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The Art of Michael Bedard

From his Sitting Ducks show and best-selling children's book, Michael Bedard created a line of open prints capturing the lovable nature of the Ducksville residents. Each 8.5' x 11 print is hand titled and signed by Bedard and includes a remarque by the artist of a duck head in the bottom corner. Prints are unframed and based on original sketches by Michael Bedard. Printed on heavy-weight, archival, resin coated photo paper.weitere Produkt- tipps:Digicam Digicam Eye-Q 3042 AFHandy Handy Xelibri4mp3 Player mp3 Player Apacer PEN/USB-DISK 64MBCamcorder Sony DCR-DVD 91Auto + Motorrad gang getriebeLiteratur + Buch blyton hanniLiteratur + Buch richter seinPC druckpatrone schwarzKörper + Genuss + Beauty gillette machKino + Video + DVD lenin editionTelefone + Handys alarm digitalkameraMode ambraMode maske sackAntiquitäten afrikanischerWohnen natur lackiertMusik + CDs + Bands barclay harvestMusik + CDs + Bands singles collectionPC-Spiele + Videospiele sturmschildSammeln + Sammlungen privatbrauereiSpielzeug riesige ritterburgTickets sitzplatzkartenMusik + CDs + Bands lieder nichtSammeln + Sammlungen slifer asiatischTelefone + Handys displayschutz nokiaPlus the first 100 to order (the Buy all 3 Package) will receive as a bonus, Denis' new book: Safari To The Soul - A Guide To Survival, Success And Serenity In This Savage Paradise ed LifeFairy GodmotherEdmund Dulac16x20 Fine Art PrintMad AnimalsRachel Deacon15.75 X11.75 8.95The Very Best Of Tom & Jerry~ AnimationFine Art : Drawings : Pencil in Fine Art ShopsFeedbackHelpBETTIE PAGE STEPPING ON TIGER'S CROTCH LACQUER FRM EXC 59.99Lillian GishCorus EntertainmentAdd this pageto your FavoritesGet our weekly news recap or daily downloads digest.Give a keepsake 16 oz. mug to honor your best buddies - Chocolate Treasures Gift Basket1984Sitting Ducks - Season 1 Quack PackDVD (Rate it)Jane Horrocks Michael Bedard15 3/4 x 20Edition 300 400 PaperTales from Shakespeare : book Two : LAMB, Charles and Mary 8.00Tales from Shakspeare : designed for the use of young People : LAMB, Charles 12.00Tales from the Arabian Nights : 9.50Tales from the Igloo : METAYER, Father Maurice (edited and Translated by) 12.00Tales from the Marble Mountain (Part 1: Beyond the Marble Mountain - Part 2: Back to the Marble Mountain) : GARDNER, Hugh 10.00Tales from the North : VERITE, Marcelle 9.50Tales from Times Past : HOLME, Bryan (edited & Introduced by) 14.00Tales from Woodsey Newtown : HOLMES, Edward 8.50Tales in school : an anthology of boarding-school Life : HOPE-SIMPSON, Jacynth (editor) 10.50Tales of amazing Maidens : CLAYTON, Pomme (retold by) 15.00Tales of Ancient China : CHALK, Gary (collected and retold by) 7.50Tales of Beatrix Potter (EMI Film Productions Ltd, a John Brabourne-Richard Goodwin production, introduction by Sydney Edwards) : 4.50Tales of Little Grey Rabbit : UTTLEY, Alison 8.00Tales of lonely Trails : GREY, Zane 30.00Tales of magic : GUILLOT, Rene 10.00Tales of Old Jamaica : BLACK, Clinton V. 15.00Tales of Robin Hood : Robin Hood and his life in the merry Greenwood (edited by Capt.Vredenburg) : WOOLF, Rose Yeatman (told by) 8.50Tales of the Alhambra (edited By Miguel Sanchez) : IRVING, Washington 8.50Tales of the Chalet School (The school at the Chalet - Jo of the Chalet School - The princess of the Chalet School) : BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. 