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The Art of Michael Bedard

Movie LinksFrom the most successful wrestling game series of all-time comes the next phenomenon in sports entertainment!Sunday, December 12Higglytown Heroes, new holiday episode, 7:30 p.m., ET/PTFather and son team John and Sean Astin guest star as Santa Claus and Pix the elf who must save Santa's sleigh when it is left behind in Higglytown. In the episode, the novice Pix must grant the wish of a child to fulfill his duties as an elf. When he hears Twinkle wish she could be an elf and wrap gifts year-round, Pix and his reindeer quickly head to Twinkle's house to make her wish come true.SucheFinden Sie den Titel Ihrer Wahl:Titel DarstellerThe name of Father Christmas in Finland. Literally: Yule Buck. Old pagan traditions lived on in Finland and never faded, but got gradually a Christian flavor (elsewhere in Europe, too). The shortest days of the year are in December and pagan peoples used to have big festivities to ward off evil spirits. In Finland these spirits of darkness wore goat skins and horns. In the beginning, this creature didn't give presents but demanded them, not to cause havoc. The Christmas Goat used to frighten the kids and was in every way very loathsome.It is unclear how exactly this personality was transformed into the benevolent Father Christmas, but nowadays the remaining feature is the name only. The process was probably a continuous amalgamation of many old folk customs and beliefs from varied sources. One can speak of a Christmas pageant tradition consisting of many personages with roles partly Christian, partly pagan: A white-bearded saint, the Devil, demons, house gnomes, whatnot. Nowadays the Joulupukki of Finland resembles the American Santa Claus.The popular radio programs from the year 1927 onwards probably had great influence in formatting the concept with Santa-like costume, reindeers and Korvatunturi (Mount Ear, near Polar Circle) as its dwelling place. Because there really are reindeers in Finland (sadly, part of our agricultural husbandry) and we are living up North, the popular American cult took root in Finland very fast. Maybe the Joulupukki is a little bit more fearsome than Santa Claus, though. Finland is one of the few countries where kids customarily do see Father Christmas in the act of delivering the presents (a hired Santa or Grandpa) and probably the only one where the Saint asks the kids if they did behave during the year.White Canadian Barn #2O'keeffe, Georgia12 in x 30Buy this Art PrintArafat interviewShopping cart:show itPossible Cross Curricular Connections:Literacy:1. Give each child a puzzle piece with their name on the back side and work together to construct a 'Friends Name Puzzle.'2. Play 'Friends Memory' either by matching identical photos of classmates or by matching photos and names of classmates.3. Begin daily name activities from Building Blocks.4. Compare books with words and books without words.5. Pair students up and have them complete 'My Name/Your Name' sorts. Students are given the letters in their name and asked to sort each letter by whether it is in their name only, in their friends name only, or in both of their names.Math:1. Sort classmates into different categories (colors wearing, pets, gender, etc.).2. While discussing ways to share, learn about halves and sharing equally between two friends.3. Play 'Number Walk' in which students stand on a numeral that is on the floor around a circle. Students walk, hop, etc. around the circle while the music is playing. When the music stops, the teacher calls out a numeral and all students point and call out the name of their friend who is standing on that numeral. ('Number Walk' is adapted from Math in Motion by Franco and Dauler, Creative Teaching Press: 2000.).4. After reading Every Buddy Counts, make a class counting book with the same title. Take photos of the students and label the pictures as 1 buddy, 2 buddies, 3 buddies, etc.5. On child cutouts, write the numerals 1-10 and ask students to arrange them in order.Science:1. Group students into partners and have them work with mirrors, half pictures, and real objects. Have students use the mirrors with the half pictures in order to determine what the entire object would look like and to pair up the half picture with the real object.2. Set pairs of students together with a mirror. Have them look carefully at one another and talk about how they are alike. After a short time, come together as a class and share what they found to be the same. Show students a large cut out of a child and label the parts that are the same for all of the friends in our class.Health:1. Although it is good to share, discuss with children items that should never be shared because it is not healthy. Show a variety of objects (toothbrush, ball, hat, fork, crayon, cup, glue, comb, toy, straw, etc.) and ask students to help you sort the items by whether they would or would not be healthy to share. (from Learning and Caring About Ourselves by Gayle Bittinger, Warren Publishing House: 1992)Social Studies-1. Learn about using good manners and polite words.2. Study and practice friendly character traits.3. Learn how what we say and do can affect other's feelings.4. Act out how we express different feelings.5. Share good deeds that we see classmates doing.6. Make and use 'Miss Bee Polite' stick puppets to indicate how they would feel about certain behaviors that the teacher describes. (adapted from Provider's Place)7. Role-play situations for students to practice making friendly choices.Music/Movement-1. Sing and move to the 'Friends Sound March', 'Buddy Boogie', and 'I Have a New Friend' (from Fall mic Awareness Songs and Rhymes by Jordano and ella-Jones, Creative Teaching Press: 1998).2. Pair students and have them mirror each other's actions.3. Play 'Movement Telephone' in which all children are in a line facing away from the teacher. The teacher taps one student and makes a movement that only he/she can see. That student taps the next child and mirrors or repeats the movement. The last child in line shows the movement to the entire class and compares it with the teacher's original movement.Cooking:1. Have each child bring in a piece of fruit and work together to make a friendship fruit salad!Art:1. Create a friendship quilt with each child's name, photo, and self portrait (use mirrors).2. Let each student choose one animal from Do You Want to Be My Friend? and create an animal mask to use to reenact the story. (Below are simple outlines that I made that you may print for your class to use as tracers, etc. They are all in PDF format.)elephantmousehorsealligatorlionhippopotamussealmonkeypeacockfoxkangaroogiraffesnakeBrigitte BardotSubwoofer:DiamondKids' Books In the NewsTimber Press: Great gift ideasGenerated : 22-11-2004 04:57:58Christina Milian 100 Offers ConsideredMichael Bedard S/N Duck Limited Edition # 4Fine Art:PrintmakingThis is a beautiful, signed & numbered limited edition by world-renown poster artist, Michael Bedard, printed on heavy fine watercolor paper (8.5 x 11 ) and featuring his signature duck. This limited edition of 50 signed pieces features Bill (the star of Sitting Ducks ) and is one of a suite of six Bedard limiteds which will be prizes for five lucky winners in three contests being held by McDonalds and ZDF (in Germany) and Vivendi Universal. The remaining 45 limiteds will only be available Order InfoHalo 2 (Xbox)The greatest Xbox game to date is subject / genreSearch: BooksMagazinesPopular MusicClassical MusicVideoDVDToys & GamesBabyComputer & Video GamesElectronicsSoftwareTools & HardwareOutdoor LivingKitchen & HousewaresCamera & PhotoWireless sKeywords:



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