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The Art of Michael Bedard

(Read More | 1636 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 3.75)Literature and Language authors Thoreau, Henry DavidShopping CartQty0Total( )0.00The 'Blind Watchmaker' Who Is Also Deaf and Dumb (continued)The process of lithography (which literally means writing on stone ) was discovered in 1878 by Alois Senefelder of Munich, Germany. Senefelder originally experimented with printing on copperplate, with limited success. While working, he mixed his ink on a stone slab obtained from the quarries near his home. One day his mother asked him to write down the items of a washing bill. Senefelder had no writing materials at hand, so he took a wooden stick, dipped it in his printing ink and wrote the items out on the stone. From this rudimentary beginning, Senefelder began to experiment with stone etching, creating reliefs using an acid wash. Gradually, he developed a method for writing on the stone without creating a relief.Stone lithography today emulates many of the same techniques used by Senefelder. Much of the world's litho stone originates in the quarries of Solnhofen, Germany, and is a hard, dense limestone that is sufficiently porous to allow transfer ink and gum solution to penetrate its surface. The artist uses a greasy substance to sketch the image onto the porous stone. The ink is repelled by the blank wet areas, but coats the design areas. The final step is to firmly apply a sheet of paper to the freshly-inked stone surface, thus transferring the design to the paper. This process is then repeated for each color in the image. If the image has fifteen colors, then fifteen stones are used, one per color. Stone lithography is a very demanding process, but a well-produced stone lithograph can be almost indistinguishable from an original drawing.SEARCH 500 Offers ConsideredMichael Bedard Crowmatics Limited Edition S/NFine Art:Printmaking Crowmatics is a four color silk screen, pencil signed and numbered by Michael Bedard. It is printed on Mirage 100% rag paper in an edition that is limited to 250 numbered impressions and 30 artist proofs numbered in Roman numerals. The image, which measures 20 x 24 , was printed and hand-proofed at Wasserman Silk Screening in June 1985. The limited edition offered for sale is Artist Proof XXVI.3 consumer reviews Lowest price: 1Fear of a Red Planet is Yazzie's first foray in the arena of murals and large-scale public art. After being selected by the Heard to participate in the Artists & Communities artist-in-residence initiative, Yazzie settled into the Heard's Lovena Ohl Artist Studio, disciplined himself to work within a day-time schedule, and began a six-month process of narrating some of the horrors and societal ills endured by Arizona's First Peoples.In the urban tradition of graffitti and pop art, mural art can be a powerful forum that provides a voice for the community, offering an uncensored view of the history of its citizens. For Arizona's Native communities, their history includes the trauma, incarceration and forced removal in the mid- to late 1 s, as well as the Native American boarding school experience, which forced the removal of Native children from their homes and families in an attempt to assimilate them into mainstream culture.Challenged to find an interactive way to illustrate these experiences, Yazzie's research process included pouring through archival materials and interviewing tribal members. From the early sketch phase to the actual canvas rendering, Yazzie says each of the panel's stories unfolded on its own once the painting began. He admits that even he didn't know how it was all going to turn out, and that he literally painted right up to the end. In its completed form, 8-feet by 160-feet, the mural is a collage of horror and hope that is the product of many outside influences. From the open studio hours, he fed off the dynamics of painting in public view. Input from his House Studio mates, including his girlfriend Leslie Englert, also changed direction of the work.The impact of the mural has greatly altered his body of work and sharpened his focus, so that he finds he can't return to where he left off. What's emerged is a more confident, concise and methodic approach to painting, and he says he is now striving to put more contemplation into the work, and to meditate on it before going to canvas. Miranda OttoMaxy: byeeeee asily =(11-19-2004 8:54:amMaxy: lmao my dad still thisnk that i am only 5 and wants me to go outside and play *tosses a mud ball beacause there arent any snowballs in nc* although i did freeze some in the freezer! lmao11-19-2004 8:53:amAsilwen: kk byeee nowww *hugs* byeeeeeeeee11-19-2004 8:52:amAsilwen: *runs outside at pitches a snowball at maxy*11-19-2004 8:51:amAsilwen: =0 pfft, no, i have to go to that boring place called school.. arggh11-19-2004 8:51:amMaxy: lmao, do you have to go outside and play? rofl11-19-2004 8:50:amAsilwen: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee11-19-2004 8:50:amAsilwen: nuh uhh, it revolves around me, i'm much purdier! rofl11-19-2004 8:50:amMaxy: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee11-19-2004 8:49:amMaxy: nope, the world revolves around meeee11-19-2004 8:49:amBarnes&Noble - Book Search: Emily BedardESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN DISNEY REG.2 DVD NEW SEALED 8.504h 30mPage 1 of 35Previous 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 NextGo to page1 2 3 4 5 6 Charles Bell GallerySitting Ducks available at Bite Size, your number one Sitting Ducks source.\\ \\\\ \\\\_\\\ ( . ) %\== == %/ \_ == %| _ ==== % %( )\ \ ====%=ejm / ======Buy or borrow this book!Simmone MacKinnon



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