16.00Tales of the West Country : FIDLER, Kathleen 10.00Tales of the Wild (adapted by Mollie Chappell) : GUILLOT, Rene 10.50Tales that thrill : GILSON, Major Charles, Walter Wood and others 10.00Tales told by the Fireside : SCUTT, M.W. 9.00Tales told near a crocodile : a collection of stories from Nyanza : HARMAN, Humphrey 7.00Tall Fury riding : a Rae and Shelby Western : ROBB, John 8.00Tall stories for Mr. Tidyman : WATTS, Marjorie-Ann 8.00Tall timber Trail : LEYLAND, Eric 7.00Tangara : CHAUNCY, Nan 8.00Tangara : CHAUNCY, Nan 6.50Tangle and the Firesticks : BLATHWAYT, Benedict 6.00Tanglewood Tales : HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel 10.00Taniwha : the Monster book for New Zealand Children : 6.50Tapioca for Tea : Memories of a Kentish Childhood : SHEARS, Sarah 8.50Tarbucket & Pipe-clay : GROVES, Col. J.P. 9.50Tasmania : yesterday and today : SKEMP, J.R. 9.00Tatsinda : ENRIGHT, Elizabeth 9.00Tawno, Gypsy Boy : KAYE, Geraldine 5.00Tawny : CARNER, Chas 8.50Tawny Brush : CANNAM, Peggie 9.00Teddy Horse : the story of a runaway Pony : YOUMANS, Eleanor 6.50Teddy Tail Annual : 14.00Teddy Tail fun Book : 10.00Teddybears moving Day : GRETZ, Susanna 6.50Tell me about God : JONES, Mary Alice 7.50Tell me about Prayer : JONES, Mary Alice 8.50Tell me another tale : stories, verses,songs and things to Do : CHAPMAN, Jean 9.50Tell-me-why stories about animals : CLAUDY, C.H. 9.00Ten and a Kid : WEILERSTEIN, Sadie Rose 12.00Ten little Gumnuts : GIBBS, May 10.50Ten tales of adventure : GREEN, Roger Lancelyn (editor) 12.00Tess and Tony : POCOCK, Doris 8.00Tessa and the Rannoch Dude Ranch : RITSON, Lady Kitty 8.50Thames Triumphant : JONES, Sydney R. 12.00Thank you, Jeeves : WODEHOUSE, P.G. 18.00Thanks to Jennings : BUCKERIDGE, Anthony 10.00That boy Buckle! : PEARCE, St. John 7.50That boy Jack! A story for young folk. : ROGERS, HELEN H. 9.00That dog of Mine : WALKER, Joe 15.00That joyous Adventure : COWPER, E.E. 5.00That was then, this is Now : HINTON, S.E. 6.50The Grey Fox of Holland : a tale of adventure in Holland during the Insurrection against Philip II : BEVAN, Tom 8.50The Grey Fox of Holland : a tale of adventure in Holland during the insurrection against Philip II. : BEVAN, Tom 10.00The 30,000 Bequest and Other Stories : TWAIN, Mark 10.00The 'big' book for children : STRANG, Mrs Herbert (editor) 15.00The 'Flying Spray' : THOMPSON, Captain T. 8.50The 'Girl' book of Ponies : WOODHOUSE, Barbara 4.50The 'Plane Wreckers : STRONG, Pat 6.50The 'Prospect' of Whitby : SCRIVEN, R.C. 10.50The 290 : O'DELL, Scott 8.00The 397th white Elephant : GUILLOT, Rene 8.00The 7 ravens (translated by Anthea Bell) : GRIMM, Brothers 6.50The ABC alphabet Book : 9.00The advent of Anne : GREY, Janet 7.50The Adventure Annual : 20.00The adventure club : FYLEMAN, Rose 26.00The Adventure League : SKAE, Hilda T. 9.50The Adventure Twins take a Chance : HODGETTS, Sheila 8.00The adventures of a three-guinea Watch : REED, Talbot Baines 5.00The adventures of Binkle and Flip : BLYTON, Enid 4.00The adventures of Bobby and the Bunkin : MUIR, D. Barbara 8.00The adventures of Christabel Jane and Chirpy : HEWARD, Constance 8.00The adventures of Chunky (no 16) : BERG, Leila 9.00The adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha : de CERVANTES, Miguel 12.50The adventures of Dr. Duffer : MARSHALL, John 8.00The adventures of Drowsy the drone, Cuthbert the caterpillar and Wilfred the wasp and the lost Ladybirds : GILMORE, D.H. 12.00The adventures of Grandfather Frog : BURGESS, Thornton W. 6.50The adventures of Holly Hobbie : DUBELMAN, Richard 15.00The adventures of Huckleberry Finn : TWAIN, Mark 9.50The adventures of Joker Jack (a kookaburra) : KAY, Timothy 8.00The adventures of King Midas : BANKS, Lynne Reid 10.00The adventures of little Mouk (translated and adapted by Elizabeth Shub) : HAUFF, Wilhelm 9.00The adventures of Methuselah : BOWRING, P.R. and J.W. DINNAGE 7.50The adventures of Nancy in Sweden : TOLLER, Pauline 10.00The adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy (no 4) : STYLES, Kitty 