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Cart Print | CanvasList : 20.0020th Century SellingTitleActorDirectorDenise RichardsFontanini Nativities | Seraphim Classics Angels | Roman Lights | Jingle BuddiesCollections | Gift Ideas | Dealers | SearchEvents | Clubs | Site Map | About Us | Contact Us | Home 1999-2004 Roman, Inc. Addison, IL 60101 Unauthorized alteration and duplication are prohibited. All rights reserved.Intellectual Property and Privacy NoticeVisit the Sports & Outdoors StoreSitting Ducks for AssaultB.C. considers an innovative centre for prisoners affected by FASby Candis McLeanJanuary 2, 2001Report MagazineSixty percent of those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) will get in trouble with the law according to a study by the University of Washington School of Medicine; other studies find that an astonishing 23% to 50% of the Canadian prison population has been affected by FAS/E-brain-damage caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. As a result, parents and professionals are calling for a specialized facility to both deal with the unique needs of those with FAS and also reduce their high rate of recidivism. One site which advocates are promoting is the New Haven Correctional Centre in Burnaby, B.C., scheduled to close March 31st. We need a facility to deal with these people because they are not aware why they are there [in prison], states Jan Lutke, spokesman for the FAS/E Support Network of B.C. They 'don't get it;' they're brain damaged and haven't decided with understanding to go out and break the law. Someone just says, 'You're my friend and I need you to do this for me.' They will always need an 'external brain' to tell them what to do; in jail it becomes other inmates. Ms. Lutke recommends the FAS facility be staffed by those who want to work with disabled people and that it be used for intensive skill development of inmates. Upon their release they could be connected with support services. Such a centre would also keep [those affected by FAS] safe. In prison they are sitting ducks for physical and sexual assault; it happens non-stop. Unless some changes are made, Ms. Lutke says, many FAS victims will continue to beget FAS victims, each one costing taxpayers an estimated 2 million over his or her lifetime (see Sept. 25 issue of this magazine).As an example of a success story, Ms. Lutke points to 24-year-old Mark Steeves, who, as a youth, had a lengthy history with the law, including two conditional sentences, but for the past two years has held down a nearly full-time job as a cook. Although his adoptive father, Bob, has worked in correctional services for 24 years (currently at the New Haven Correctional Centre), he had no idea his son suffered from FAS until five years ago when Mark was being held in custody. There an RCMP constable who had worked with an Alberta native community spotted the behavioural symptoms and brought his suspicions to the parents.Suddenly Mr. Steeves understood his son's constellation of symptoms including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inability to learn from consequences, and at the same time he understood, for the first time, many of the prisoners he had worked with over the years. That's when he was finally able to help his son. Mark didn't change; we changed, Mr. Steeves states. Initially when Mark had started getting into trouble we had applied tough love. When he wouldn't keep curfew we put a sleeping bag in the shed for him. That happened twice, then he disappeared. The crimes got worse and we got tougher. Once Mark was diagnosed with FAS, the Steeves implemented structure. Either my wife or I is always with him; we remind him to take his medication and to eat-his stomach doesn't communicate with his brain. We give him simple, clear instructions and we also eliminated change. Usually if something goes wrong it's our fault. It's taken the stress out of it and been a great relief; we realize we're not bad parents. But we've also had to grieve as we realize our hopes and aspirations for him won't materialize. He's brain damaged. Mr. Steeves says that staff in an FAS centre would require training in similar methods: little down time, plenty of structure and patience. You have to tell a person the same thing ten times and not get upset. They're not noncompliant; they're just not understanding what you want. I'd also like training and research to be a big component of the centre.Finally, when people are released, it should be into a 'cloak of structure' that lasts a lifetime. Provided that inmates with FAS/FAE can be identified, CSC [Correctional Service Canada] might consider designing and evaluating a special institutional program for this population that takes into consideration their specific cognitive deficits and behavioural patterns. The suggested strategy would be to modify existing, well recognized programs in the areas of social and life skills, cognitive skills, substance abuse and anger management in the direction of making them more structured, concrete and repetitive, allowing more time for review and practice, and presenting material in shorter but regular segments. -1998 report by Correctional Service Canada into the implications of FAS on the correctional Books, Magazines & NewspapersScott Rolen and Eric Chavez are the only third basemen ever to hit 30 homers, knock in 100 runs and win a Gold Glove before turning 24.Opposing basestealers are 8-for-9 on Mark Wohlers.The Contract Jeff Loria web site runs the Expos vs. Marlins daily attendance. Other than Opening Day, the Marlins have outdrawn the Expos for every date, if less than 10,000 a game is winning. Les Expos drew 34,351 on Opening Day, but their next highest attendance going into the weekend is 4,917.After watching Jose Acevedo give up back-to-back homers in the first and second innings to the Astros Tuesday night, Jim Bowden went to the clubhouse, lectured his pitcher and informed him he'd been sent to the minors. Bowden went upstairs and was talking to assistant GM Gary Hughes, who was watching Chattanooga. Austin Kearns homered. Bowden told Hughes to call down and have Kearns taken out of the game because he was going to start for the Reds in left field the next night.When the Mets beat the Braves Monday night, it was the first time they were ever 2 games in front of the Braves. They have been in the same league or division in 1962-68 and 1995-2002.As he comes back off shoulder surgery, Jeff Bagwell's 47 at-bats before his first home run was his longest season-opening drought ever.The Dodgers will have had 14 of 68 days at home from the beginning of spring training until April 28.If you're wondering how the Pirates' superb middle-infield defense of Jack Wilson and Pokey Reese applies to their surprising start: their pitchers have the highest groundball/flyball ratio, 1.68, in the NL.If OPS against a staff is an indication of stuff, in the AL, the Yankees are .637, Boston .658 and Toront .907. Oh my.Blockbuster: This is the way to game.WWE WrestlingSearch For PrintsSince no network functions reliably all the time, developers need methodologies and tools to construct systems that remain dependable despite intermittent network failures. In this article, Frank Sommers argues that developers should distinguish between the systems themselves and the computations they wish to perform on them, as the two might have different characteristics of reliability. While a distributed system, or parts of it, might fail occasionally, you can still make the computations performed on those systems highly dependable. Sommers describes transactions as a programming tool used to design reliable computations, and shows how multiple Jini services can dependably cooperate via transactions. Browse Popular Sub --------------------------------- America Ansel Adams Brooke Burke Cat Clay Aiken Craft Dilbert Disney Dog Elvis Family Organization Far Side Firemen Harley Davidson Horse Jeff Foxworthy Marilyn Monroe Mary Engelbreit Mary Kate & Ashley Michael Phelps Mom's Planner Nascar National Parks OC Pin Up Rabbit SI Swimsuit Thomas Kinkade Vintage PosterIrene Bedard : Celebs-Gallery - Picture, Photo, Bio, Profiles and Poster.Sort: Thread Date Subject AuthorPage 1 2 3 4 5 6 last nextArtistBedard MichaelTitleThe Failure of MarxismSubjectMotif - CartoonsSize ('' / cm)11.81 x 15.75 / 30 x 40AvailabilityUsually ships within 2-5 daysArticle#2400249 (EUR)29.00Neiman - Stock Market posters22 1/2 x 34 1/4 - 36.45More ArtKKabaker, GayleKahn, W.Kaldor, AndrasKennington, DaleKerfilyKessler, Daniel PatrickKieffer, ChristaKimble, WarrenKoronatov, AlexIda Lupino



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