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The Art of Michael Bedard

The Art of Michael Bedard Member since February 2000View Shop ProfileBio-organic/medicinal chemistry - Fisher, Fishwick, Grigg, Herbert, APJohnson, Kocienski, Nelson, RaynerAsymmetric synthesis/synthetic methods - Grigg, Kocienski, Nelson, Rayner, WarrinerCascade reactions - GriggSupercritical fluids in chromatography and synthesis - Bartle, Clifford, Rayner Femtosecond laser spectroscopy - Beddard, Reid, WhitakerChaos and oscillating reactions - ScottAtmospheric chemistry - Heard, Lewis, Pilling, SeakinsHomogeneous catalysis - Grigg, Kee, McGowan, ShawClean technology polymerisation processes - Hamley, AF Johnson,McGowanBio-inorganic chemistry - Halcrow, Kee, McGowanEnzyme mimics - Halcrow, KeeReaction dynamics and mechanisms - Beddard, Griffiths, Heard, Miranda, Pilling, Reid, Seakins, WhitakerComputer aided drug design - AP JohnsonMolecular recognition and chemical sensors - Ansell, Boden, APJohnson Self-assembling molecules & nano-science - Beddard, Boden, Bushby, Fishwick, Hamley, Hardie, KennedyEnvironmental chemistry - Greatrex, Kee, RaynerSupramolecular and cluster chemistry - Hardie, KennedyProtein folding - Beddard, ReidClean Synthesis - RaynerSeparation Science - Bartle, Clifford, Ansell Atmospheric Chemistry and Lasers.Light intensity, Ozone and OH levels measured during the Solar Eclipse show how photochemistry governs the production of important atmospheric species.See DE Heard and MJ Pilling web pages.NMR studies of 12-base-pair DNA/RNA hybrid.Sequential NOESY Cross PeaksSee J Fisher web pages.Design and synthesis of unnatural biomolecules. See AS Nelson web pages.NMR structure of two antibiotics bound to a common site of bacterial rRNADesigned hybrid molecule to be Synthesised which will exploit the binding modes of both natural antibiotics Design used to study organic and bio-molecules. The graph shows the excited state decay of a charge transfer complex.See GS Beddard & G Reid web pages.Femtosecond Laser SpectroscopyComputer aided drug design. Thrombin has been identified as a key target for intervention in the blood coagulation cascade. Here the computer is used to generate structures that will have similarities with the napnap ligand (red) bound to thrombin as an aid to discovering blood clotting inhibitors.See AP Johnson web pages.Compare s on Irene Bedard ItemsBuy blk wht photography, Actors Actresses, and Surreal Fantasy items from Mr No Poster Shop eBay Store. We sell blk wht photography, Music, Movies, Fine Art, Comedy Humour, Sports, Vintage, African American Art items on eBay.Erweiterte BuchsucheRose StradnerSearch For PrintsBy: Dan LewisHome . Help . Customer Testimonials . How to Buy Art Online? . Contact Us . About Us . In the NewsAlaska:he next morning, when Santa Claus opened his eyes and gazed around the familiar room, which he had feared he might never see again, he was astonished to find his old strength renewed and to feel the red blood of perfect health coursing through his veins. He sprang from his bed and stood where the bright sunshine came in through his window and flooded him with its merry, dancing rays. He did not then understand what had happened to restore to him the vigor of youth, but in spite of the fact that his beard remained the color of snow and that wrinkles still lingered in the corners of his bright eyes, old Santa Claus felt as brisk and merry as a boy of sixteen, and was soon whistling contentedly as he busied himself fashioning new toys.Then Ak came to him and told of the Mantle of Immortality and how Claus had won it through his love for little children.It made old Santa look grave for a moment to think he had been so favored; but it also made him glad to realize that now he need never fear being parted from his dear ones. At once he began preparations for making a remarkable assortment of pretty and amusing playthings, and in larger quantities than ever before; for now that he might always devote himself to this work he decided that no child in the world, poor or rich, should hereafter go without a Christmas gift if he could manage to supply it.The world was new in the days when dear old Santa Claus first began toy-making and won, by his loving deeds, the Mantle of Immortality. And the task of supplying cheering words, sympathy and pretty playthings to all the young of his race did not seem a difficult undertaking at all. But every year more and more children were born into