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The Art of Michael Bedard

fußballMontblanc - Agatha Christie - 1993Toadally Awesome11x11 Fine-Art Printby Paul BrentView This Frog PosterBesides the Sitting Ducks PlayStation 2, you may also be interested in:. Hunting Unlimited 2 PlayStation 2. Sitting Ducks PlayStation 2. The Mummy PlayStation 2. More Rate this Game:10 - Highest 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - LowestJill &I'm Always Good For A Soft Cuddle And A Warm Hug& 50.00ART PRINTS ON CANVASNew DesignsTyphon's ChildrenBy Toni AnzettiPaperback / 336 Pages / Ballantine Books / January 1995 / 0345472667List 19.00 / Similar to Typhon's ChildrenCompare s ReviewsLITTLE MERMAIDAUD 9.60; DVD Movie (PAL);Princess Miranda lives with her father, the Sea King, and her two sisters in a magical palace. She has the most beautiful voice in all the Merfolk kingdom. Miranda has always been curious about the This part of our site is for our youngest museum trotters! Here you will find a selection of art-related toys, games and posters for kids from three years on. When exposing your children to the great masterworks and cartoon classics at a young age, you will accelerate the development of their sensitiveness to art. Education, appreciation of beauty and fun are all combined here!Sitting Duckby Michael Bedard23 x 31 inches US Enlarge | Framed | Mounted We argue that in a couple years, most of the names you're familiar with will no longer be around, Martin Wolf, president of Martin Wolf Securities, a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. They'll just get added on as features to another company. Changing buying patterns are helping fuel the trend. Businesses have spent the last few years reducing the number of providers they work with, and are counting on fewer suppliers for more capabilities. That's driven larger suppliers to buy technology to fill out their portfolios. IBM's software group, for example, has made 17 acquisitions since 2001.Despite a general upturn in technology spending, analysts do not expect a return to rapid growth in software. Instead of launching large-scale projects, many customers are looking to make better use of the systems and data they already have in place, according to analysts.With limited hope of growing business by landing new clients, many companies will be forced to merge to expand their customer bases, Crisci said.Software's midlife crisisAnalysts say the anticipated wave of consolidation reflects the aging of the software industry. Instead of an industry littered with thousands of high-growth outfits, enterprise software is starting to resemble industries that are more mature, such as pharmaceuticals, where a smaller number of large companies dominate.In court testimony over his hostile attempt to buy PeopleSoft, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said a radical shift in the market spurred his company to pursue its smaller rival. Oracle has made clear that it intends to make other multibillion-dollar acquisitions even if the PeopleSoft deal falls through. We wanted to be a survivor and a consolidator, and we felt the only way to survive and prosper was through acquisition, Ellison said in June. Once you're a midlevel company, that's the point where your technology being the best is not as important as the depth and breadth of your product offering --Yoav SchreiberanalystOther signs of maturity are evident. Microsoft, once considered the prototypical growth company, last month decided to pay regular dividends, in the mold of more staid corporations.New software license revenue is also harder to come by. In the second quarter this year, several large software companies, including BMC Software, Siebel Systems and Veritas, said they would fall short of their earnings and revenue targets because of weak spending.Even if software spending improves, some market watchers say, established software companies are becoming increasingly dependent on maintenance and consulting revenue, rather than money from new license sales.A shift to lower-margin revenue, in the form of maintenance and services, makes software companies less valuable as entities, and ultimately, more apt to merge with others, Wolf said. The professional services business is particularly susceptible to consolidation because suppliers need to compete with cheaper, offshore alternatives, he said. As you move revenue to the least-attractive segment of the business, which is professional services--which is good but not as good as selling software licenses--a different set of economics apply, Wolf said.Tight spotsAnalysts note that particular niches, such as security, will likely spur the creation and growth of a number of companies. Also, the consolidation process could take several years. In the past, major technology breakthroughs, such as the Web or the client/server model, opened up opportunities for upstart companies. But without any evident shift of that scale in the industry today, many say, several segments of the software industry appear ready for more mergers and acquisitions, including business intelligence, management software and business process management.Midsize companies, in particular, stand to suffer from software heavyweights' efforts to get bigger, some observers say. SAP, for example, is investing heavily in NetWeaver, infrastructure software designed to connect SAP with other systems. The product pushes SAP into more direct competition with infrastructure software providers, such as BEA Systems. New technology solutions have become narrower and narrower because there are fewer big problems that need to be solved. --Paul MaederHighland Capital Once you're a midlevel company, that's the point where your technology being the best is not as important as the depth and breadth of your product offering and your distribution reach, said Yoav Schreiber, an analyst at the Precursor Group.Although BEA has been relatively inactive on the acquisition front, other midsize companies have been investing in smaller outfits in an effort to gain sufficient market heft and avoid being combined into a larger entity. Novell, for example, purchased SuSE Linux and open-source desktop software company Ximian last year. Both purchases were meant to reorient Novell around selling services for open-source software.Large-scale acquisitions could face some hurdles, however. Mergers between software companies can be difficult to pull off, particularly between companies with large customer bases. Indeed, open-source software company Red Hat considered purchasing SuSe Linux but decided against it, in part because of the difficulties foreseen in integrating the companies. Red Hat has made over 14 acquisitions and not all of them have been very successful, I am not proud to tell you, Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik told CNET News recently.Government regulators also closely scrutinize mergers between large companies. For instance, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit over Oracle's takeover attempt of PeopleSoft, on grounds that the deal would be anticompetitive. The merged company, the government said, would have too much market clout. A decision in the trial resulting from that suit is expected to be announced this month or next.What's in it for customers?Whether an increase in consolidation of enterprise software suppliers will benefit customers depends very much on the particular market segments, analysts said.In the business application market, where there are few players, consolidation worries many companies. In arguing against Oracle, the Department of Justice brought PeopleSoft customers to the stand who voiced fears that Oracle would raise prices and no longer update PeopleSoft software. Likewise, J.D. Edwards customers have complained that they are not getting the same level of attention that they got before PeopleSoft acquired the company last year.But in the area of infrastructure software, there is less concern regarding the lack of choice that too few suppliers might bring, said Mike Gilpin, an analyst at Forrester Research.Consolidation among integration software providers, for example, has occurred more slowly than Forrester had predicted three years ago, in part because integration companies are highly specialized and their personnel have a great deal of industry-specific expertise in services. Combining a financial services specialist with a health care market expert doesn't necessarily double market clout. But given the growing maturity of the technology industry, the real question is mainly just how fast consolidation will occur. In markets where services don't have a big a role to play, it's much easier for technology to commoditize, and it's easier for the dynamics to favor the really, really big player and make it difficult for a smaller company to be sustained, Gilpin said.1Have an opinion on this story? Share it with other News readers.Track this story's companies and topicsBea Systems Inc Create alertSap Ag-sponsored Adr Create alertOracle Corporation Create alertPeoplesoft Inc Create alertIntl Business Machines Corp Create alertBusiness applicationsCreate alertAcquisitionsCreate alertMergersCreate alertInterTeddy UK - 'say it with teddies'Send a beautiful bear from InterTeddy UK. Guaranteed next day delivery and free gift wrapping in our famous pawprint gift boxes. Add chocs, CK1 or champagne and 'say it with teddies'. interteddy 26 in. x 38 in.Buy this Art PrintSarah Jane RedmondNewsletters | YesAsia Recommendations (Beta)Display Language:EnglishMonthly SpecialArt postersNext 2003 Universal Studios. 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