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The Art of Michael Bedard

Plush Flowers! brighten your autumn day! A great gift for anyone who needs a little sunshine.- 12.00Battle Of Britain SE 39.99Bedard, Michael : Posters, art prints -- buy here and SAVE Save Up to 40% on Holiday Gifts!2003 Finalists:Four Pictures by Emily Carr. Nicolas DebonImagine a Night. Robert GonsalvesThe Subway Mouse. Barbara ReidSindbad's Secret: From the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights. Ludmila ZemanPurchase direct from: James H. Freiberg, Books. Book number: 10068. US 9.00ISBN: 0698118979 - Paperback - List : 6.99Publisher: Penguin USA - Published Date: 05/01/2001 - PaperbackJoan BennettDependencies: [change]No dependencies filed Project admins: [change] Rizen (Owner)Gallery viewBackWhimsical Art Posters and Art Prints for ChildrenDutch Furs dot comThere is no bad Santa Claus. That's a myth, a movie. A bad Santa would never make the cut in Chicago, especially at Marshall Field's.You want Santa Claus? You can't handle Santa Claus, Billy Bob.Take a seat on the knee of John Tolley's Santa, one of the veterans among the 18 diversified brothers-in-Claus working at Field's this season. John's a former Chicago cop on disability who broke his back on the job, been Santa-ing for more than 10 years, the last three at Field's on State Street. Three days is all he can handle -- gotta be careful of the back.THE LOOP* The Loop is almost synonymous with downtown Chicago. The definition of it is understood as coming from the boundaries created by the elevated tracks that run for two miles as a loop around the heart of Chicago's business district bordered by Lake Street on the north, Van Buren on the south, Wells on the west and Wabash on the east.* The Chicago mass-transit system was built by transit magnate Charles Yerkes in the 1890s. The first Loop, however, was created for a cable car system on the east side of downtown by C.B. Holmes, president of the Chicago City Rail Way, in 1880.* The Loop is built over the site of Chicago's original settlement.* Plates in the sidewalks near the intersection of Michigan and Wacker show the location of the original Fort Dearborn. Chicago originated as a village around that fort, which included 12 log cabins by 1830.* In 1837, the newly incorporated City of Chicago had a population of 4,179, most of whom lived in the Loop.* In 1853, the first combined City Hall-County Court House building was opened.* The downtown area was originally built on swampy ground, only a few feet above the water level of Lake Michigan. By 1860 the entire area along the lake and the Chicago River had been elevated to the new grade.* The 1860s were marked by shifts of various activity centers in the Loop: Retail establishments moved down Clark, Dearborn and State toward Madison, while manufacturing and wholesaling concentrated north of Randolph toward the Chicago River.* Until the late 1860s, State Street was a dirt road lined by cheap residential buildings.Sources: Metro Chicago Almanac; The Chicago Fact BookDon't pick up any fat kids, Santa.Disguised as a portly elf in a windbreaker, I watched Santa in action in the Cozy Cloud Cottage on the fifth floor of Field's. Santa is only 38, and I tell him Wow, you look so much older. He says, It's the beard. One of the helpers working the set messengers in the names of the next group of kids, three brothers. They look to be 4, 8 and 10 years old. She says, Here come Nick, Matthew and John. She signals their height with her hand as she says it. Nick is the oldest. The lads enter, and Santa chortles, Hi, Matthew; how ya doin', John; merry Christmas, Nick. Have you guys been good? I was afraid when he entered that Nick would be a non-believer. He might have been, until he was standing in the presence of Santa Claus. Then all bets were off. This Santa Claus is no bull. He's very straightforward -- the coach. Have you been good? Whattya want for Christmas? He's got the rundown on all the hot toys and shoots the breeze with the boys about the Nintendo GameCube.Santa asks how they're doing at home and tells them, It's very important to me that you do things the first time you're told when your mom or dad asks to do something. Parents owe you big for that one, Santa. You are wise.Finally, Nick takes his turn on the lap with a Bart Simpson smirk on his face. He tells the fat man he wants a PlayStation 2 video game. Santa says, Those are rated teenager -- you're not a teenager. If you want that, you'd better have somebody write me a letter. The kid is stunned and Santa says, How about some books? Nick says, OK, how about some Hardy Boys? The deal is cut and Santa points out the little brothers to Nick. Why don't you read to these guys sometimes. They shake on it.The boys leave and I shout bravo. Santa offers me his lap, but I opt for a chair, fearful of increasing his workman's comp.John grew up on the South Side around 59th and Lawndale in St. Nick's Parish. Yes, St. Nick's. He met his wife, Christine, performing in a musical at Maria High School together. He and Mrs. Claus have been married 17 years and have four sons under the age of 9. In the offseason he teaches art at St. Cajetan's and designs Christmas ornaments. You can check out his work at tolleyandsons .He's a Santa Claus' Santa. For two months of the year, I'm the happiest guy in the world. His philosophy is about spreading the joy of the Christmas season. It doesn't matter what religion or how old you are. It's my job to instill that love and joy in these people that come in. Make a 7-year-old who's on the verge believe for one more year. That's my job. That's my goal. He can tell you the family tree of Rudolph, Donder and Blitzen. He shows kids the three huge keys on his belt. This one will open up all the chimneys for me, this one will open up any front door. If you don't have a fireplace, I can still come in your house, don't worry. And this one, well this one opens up the back of my sleigh, where I keep the coal for the bad boys and girls, but I won't have to use that for you. Santa is used to smaller kids crying and freaking out when they first meet him. When the line backs up at the Cozy Cloud Cottage and the wait is up to 45 minutes, the kids are excited and wound up, and things can get tense. The manager wants to move 'em through fast, but Santa says, I want to spend time with the kids; this is their one shot. That's very stressful to me. I always tell every kid that I'm proud of them. John never breaks character as Santa, but sometimes it gets weird with the adults. A holiday harlot dropped by Santa's lap and told him she wanted a new nipple ring for Christmas. Remember I'm married to Mrs. Claus and everybody is a child to me! She kept tilting her body to show me underneath her shirt till I actually got the angle. That was very interesting. It ain't all yucks for Santa, either. I had one kid ask for his mom back because she died. I said, 'Yes she died, and we're all praying for her and your family,' and kind of rocked the child for a little bit and then said, 'What do you think we could do to make it special for her this Christmas?' He wanted to draw a picture for her. John brushes up every October at the Santa School in Midland, Mich. It's like a big fraternity. The Santas get together and share war stories and critique the rookies. This guy is a brilliant Santa Claus who genuinely loves kids. He tells me, We're not in it for the money. The great ones never are.Mobb Deep Lyrics, Survival Of The Fittest lyrics, Mobb Deep, lyrics, Mobb Deep song lyrics, Mobb Deep Lyrics4-colour lithograph47 x 41.9 cmEdition of 200 150 2003 Cornelia ParkerRachael Leigh CookCheck Store Inventory:Print-friendly format this informationSend AToon-o-Gram!Search TheFactory!



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