. 192216 Jun. 192211 Mar. 192227 Jan. 1922Nov. 19224 Jul. 192220 Mar. 1922Nov. 19225 Jun. 19223 Dec. 192227 Jan. 192221 Feb. 192215 Mar. 192211 May. 192226 Sep. 192223 Jul. 192212 Oct. 192217 Dec. 19225 Aug. 192221 May. 192221 Sep. 192215 Dec. 192227 Dec. 192219 Oct. 192226 Aug. 192213 Oct. 19221 Aug. 192222 Feb. 192214 Mar. 192228 Aug. 192222 Mar. 192216 Sep. 192213 Jun. 19228 Jan. 192213 Dec. 192214 Aug. 192224 Oct. 192229 Nov. 192211 Apr. 19225 Feb. 19229 May. 192215 Jul. 19225 Nov. 1922Dec. 19227 Mar. 19225 May. 19224 May. 19226 Jul. 1922Nov. 192231 May. 19228 Dec. 192216 Feb. 1922Nov. 1922Dec. 192226 Jul. 19224 Jun. 192222 Aug. 192211 Dec. 19227 Jun. 19222 Nov. 1922Dec. 192221 Oct. 192228 Jun. 192229 Apr. 192223 Mar. 192218 May. 1922Nov. 19221 Jul. 192225 Oct. 192212 May. 192230 Oct. 192224 Aug. 192216 Dec. 19222 Jun. 192230 Apr. 192227 Aug. 192216 Jan. 192222 Oct. 192215 Jul. 192226 May. 1922Dec. 19225 Feb. 192216 Jul. 192215 Mar. 192216 Apr. 192210 Oct. 19223 Jul. 19221 Jun. 19225 Aug. 192210 Jul. 1922Nov. 192226 Mar. 192230 Dec. 1922Dec. 192223 Feb. 192228 Jul. 19226 May. 192214 Jul. 19221 Mar. 192211 Dec. 192225 Oct. 192219 Feb. 192222 May. 192224 Feb. 192215 Jul. 192216 Dec. 19226 Mar. 19229 Aug. 192223 Sep. 19229 Nov. 19226 Aug. 19224 Sep. 192222 Apr. 192217 Jun. 192215 Mar. 192227 Nov. 192220 Oct. 192224 Sep. 192216 Oct. 19226 Sep. 192225 Aug. 19228 Feb. 19222 Jul. 192223 Jan. 192210 Feb. 1922Nov. 192227 Oct. 19224 Jun. 192228 Aug. 19221 Jul. 19229 Feb. 192213 Oct. 192210 Feb. 19222 Aug. 192216 Nov. 19226 Jun. 192230 Dec. 192224 Mar. 192210 Sep. 192223 Jan. 19227 Jan. 1922SonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughter1 Son & 1 DaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSon1 Son & 1 DaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughter2 DaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSon1 Son & 1 DaughterSonDaughter2 DaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonHere's what you get when you order a gift basket from us:Pick out a gift quickly and get help now, if you need it.Pick one of our 24 proven designs if you're in a hurry. Or quickly choose from 167 items to custom design a personalized gift basket using our Create Your Own feature.Not sure about what will work best? or email. We've created 11,276 gift baskets and messages in just the last 4 years. We'll make sure your basket and message:are appropriate for the occasiondon't commit any of the many little known cultural gift giving faux pas. For example, to the Japanese getting 4 or 9 of anything is considered unluckyAnd we'll make sure the basket is the right size for the number of people you're sending toHighest quality, hard-to-find items. You don't want to give something people can get at the local grocery store in your gift basket, do you? We recently dropped a line of cookies because a local drug store started stocking them. Our glass gifts are a perfect example. Made by a local artist, they are unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Here's another example. New Mexico Pinon Coffee. 7 times voted best coffee at the New Mexico State Fair!A basket people will use for years to come. Can't say that about flowers can ya!Hand crafted decorations create a strong visual impactBows hand made from over nine feet of the finest wire-edged fabric ribbon. The last thing you want is a gift basket with wimpy droopy common little decorations. We use 2.5 to 3 inch wide ribbon. Combine the use of fabric, length and width of ribbon, and the wire-edge and you get a big beautiful bow that holds it shape to make a dramatic visual impact30 feet of curling ribbon adds to the strong visual impact of our decorationsHand made one-of-a-kind cards to carry your special hand-written messageSpecial packing to make sure it comes out of the box looking as good as it did when it went it. We take great care in packing a basket. For instance, we stuff tissue in all the bow loops to make sure they don't get smashed and wrinkled during shipment. See the quote from our UPS driver on the shipping information pageOur perfect experience guarantee. We take full responsibility for the gift basket being just right, arriving on time, in perfect condition. If that doesn't happen, doesn't matter why, you get your money backArtistBedard MichaelTitleThe Failure of MarxismSubjectMotif - CartoonsSize ('' / cm)11.81 x 15.75 / 30 x 40AvailabilityUsually ships within 2-5 daysArticle#2400249 (AUD)48.16Own all the Caldecott Winners from 1955 - 2004?!: by Rebecca Wood, future early childhood/elementary teacherSearch for Title/Actor/Director: DVDnet. 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Bamboo ChorusByzantine (75)art print~THE GREAT WHITE HYPE~Michael Bedard~Ducks 23.991.Fahrenheit 9112.Put the brakes on Bullying3.Bill Nye: Computers4.Supersize Me5.Donald in Mathmagic Land6.Bill Nye: Brains7.First Response ABC'S of CPR8.First Scientists9.Nurses at Risk10.Road to Reading



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