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The Art of Michael Bedard

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In Nowhere Land the five-year-old meets the characters of her imagination ?Ferocious a big yellow beast with red polka dots and a well-mannered pig named Hamilton.Browse CatalogueCompare s of:Milton - Wishing For A Future As Bright As The Stars. 20.00MovieGoods: the web's largest selection of movie posters, lobby cards, half sheets, inserts, trailers, still photos and more.Gift GalleryIt was great to see your friend Fred while you were in town last month for Wanda's surprise birthday party. It was even better that Fred put you up for the night so you wouldn't have to find lodgings at Aunt Agnes's house. Fred's been your best friend since high school, and you'd like it to stay that way. What thank-you gift is more appropriate than a telephone call, more legible than a handwritten note, and has a lifespan longer than a houseplant's? Why, books, of course! REVIEWS BY MIRIAM E. DRENNANSitting Ducks is geared toward the children's market, but many adults will recognize author/illustrator Michael Bedard's artwork. Best known for his poster illustrations, Bedard makes his debut in picture books with a wonderful story about an odd-couple friendship between a factory-employed alligator and factory-hatched duck. Ducks are normally the primary meal in the alligator's world, but a chance meeting forges a friendship between these two. The alligator does what he can to protect his little friend, but alas, the duck wants to see the world that lies beyond the alligator's apartment. The only chance the little duck has for survival is to leave the alligator's world forever, but that would leave the alligator alone and heartbroken -- right? Sitting Ducks teaches lessons in friendship and diversity, and Bedard's hilarious illustrations will keep readers smiling, even through the not-so-happy parts.Sitting DucksAuthor/Illustrator Michael BedardPutnam & Grosset, 15.99ISBN 0399228470Jigsaw Puzzle Storage MatsSpaceflight Now | Breaking News | It's always stormy weatherGO!posters frog toad prints pictures art poster toads frogsSonja SohnCLASSIC GLAMOUR : TECHNIQUES OF THE TOP GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHERby BANKS, IAN/ EVANS, DUNCANHOME PHOTOGRAPHY : INSPIRATION ON YOUR DOORSTEP -- paperbackby SANDERSON, ANDREWJIMMY CORRIGAN : THE SMARTEST KID ON EARTH -- paperbackby WARE, CHRIS/ WARE, CHRISWANTED! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ALLIGATOR? -- paperbackby WARING, RICHARD/ SWAIN, HOLLY/ SWAIN, HOLLY



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