the world, and these, when they grew up, began spreading slowly over all the face of the earth, seeking new homes; so that Santa Claus found each year that his journeys must extend farther and farther from the Laughing Valley, and that the packs of toys must be made larger and ever larger.So at length he took counsel with his fellow immortals how his work might keep pace with the increasing number of children that none might be neglected. And the immortals were so greatly interested in his labors that they gladly rendered him their assistance. Ak gave him his man Kilter, the silent and swift. And the Knook Prince gave him Peter, who was more crooked and less surly than any of his brothers. And the Ryl Prince gave him Nuter, the sweetest tempered Ryl ever known. And the Fairy Queen gave him Wisk, that tiny, mischievous but lovable Fairy who knows today almost as many children as does Santa Claus himself.With these people to help make the toys and to keep his house in order and to look after the sledge and the harness, Santa Claus found it much easier to prepare his yearly load of gifts, and his days began to follow one another smoothly and pleasantly.Yet after a few generations his worries were renewed, for it was remarkable how the number of people continued to grow, and how many more children there were every year to be served. When the people filled all the cities and lands of one country they wandered into another part of the world; and the men cut down the trees in many of the great forests that had been ruled by Ak, and with the wood they built new cities, and where the forests had been were fields of grain and herds of browsing cattle.You might think the Master Woodsman would rebel at the loss of his forests; but not so. The wisdom of Ak was mighty and farseeing. The world was made for men, said he to Santa Claus, and I have but guarded the forests until men needed them for their use. I am glad my strong trees can furnish shelter for men's weak bodies, and warm them through the cold winters. But I hope they will not cut down all the trees, for mankind needs the shelter of the woods in summer as much as the warmth of blazing logs in winter. And, however crowded the world may grow, I do not think men will ever come to Burzee, nor to the Great Black Forest, nor to the wooded wilderness of Braz; unless they seek their shades for pleasure and not to destroy their giant trees. By and by people made ships from the tree-trunks and crossed over oceans and built cities in far lands; but the oceans made little difference to the journeys of Santa Claus. His reindeer sped over the waters as swiftly as over land, and his sledge headed from east to west and followed in the wake of the sun. So that as the earth rolled slowly over Santa Claus had all of twenty-four hours to encircle it each Christmas Eve, and the speedy reindeer enjoyed these wonderful journeys more and more.So year after year, and generation after generation, and century after century, the world grew older and the people became more numerous and the labors of Santa Claus steadily increased. The fame of his good deeds spread to every household where children dwelt. And all the little ones loved him dearly; and the fathers and mothers honored him for the happiness he had given them when they too were young; and the aged grandsires and granddames remembered him with tender gratitude and blessed his name.Author:Availability: Usually ships within 24 hoursCustomer Rating : 49.99Group Meeting ScheduleSue LyonSpecificationStarringBryan Cranston (Voice),Caroline Rhea (Voice),Richard Kind (Voice),KevinMcDonald (Voice),Harland Williams (Voice)Whether you are looking for a special gift for your children or grandchildren, or for your nephew or niece, or for that special child or child at heart, you have come to the right place. We want to make you laugh, giggle and smile. Our merchandise is funny, hilarious, cheerful, fanciful, humorous, ticklish, loony, bouncy, flaky, light-hearted, wacky, dreamlike, idealistic, nutty, amusing, witty, capricious, comical and silly.More art movements:American Scene, Color Field, Renaissance, Asian Art, Photography, Nude, Modern Style, Modern Art, Abstract Art, Romanticism, Impressionism, African Art, Fauvism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Expressionism and other art movements.HoustonChronicle QuicksearchCatskill CraftsmenButcher Block Kitchen CartItem #1675



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