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The Art of Michael Bedard

Gifts for Under 10.00St. NickADVERTISEMENT 25.80by Barbara MichaelsList : 6.99Available from Amazon 6.29on 11-18-2004* s as of May 18 2004. Framing/mounting extra.But this changes when an egg rolls off the conveyer belts at the Colossal Duck Factory. A duck hatches from that egg. Shortly, a worker alligator finds the duck, and, in the hopes of fattening the duck and eating it himself, the alligator takes the duck home. The poor duck doesn't understand the alligator's intent though. He naively thinks that he has found a friend. So every day, when the alligator returns home, the duck dances from happiness. This attitude turns out to be contagious, because soon the alligator decides that he isn't going to eat his little friend after all.SetsINFO & TIDBITS ON SITTING DUCKSShowwow Merchant Info 16.84Enter Zip Code Above84 ReviewsSupport your local independent booksellerMichael MicheleColor Glossy Photograph8 x 10The voice-mail/fax line is: 818-475-1305NEWS!Not one, not two, but three films are in the works!Universl Studios/Poly-gram have tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2001 a 3D computer animated TV show Sitting DucksDisney Studios released for Christmas of 2001 an animated film by Michael Bedard, The Santa BrothersColumbia Pictures is commencing production of Noah's BlimpMichael Bedard and world renowned sculptor Reinhard created a series of hand-made wall sculptures, including Sitting Ducks (sold out), Living together, Sitting Duck, Foreplay, and Window Shopping (a parody of William Harper's Nighthawks).I have a limited number of signed first editions of Bedard's book available! These will remain at 15.99 until they are gone!RT PersonalsTop Sellers1. Sea Horses Postcard by Moskowitz2. Grilled Chicken Barbeque Apron by Wooket3. Baa-Baa Wooly Postcard by MoskowitzSponsored Sites:Poster BargainBuy Art PrintsPostersQuickFrame PostersShop PostersFrame PostersFunny PicturesFunny QuotesWeb Countereuropean, contemporary art, photography, original, online gallery, interior design, painting,print, artist, galleries, fine, dealer, museum, photographer, sculpture, artwork, photograph, modern, european, british, image licensing, nudes, design, painter, sculptor, artisan, collection, publishers, office design, home design, decoration, decor, collection, ceramics, consultant, printmaker, exhibition, luxury gift, greeting card, ecard, portrait, lithograph, etching, drawingTie One onMonte Dolack24 in x 32 inBuy This Art Print At AllPosters Framed | MountedKim CattrallIn modern concepts of the origin of life, there is an glaring gap between the abiogenic formation of the first building blocks and the origin of the RNA world i.e. of the first RNA-like polynucleotides that could undergo a Darwinian-type evolution [1-5]. Indeed, there is a wealth of experimental evidence for the abiogenic formation of amino acids, nitrogenous bases and carbohydrates from inorganic compounds like cyanide, thiocyanate, and carbon monoxide under reducing and/or neutral conditions [6-9] (reviewed in ref. [10]). On the other hand, the documented catalytic activity of RNA molecules [11,12] allows to suggest that primordial ribonucleotides could have initially evolved on their own, without assistance from proteins [2-4,13]. What is missing is a physically plausible mechanism for the thermodynamically unfeasible event of formation and accumulation of long oligonucleotide-like polymers.This problem can be focused even further. Aluminosilicate clays have been shown to catalyze the formation of oligonucleotides of up to 50 units long, when supplied by preformed and pre-activated mononucleotides under optimized laboratory conditions [14-16]. However, no oligonucleotide formation from pentose phosphates and nitrogenous bases has been reported so far under the supposedly primordial conditions where the formation of amino acids, nitrogenous bases and carbohydrates took place. Furthermore, the current understanding implies that the environmental conditions on the primeval Earth were unfavorable for the survival of oligonucleotide-like polymers. A particularly important factor is that, due to the absence of the ozone layer, the UV flux at the Earth surface must have been approximately 100 times larger than it is now [17,18], causing deterioration of most organic molecules. The existing theories consider the high UV level as a major obstacle and offer several different strategies for hiding the first life forms from it (see e.g. ref. [10,19,20]). Here we invoke an alternative possibility, i.e. that the UV irradiation played a positive role in the origin of life by serving as a principal selective factor in the formation of pre-biological structures. Moreover, the influx of energy into the system in the form of the UV irradiation could be seen as the driving force required for the gradual complication of the system [1]. These considerations prompted us to analyze the possible effects of the UV irradiation on oligonucleotide formation in primordial conditions.



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