8.00The adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy (no 4) : STYLES, Kitty 10.00The adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy (no 5) : STYLES, Kitty 8.00The adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy (no 6) : STYLES, Kitty 8.00The adventures of Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's farm : STYLES, Kitty 5.00The adventures of Pinocchio (translated by Francis Wainwright) : COLLODI, Carlo 6.50The adventures of Poon : BERESFORD, Elisabeth 7.50The adventures of Robin Hood : 12.00The adventures of Robinson Crusoe : DEFOE, Daniel 10.00The adventures of Robinson Crusoe on his Island : DEFOE, Daniel 9.50The adventures of Rufus : BROOKS, Mary 8.00The adventures of the Blue Admiral : CLEWES, Dorothy 8.50The adventures of Tom Leigh : BENTLEY, Phyllis 8.50The adventures of Yemima and other stories (translated by Rebecca S. Beagle and Rebecca Soyer) : SOYER, Abraham 12.00The Adventurous Four again! : BLYTON, Enid 12.50The adventurous Four again! : BLYTON, Enid 9.50The alabaster Princess : WAYMAN, Vivienne 6.00The alphabet Book : PEPPE, Rodney 9.00The amazing adventures of Anton B. Stanton : The rat Race : MCNAUGHTON, Colin 5.00The amazing adventures of Promise : COLE, Babette 10.00The amber Gate : BARNE, Kitty 9.00The angry Men : FERRETT, Mabel 9.50The animal Garden : NASH, Ogden 8.50The animal Kingdom : GUILLOT, Rene 10.00The animal musicians (adapted by Evalyn Kinkead) : GRIMM, Brothers 6.50The animal story Book : LANG, Andrew (edited by) 80.00The animals and the robbers (and The Pied Piper) : CARRUTH, Jane (retold by) 7.00The annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass : CARROLL, Lewis 6.50The apprentice Devil : VASIL, Lisa 6.50The April Story : MARTIN, Robert 9.00The Aqualung Twins and the vanishing People : FALKNER, Frederick 8.00The Arabian Nights' Entertainment : 30.00The Architect : LOUP, Jean Jacques 7.50The Ark of the People : CORBETT, W.J. 5.00The Art of Mystery & Detective Stories : the Best Illustrations from Over a Century of Crime Fiction : HAINING, Peter (editor) 15.00The art of POCAHONTAS : a Disney Miniature : REBELLO, Stephen 10.50The Ashes in Suspense : Test Matches of 1962/63 : SWANTON, E.W. 9.50The Atlantic Buccaneers : ROGERS, Stanley 14.00The Australasian boy's Annual : WOOD, Eric (editor) 16.00The Australian challenge : John Arlott's cricket journal - 4 : ARLOTT, John 10.00The Auto Boys' Adventure : BRADEN, James A. 9.50The babies are coming! : HEST, Amy 8.00The Baby Sitters Club Chain Letter : MARTIN, Ann M. 12.50The baby's Catalogue : AHLBERG, Janet and Allan 12.00The baby's opera : a book of old rhymes with new dresses, music by the earliest Masters : CRANE, Walter 8.00The Bag of Wind : ROSE, Gerald 9.00The Ball : LLOYD, David 6.50The Ballad of Reading Gaol : WILDE, Oscar 5.00The ballerina Mystery : SNOW, Helen 6.50The bantam and the Soldier : BECK, Jennifer 12.00The Baring-Gould Reader : ROSE, G.H. (arranged by) 9.00The Baring-Gould selection Reader : ROSE, G.H. (arranged by) 9.00The basket of flowers; or Piety and Truth Triumphant : von Schmid, Johann Christoff 7.50The Battle of the Bears and Reminiscences of Life in the Indian Country : YOUNG, Egerton R. 16.50The battle of Wednesday Week : WILLARD, Barbara 5.00The Beano Book 1988 : 15.00The bear and his brothers (translated by Katharine Potts) : BAUMANN, Hans 9.50The bear and the kingbird (translated by Lore Segal) : GRIMM, Brothers 12.00The bears who came to Breakfix : JENNINGS, Michael 6.50The beasts' choir : translated from the French and with a foreword by Rumer Godden : DE GASZTOLD, Carmen Bernos 7.00The beat of the Drum : SEFTON, Catherine 9.00The beauty of Britain : a Pictorial Survey (intro. By J.B. Priestley) : 10.00The