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The Art of Michael Bedard

Art Posters by Michael BedardGerman: Dolby Digital StereoJenna ElfmanWidmungProduct Id: 9071943Rating: GLength: n/aCategory: ANIMATEDManufacture: UniversalA feast of new adventures with Bill and Aldo from the highly successful TV series, book and posters. A quirky CGI animated series based on Michael Bedard's international award- winning books, Sitting Ducks. Special Features:* Bonus Episode: The Fly Who Loved Me* Character Line - up* 'Hot-Air Ballooning' Game* Test AnimationDistributor:Universal Pictures,SITTING DUCKS VOL 2 'Duck Town Adventures'Michael Bedard was born and raised in Toronto. His novels include Stained Glass, A Darker Magic, Painted Devil, and Redwork, which received the Governor General's Literary Award and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award for Children. He has also written several acclaimed picture books, including The Clay Ladies, illustrated by Les Tait, which received the Toronto IODE Book Award.[Top Of Page]Dorothy LamourGlendale, CA 91202United StatesBarewalls Children's Art CatalogueMartha PlimptonBacon - Bettman -Animal Art -Bacon - BettmanBaconBaederBagnato, JudiBaileyBailey, DavidBailey, K.Baird, DwightBakerBaker, KeithBaldessariBanafsheBanksBanks, MichaelBanovichBarberaBarbieriBaril, TomBarloga StudiosBarloga, DennisBarnes, CornellBarnetBarns-GrahamBarrow, ScottBassettBatemanBattle, SarahBaughanBaumbergerBaynardBaynard, EdBeals, SharonBeard, William H.Bearden, RomareBeardsleyBeaton, ClareBeck, IanBedardBeechamBeermanBegg, S.Behrens, HowardBekaertBekaert, PietBeken of CowesBell, E.Bell, V.BellengerBeloff, AndreaBenardBender, SergeiBenigniBensonBeraudBeraud, JeanBerenholtz, RichardBerman, HowardBernhardBerryBertounesqueBettinaBettmann#05734, BRINGINGHOME THE TREE Michael Bedard is one of the bunch of Canadian Authors in Canada. He was born on June 26,1949, in Toronto Ontario. Toronto Ontario is also Michael's hometown.MORE STORIESSarah BernhardtINFORMATIONWelcome toVentura County CorvairsChapter 9312004 Autocross August 1st Race Results Sorted by Time Below:Sorted by Name:Note: + indicates cone(s) were hit. A 2s penalty/cone is included in time.PlaceSeqVehIDTimeDriver NameCar Type1581100:59.07MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN2591100:59.53MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN316300:59.83MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE46301:00.25MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE564901:00.41DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN61081201:01.02MICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM761901:01.50DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN863901:01.76DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN965901:01.78DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN10571101:02.04MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN114301:02.09+MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE121001201:02.17MICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM131041201:02.39MICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM1470701:02.42ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE1510701:02.46ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE16981201:02.63+MICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM1717701:02.71ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE188701:02.85ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE1913301:03.44+MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE20801101:03.57MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN2114301:03.75+MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE22761101:03.76MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN23781101:04.14MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN2462901:04.15+DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN25531101:04.26MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN2677701:04.83ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE2712701:05.12ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE2871901:05.18DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN292301:05.51+MARK WRIGHT1969 MONZA COUPE3019701:05.58ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE3167701:05.58ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE32841101:05.89MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN335701:05.96ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE34491101:06.85MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN3585701:06.94+ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE36451101:07.23MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN3746401:07.35CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE38821101:07.38MICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN391701:07.38+ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE4074701:07.63ERIK BRILL1987 FORD MUSTANG COUPE4127901:07.86DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN421119901:08.06JEFF BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE4326601:08.21JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE4451401:08.36+CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE4542601:09.00JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE46811301:09.15WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT4718101:09.28JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO4820101:09.28JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO4993601:09.58JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE50101401:09.74CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE5152601:09.80JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE5211101:10.06JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO5315101:10.10JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO54731301:10.20WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT55791301:10.40WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT567101:10.41JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO5739601:10.54JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE5841401:10.57+CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE59109601:10.82JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE60106601:10.85JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE61831301:10.87WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT62102601:10.90JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE63661301:10.97WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT6431601:11.02JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE6589601:11.24JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE6647601:11.28JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE67569701:11.92JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE6887401:12.01CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE699101:12.15JOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO7068901:12.20DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN71861201:12.55+MICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM7292401:12.70+CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE7337401:13.48+CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE7435601:13.57+JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE751079701:13.83JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE76105401:13.90CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE7760901:14.16DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN781039701:14.66JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE79389801:14.71MEGAN CHEW2004 HONDA ACCORD SEDAN80721301:14.81WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT81369701:14.86JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE82489701:14.96+JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE8329401:15.01CATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE8497601:15.03+JESSEE SHANEMAN1987 BMW COUPE85449701:15.07+JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE86349801:15.46MEGAN CHEW2004 HONDA ACCORD SEDAN87409701:16.17JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE88309801:16.66MEGAN CHEW2004 HONDA ACCORD SEDAN891109901:17.36JEFF BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE90691301:18.55WALT BROCK1994 FORD MUSTANG CVT91949701:19.34JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE92909701:20.38+JACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE93259801:20.42MEGAN CHEW2004 HONDA ACCORD SEDAN9421902:40.30DOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN9531DNFJOHN KERKHOFF1988 PONTIAC FIERO964311DNFMICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN975511DNFMICHAEL MURPHY2001 CATERHAM SEVEN9 12DNFMICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM999112DNFMICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM1009512DNFMICHAEL BEDARD1988 CATERHAM101244DNFCATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE102334DNFCATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE103504DNFCATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE104964DNFCATHY BALLARD1969 MONZA COUPE105229DNFDOUG LIEDBLAD2001 CATERHAM SEVEN1062397DNFJACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE1072897DNFJACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE1083297DNFJACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE1095497DNFJACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE1109997DNFJACK PINARD1965 CORSA COUPE8.Glass Town : The Secret World of the Bront' Childrenby Michael BedardAvg. Customer Review:(Rate this item)Illustrator: George Wright89. O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends



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