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The Art of Michael Bedard

And because we're feeling very, very festive at the Lab Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Kerry MorganCorus Entertainment/Nelvana(416) 530-2221kmorgan corusent [ Customer Service | Privacy & Security | Shipping | Contact Us | About Us | Site Map ][ Refunds & Returns | FAQs | Legal Notices | Affiliate Program | Resources | Clawfoot Tub Education ]Website Ranking1. Annual Scientific Preventive and Restorative Courses in UKMore Fabulous Kids Picture Books: by maatka, Spends all money on kids booksWESTCHESTER GOLF Art print Leroy Neiman 24.996d 01h 18mGreeting Cards 100sView Shopping Cart / CheckoutSilver Bulletins NewsNancy AllenSoccer Images & Posters:Prints in eBay StoresKey to Corporate SuccessKoho Grill and Bar 669-5299Featuring John Severson.Napili Plaza, Napili, HI 96761Search:Enter keyword and click GoSPORTSJordan says farewell for the third timeThe nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz is a fleet unto itself - its jet fighters, missiles and (presumably) nuclear weapons can win WWII several times over. On maneuvers off Hawaii in 1981, the ship encounters a mysterious storm finding itself cut off from fleet headquarters and its escorts. The only radio transmissions available broadcast Jack Benny and news of German tanks outside of Moscow. The untrained ears of some crewmen think that WWIII has broken out. The more trained ears have a more chilling idea: it sounds more like WWII has broken out. The storm - though cooler heads can't bring themselves to admit it ?? appears to have sent the Nimitz back to early December, 1941 ?? only days before the sneak attack on Pearl. Commander Matt Yellen (Douglas) is too officious to take any of these clues at face value, even when they involve sightings of Japanese fighters strafing American yachts ?? somebody is only trying to make the crew think it's gone back in time. The only true clue may rest with Mr. Lasky (Martin Sheen), a civilian analyst who works for the shadowy Mr. Tideman - a defense contractor who supplies Washington with much of its high-tech hardware (not a small amount of which found its way onto the Nimitz). While other officer debate whether they're being subjected to a massive practical joke or some kind of psych test, Lasky suggests not only that they have gone back in time, but that they can change history and save America from its day of infamy. Only when his reconnaissance planes spot the Japanese fleet on its way - to climb Mount Nitakaa?? (the supposed encoded authorization for the attack) does Yellen realize that he is now back in 1941. Final Countdown shouldn't work, but it's fun anyway. The maneuvering F-14s provide some of the best footage of dogfighting available until Top Gun - including an epic battle between the mach-2 jets and a hapless pair of Zero fighters (who are unlucky enough to meet the jets at that moment when Kirk Douglas changes his mind and decides that he has gone back to 1941 and the threat is real). The interchange between Douglas and Sheen overcomes the gaps in the plot ( so we pass through some weird storm and presto, now we're so much more clever than Mr. Einstein? ) while a subplot involving Charles Durning as a Senator slated to run with FDR on the ticket that sent to Truman to the Whitehouse reminds us how malleable history really is. (If Durning survives, will he helm America on FDR's death, and make the decision to confront Stalin and nuke Japan?). At the heart of FC is the science-fiction/mystery aspect (how did a tear in the space-time continuum open up just where the ship would be and manage to deposit it precisely on the eve of the Pearl attack?), but the direction of the film (which concentrates on the nuts and bolts of running a nuclear aircraft carrier) swamps the mystery. It isn't until the last minute when the script offers us a mammoth twist that we realize we've been watching a sci-fi film, not just some film version of a Clancy novel. (The novelization by Martin Caidin gives this more attention). The last frame is cryptic (I know everybody's seen it, but why should I spoil the fun?) but still leaves me with chills. Years later, I still get a rush when I hear Kirk Douglas call out Splash the Zeroes . --This text refers to the VHS Tape editionadvanced search



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