Bedtime Story Book : 6.50The Bee-Man of Orn : STOCKTON, Frank R. 9.00The Beethoven Medal : PEYTON, K.M. 5.00The Beezer Book 1985 : 12.00The Beezer Book 1986 : 10.50The Beezer Book 1987 : 12.00The Beezer Book 1988 : 10.50The Beezer Book 1989 : 15.00The Benevent Treasure (a Miss Silver novel) : WENTWORTH, Patricia 18.00The best of Chums : WYNNE, May 7.50The best of Ernest Thompson Seton : SETON, Ernest Thompson 20.00The best teddy bear in the world & Robin's Friends : CRADOCK, Mrs H.C. 6.50The Beverly Hillbillies : the saga of Wildcat Creek : SCHROEDER, Doris 6.50The Beverly Hillbillies Annual (c1965) : 10.00The Bible Story : NEIL, William 12.00The big bad mole is coming! : WADDELL, Martin 9.50The big book for Girls : STRANG, Mrs Herbert (edited by) 7.00The Big Book for Girls : STRANG, Mrs Herbert (edited by) 20.00The big book for Girls : STRANG, Mrs Herbert (editor) 8.00The big book for growing Gardeners : VOGEL, A. 9.00The big book of Animal Stories : GREEN, Margaret (editor) 10.00The big book of Pets : GREEN, Margaret (editor) 12.00The big book of wild Animals : GREEN, Margaret (editor) 14.00The big brass Band : DARKE, Marjorie 5.00The big brass Key : PARK, Ruth 6.50The big cats (a Bodley Head Natural Science Picture Book) : MORRIS, Desmond 8.50The big Cheese : BUNTING, Eve 8.00The big Ditch : MADDOCK, Reginald 8.50The big new lucky Nicholas Book : 7.50The Big New Nicholas Book : 9.00The big new Nicholas Book : STYLES, Kitty 9.00The big valley (authorized edition) : HECKELMANN, Charles 8.00The big Wave : BUCK, Pearl S. 9.00The Big Wind : HUDDY, Delia 8.50The biggest Bear : WARD, Lynd 9.50The Billy & Bunny Book : 18.00The bird that got left behind (translated from the Norwegian) : SCHRODER, Amund 9.50The Birdman : MIN, Willemien 10.50The birds' wedding : a German folksong, adapted and translated by Lucy Meredith : MATSUMURA, Masako (artist) 9.50The Birdstones : CURRY, Jane 10.00The Birthday : FISCHER, Hans 10.00The birthday burglar & A very wicked Headmistress : MAHY, Margaret 10.50The black Ghost : NEWTON, David C. 10.00The Black Hand Gang : GRICE, Frederick 7.00The Black Prince : VIVIAN, Charles E. 8.50The Black Stallion returns : GENIN, Robert (text by) 8.50The blinded soldiers and sailors gift Book : GOODCHILD, George (edited by) 20.00The blood-and-thunder adventure of Hurricane Peak : MAHY, Margaret 9.50The Blossom Children : MACKNESS, Constance 8.00The Blue Bird : a fairy play in six acts (translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos) : MAETERLINCK, Maurice 45.00The blue Mascot : GRIFFITHS, Margaret W. 8.50The Blue-and-Gold Man : GIBSON, Harry Clark 9.00The Bluebird (adapted by Jan Vladislav) : D'AULNOY, Marie 9.50The boat in the Reeds : STEWART, A.C. 8.00The Bobbsey Twins in Eskimo Land (no 21) : HOPE, Laura Lee 8.00The Bobbsey Twins' in the Mystery Cave (no 36) : HOPE, Laura Lee 8.50The Bonnie Big Story Book : 10.50The book Mice : KNOWLES, Tony 8.50The book of Ballet : AUDSLEY, James 10.00The book of ballet Stories : FARJEON, Annabel 9.00The Book of Days : a miscellany of popular Antiquities : CHAMBERS, R. (editor) 160.00The book of Flight : KING, Kenneth M. 8.50The Book of Giant Stories : HARRISON, David L. 8.00The book of Lost Tales Part 1 : TOLKIEN, J.R.R. 450.00The book of Merlyn : The Unpublished Conclusion to The Once and Future King : WHITE, T.H. 9.00The book of Pirates : WILLIAMS, Pat 6.00The book of the coronation : an illustrated guide to the ceremonies and rituals, history and pageantry, personalities and processions at the crowning of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II : HUNT, Francis 6.00The book of the sandman and the alphabet of sleep (text by Wil Huygen) : POORTVLIET, Rien and Wil HUYGEN 10.00The book of verse for children - by many Authors : GREEN, Roger Lancelyn (editor) 10.00The Book of Virtues : a treasury of great moral Stories : BENNETT, William J. (edited, with commentary by) 16.50The borrowed Crown : MAIDEN, Cecil 12.00The Borrowers afloat : NORTON, Mary 35.00The Borrowers Avenged : NORTON, Mary 6.00The box of delights (abridged by Patricia Crampton) : MASEFIELD, John 12.00The boy and his friend the Blizzard : MARTON, Gregory 9.00The boy and the Monkey : GARFIELD, Leon 6.50The boy and the mountain : MONCKTON, Ella 8.00The boy and the river (no 46) : BOSCO, Henri 7.50The boy Chief : WHITLY, Reid 8.00The boy from space (translated from the German by W. Kersley Holmes) : FELD, Friederich 8.00The boy from Sula : DERWENT, Lavinia 10.00The boy next Door : CHANNON, E.M. 7.00The boy of my Dreams : SHELDON, Dyan 9.00The boy on the Boat-Train : RICE, D. 6.50The boy on the dam (translated from the French) : BAUDOUY, Michel-Aime 10.50The Boy Ranchers among the Indians or, Trailing the Yaquis : BAKER, Willard F. 10.50The Boy Scout Explorers at Treasure Mountain (no 2) : PALMER, Don 9.00The boy they made King : a true story for boys and girls : DANIELL, David Scott 9.50The boy through the Ages : STUART, Dorothy Margaret 5.00The boy who could Fly : NEWMAN, Robert 9.00The boy who drew cats & other tales (with an introduction by Pearl S. Buck) : HEARN, Lafcadio 12.00The boy who turned into a goat and other stories of magical Changes : RIORDAN, James 6.50The boy who wasn't Lonely : PARKER, Richard 4.50The boy with a Cart - Cuthman, Saint of Sussex, a Play : FRY, Christopher 4.50The boys of Wildcat Ranch : BINDLOSS, Harold 6.50The boys' all-round book of stories, sports, and Hobbies : WOOD, Walter (editor) 15.00The Boys' Book of Aircraft : BAGLEY, Laurence C. 8.50The Boys' Book of Boats : STEWART, Major-General R.N. 12.00The boys' Book of Model Railways : CARTER, Ernest F. 8.00The boys' book of world Railways : CARTER, Ernest F. 7.50The brave little Explorer : VERRENT, Ann 6.50The bravest of the brave (a boys' school story) & The story of a soldier, a donkey and a Doll : ATTERIDGE, H. 9.00The Bridesmaids : BROWN, Pamela 6.00The Brig 'Three Lilies' : MATTSON, Olle 8.00The bright and morning Star : HARRIS, Rosemary 6.00The Bright High Flyer : BAKER, Margaret J. 5.00The bright Key : KILNER, Geoffrey 8.00The broken looking-glass or Mrs. Dorothy Cope's recollections of Service : CHARLESWORTH, Maria Louisa 6.00The broken mirror : DOUGLAS, Kirk 8.00The Broken Soldier and the Maid of France : van DYKE, Henry 16.00The broken wing (World War II novel) : RUHEN, Olaf 7.00The bronze Chrysanthemum : PORTER, Sheena 15.00The bronze chrysanthemum (no 61) : PORTER, Sheena 8.50The Broons : 10.50The Broons and Oor Wullie : the sensational Sixties : 18.00The brown land was Green : CLARK, Mavis Thorpe 8.50The Brownies and other stories (no 25) : EWING, Mrs J.H. 10.00The Brownies and their animal Friends : ANDERSON, Verily 6.50The Brumby : PATCHETT, Mary Elwyn 12.00The Brydons go Camping : FIDLER, Kathleen 5.00The Brydons look for Trouble : FIDLER, Kathleen 10.00The Buccaneer Explorer : SYME, Ronald 6.50The Burleighs : ELRINGTON, H. 8.50The burnished sword : MACLEHOSE, J.H. 9.00The bush Bandits : ROLAND, Betty 8.00The Bushranger's Secret : CLARKE, Mrs Henry 10.00The busy bulldozer : BROWNING, James 5.00The butterfly that stamped (A Just So Story) : KIPLING, Rudyard 8.00The Calypso Alphabet : AGARD, John 10.00The camera Obscura : SCOTT, Hugh 9.00The Camerons lead the Way : O'FARRELL, Kathleen 6.50The camping of the Marigolds : WYNNE, May 12.00The Candlelight Angel : WILLCOX, K.M. 6.50The capture of the Golden Stallion : MONTGOMERY, Rutherford G. 6.50The car named Julia : HERRMANNS, Ralph 8.00The car strikes at Night : COOPER, Wendy 6.50The caravan goes West : BELLHOUSE, Lucy W. 6.00The Carol Moran : BURCHARD, Peter 8.50The Cartoonist : BYARS, Betsy 6.50The Cartoonist : BYARS, Betsy 12.00The case of the invisible dog : a McGurk Mystery : HILDICK, E.W. 7.50The case of the missing Message : VERRAL, Charles S. 6.00The Castle Family : FRY, Rosalie K. 9.50The Castle of Yew : BOSTON, Lucy 8.50The Castledare vigilantes : SINCLAIR, Dee 7.00The cat and the Castle : COCKETT, Mary 5.50The cat next Door : SHEPARD, Birsa 24.00The cat who wanted to Fly : BATE, Joan Mary 9.50The cat who wanted to go Home : TOMLINSON, Jill 5.00The cat who went to Heaven : COATSWORTH, Elizabeth 10.00The catalogue of the Universe : MAHY, Margaret 16.00The Cathedral Cave and Then and Now : ORMAN-COOPER, Lina 6.00The cave in the Cliff : MacKENZIE, Kathleen 8.00The cave in the Cliff : MACKENZIE, Kathleen 6.50The Cave Twins : PERKINS, Lucy Fitch 12.00The Champion annual for boys 1954 : 10.00The Champion Annual for Boys 1955 : 9.50The Chartfield School Mystery : MARSDEN, Monica 6.00The chief's Secret : ELIOTT, Lydia S. 4.50The child of the caravan : or the boy Musician : GREEN, E.M. 15.00The childhood Land : GLYNNE-JONES, William 9.00The children come running : COATSWORTH, Elizabeth 10.00The children next Door : URE, Jean 5.00The children of Hermitage : CROMPTON, Frances E. 8.00The children of the New Forest : MARRYAT, Captain F. 8.50The Children of the New Forest : MARRYAT, Captain 9.50The children of Willow Farm : a tale of life on a Farm : BLYTON, Enid 10.50The children's Aladdin : PRITCHARD, F.H. (retold by) 5.00The children's blue Bird : LEBLANC, Georgette 6.00The children's book of London : BULLOCK, L.G. 8.00The children's Chronicle : STUART, Dorothy Margaret 10.50The Children's Dictionary in Pictures : 7.50The children's fun Fair : 9.00The Children's King of the Golden River (adapted by F.H. Lee) : RUSKIN, John 6.50The children's own wonder Book : 8.00The children's picture book : a reproduction from an antique Book : NISTER, Ernest 16.00The children's picture Dictionary : 8.00The Children's Swiss Family Robinson : LEE, F.H. (retold by) 4.50The children's treasure Book : 9.00The Chimmelies of Cookson's Mill : GREEN, Marion 8.00The China Dog & Old Creaky : PETERS, Dorothy M. 8.50The Christian Prince : a historical Narrative : HOFFMANN, Franz 8.50The Christmas Book : BRUNA, Dick 5.50The Christmas book : REEVES, James (compiler) 25.00The Christmas box : UTTLEY, Alison 5.00The Christmas Mouse : MISS READ 12.50The Christmas Mystery : GAARDER, Jostein 8.50The Christmas Party : JAQUES, Faith 12.00The Christmas that almost Wasn't : NASH, Ogden 9.00The chronicles of Robin Hood : SUTCLIFF, Rosemary 14.00The Cinderella Show : AHLBERG, Janet and Allan 8.50The Circus Book : SMITH, Rosemary 5.00The Circus comes to town (Series 413 no 10) : LADYBIRD Book 4.50The circus is Coming : STREATFEILD, Noel 6.50The city park : a reproduction of an antique stand-up Book : MEGGENDORFER, Lothar 22.00The Classic Book of Nursery Rhymes : 10.00The Classic Mother Goose : 12.00The Claw : LOFTS, Norah 9.50The Clicking of Cuthbert : WODEHOUSE, P.G. 20.00The Clinker : CARR, Roger Vaughan 9.50The clipper's last voyage : modern sea yarn for Boys : BURRAGE, A. Harcourt 8.50The Cloak : GARFIELD, Leon 7.00The Cloister and the Hearth : READE, Charles 18.00The clowns of God : WEST, Morris 8.00The clue of the scratched Door : MOGRIDGE, Stephen 6.00The coach in the Picture : SEKYRLOVA, Hana 8.00The code of the mountains : BUCK, Charles Neville 10.00The collection of stuffed dolls from a fancy World : YONEYAMA, Kyoko 12.00The Colorado Kid : LEYLAND, Eric 6.50The Commonwealth Pack story book (Brownie stories) : BRAMBLEBY, Ailsa 6.00The complete fairy tales (translated & with introduction by JACK ZIPES) : GRIMM, Brothers 26.50The computer Nut : BYARS, Betsy 6.00The confession of Brother Haluin : PETERS, Ellis 35.00The conquest of Mexico (volume 1) : PRESCOTT, W.H. 5.00The cookie Tree : WILLIAMS, Jay 7.50The Coral Reef : BUTTERFIELD, Alfred 4.00The Cossacks (translated from the German) : BARTOS-HOPPNER, B. 9.00The country Child : UTTLEY, Alison 5.00The courage of Andy Robson : GRICE, Frederick 12.00The courtship of Miles Standish : from the poem by Longfellow : FIELD, Josephine (told by) 4.00The cow that fainted and other animal Tales : CULLEN, C.A. 7.50The cowboy on the Ranch : FLOETHE, Louise Lee 6.00The Crackerjack Girls' Own Book : 9.00The Cradle Ship : HOWES, Edith 17.50The Crest of the Dragon : LEONARD, Alison 8.50The Cricketer's Companion (cricket Stories, Great Matches, Great Players, Men and Moments, Poetry of cricket) : ROSS, Alan (editor) 15.00The crocodile (English verse by Christopher Logue) : NICKL, Peter 8.00The crotchety crocodile : BAUMANN, Hans 12.00The Crown Jewels (no 60) : KING PENGUIN - Warner, Oliver 9.00The cruise of the Midge : SCOTT, Michael 6.50The Crump Family : approach to Highfield's first school story Book : HIGHFIELD, H. 5.00The cub : six months in his life - a story in War-time : TURNER, Ethel 16.00The cuckoo Clock : MOLESWORTH, Mrs 9.00The curious Chipmunk : LASKEY, Muriel 7.00The curious clock (no 1) : A Sindy Adventure Story 5.00The curse of the Egyptian Mummy : HUTCHINS, Pat 9.00The Custard Kid : DEARY, Terry 6.50The Cybil War : BYARS, Betsy 5.00The dagger and the Rose : FEIST, Aubrey 9.50The dancing Bear : DICKINSON, Peter 6.50The dancing star : the story of Anna Pavlova : MALVERN, Gladys 7.50The Dandy Book 1989 : 15.00The Danger : FRANCIS, Dick 9.50The dangerous desert : MADIGAN, Frank 7.50The dangerous Journey : RENIER, Elizabeth 6.00The dangerous Road : NEWTON, David C. 9.50The daring of Daryl : NORLING, Winifred 8.50The Dark of Summer : LINKLATER, Eric 12.00The daughter of Don Saturnino : O'DELL, Scott 9.50The day Chiro was lost (Chiro is a dog) : NAKATANI, Chiyoko 5.00The day Eli went looking for Bear : DIONETTI, Michelle 6.00The day of the bomb (translated by Frances Lobb) : BRUCKNER, Karl 9.00The day we saw the sun come Up : GOUDEY, Alice E. 9.50The Day's Work in One Volume : KIPLING, Rudyard 9.50The Daydreamer : McEWAN, Ian 15.00The Deacon's masterpiece, or The wonderful one-hoss shay : HOLMES, Oliver Wendell 10.00The Dean's Watch : GOUDGE, Elizabeth 14.00The death of a Wombat : SMITH, Ivan 9.00The Deerhurst girls, or; A triple Alliance : BEDFORD, H. Louisa 6.00The demon bike Rider : LEESON, Robert 6.00The deserted Village : GOLDSMITH, Oliver 12.50The devilish mystery of the flying Mum : MARTIN, David 7.50The diamond Smugglers : BROOKES, O.M. 9.50The Diary of a Motor Tramp : Being the story of a 10,000 Mile Trip on the Continent with a British Light Car : BEVERIDGE, Victor 55.00The Dippers and the High-Flying Kite : WILLARD, Barbara 6.00The disappearing Dhow : WESTERMAN, Percy F. 16.00The Disaster Area : BALLARD, J.G. 35.00The diverting history of John Gilpin : COWPER, William 10.00The diverting history of John Gilpin : COWPER, William 10.00The Divide : BEDARD, Michael 14.00The dog Crusoe and his Master : BALLANTYNE, R.M. 8.00The dog who walked with God : ROSEN, Michael J. 12.50The dog-lover's week-end Book : PARKER, Eric & A. Croxton-Smith 16.50The doll's House : a Reproduction of the Antique Pop-up Book : MEGGENDORFER, Lothar 18.00The dolls' Party : HEYMANS, Annemie and Margriet 10.50The donkey Upstairs : EAGAR, Frances 5.00The Donkey-Makers : ECKFORD, Janet 6.00The doom of Soulis : MILLER, Moira 8.50The doomed oasis : a novel of Arabia : INNES, Hammond 18.00The dormitory Flag : AVERY, Harold 7.50The double Halfpenny : EDWIN, Maribel 9.00The double image : MACINNES, Helen 8.00The doubling Rod : HARRISON, Ada 10.50The downhill crocodile whizz and other Stories : MAHY, Margaret 10.00The Dragon Fly of Zuni : MALKUS, Alida Sims 8.00The Dragon Kite : LUENN, Nancy 10.50The dream catcher : HUGHES, Monica 8.50The dream Thing : ALLEN, Judy 10.00The Dreamtime : Australian Aboriginal Myths : MOUNTFORD, Charles P. 8.00The drifting island or The slave-hunters of the Congo : WENTWORTH, Walter 14.00The drowning valley : COCKETT, Mary 6.00The Druid's Tune : MELLING, O.R. 9.00The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street : HANFF, Helene 16.50The duck in the Gun : COWLEY, Joy 6.00The Duffer of Danby : POOLE, Michael 7.50The Duke of Plaza Toro (from the 'Gondeliers') : GILBERT, W.S. 12.00The Dynamiter : more New Arabian Nights : STEVENSON, Robert Louis & Fanny Van De Grift Stevenson 7.50The EAGLE book of modern Adventurers : 8.50The Earth we live on (chapters about the moon, globes & maps, discovery of America, Pacific Ocean, Australia and New Zealand) : 12.00The Earthworm : SOUTTER-PERROT, Andrienne 6.50The Easter Cat : DeJONG, Meindert 9.50The Eastern Wonderland : ANGUS, D.C. 18.00The Ebony Tower : FOWLES, John 15.00The edge of the cloud (Flambards no 2) : PEYTON, K.M. 5.00The Egyptian Juke Box : a Conundrum : BANTOCK, Nick 18.00The Egyptian Wanderers : a story for children of the great tenth Persecution : NEALE, Rev. J.M. 10.50The eight famous engines (no 12) : AWDRY, Rev W. 6.50The Eleanor Farjeon Book : a tribute to her life and work 1881-1965 : LEWIS, Naomi (introduction by) 16.50The Elephant Child : KIPLING, Rudyard 6.50The elephant War : AVERY, Gillian 7.50The Elephant's Child : KIPLING, Rudyard 8.50The elephant's Child : KIPLING, Rudyard (adapted from the Story by) 8.00The elephants of Sargabal : GUILLOT, Rene 10.50The elephants of Sargabal (translated by Gwen Marsh) : GUILLOT, Rene 6.00The Elf King's Bride or How Prince Armandel prevailed against the Twilight Realms : SCOTT, Sally 18.00The Empire annual for girls vol 18 : 12.00The Empire annual for girls, vol 22 : KNOWLTON, J. Burnett (editor) 12.00The Empire Annual for New Zealand Girls : 28.00The empty Land : BOUCHER, Alan 6.50The enchanted Fairground : MYERS, ALYS 4.50The enchanted Forest : LINDE, Gunnel 10.50The enchanted island : stories from Shakespeare : SERRAILLIER, Ian 8.00The enchanted Wood : BLYTON, Enid 14.00The end of Project 38 : JOHNSON, Edwin 6.00The End of the Crooked Cross : JOHNSON, Edwin 6.00The enemy sky : a novel of the Royal Flying Corps : SAXON, Peter 7.50The English at Table : HAMPSON, John 7.00The English Country House : DUTTON, Ralph 12.00The English countryside - a survey of its chief features (with an introduction by H.J. Massingham) : Batsford 10.00The English Garden : DUTTON, Ralph 8.00The enormous Crocodile : DAHL, Roald 16.50The Envoy from Mirror City : An Autobiography: Volume Three : FRAME, Janet 22.00The Erl King's Daughter : AIKEN, Joan 5.00The escape of John O'Reilly : BUDDEE, Paul 9.50The escape of the Krollsnork : a fold out Chase : GENEROWICZ, Witold 6.50The Eskimo : Arctic Hunters and Trappers : BLEEKER, Sonia 7.00The eskimo Doll : CAPPER, Barbara B. 8.50The evening news : HAILEY, Arthur 10.00The exploits of Mr Saucy Squirrel : WYATT, Woodrow 8.00The Eye of the God : ASTON, B.G. 6.50The eye Witness : MACDONALD, Caroline 10.00The Faber Book of Nursery Songs (arranged by Carey Blyton) : MITCHELL, Donald (selected by) 12.00The Faber book of nursery Stories : IRESON, Barbara (editior) 8.00The Faber Book of Stories : LINES, Kathleen (chosen by) 12.00The Faber Storybook : LINES, Kathleen (editor) 20.00Informationen



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