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The Art of Michael Bedard

Sitting Ducks II - 1992Also done as a sculpture in a series of 275C 30.57-16h 08mTo E-Mail The Dark Wizard Click Herevital statisticsWilliam Beddard (William III)(apx 1709 - ?)We take the spelling of William Beddard from a document (reference 1) indicating that William Beddard the son of William sold some land (Bedderd's Purchase). The document was dated 1733. We don'st know very much about William III except that he existed and that he also had a son named William, our William IV. We do not know the date of his birth. We know that in 1725, when his father died he was probably a minor child. This means that he born sometime between 1704 and 1725. He shows up on the tax record of 1730, this means that he would have been at least 21 years of age. Based upon this we have listed his birth at approximately 1709.William III sold the land that had been named Bedderd's purchase in 1733. This deed states that the land was inherited from his father William. We have records indicating that this land had originally been purchased in 1718 by William Bethard II (reference 2). Also in the deed William III is referred to as a cooper - one who makes barrels.We know that William had at least one son named William - our William IV. The only other male Beathards in the area at that time were Daniel Coe Beathard and Jarman Beathard. Daniel Coe Beathard left a will (reference 3) that named his childen, none were named William. Jarman also left a will (reference 4) naming his children. He did have a son named William Jarman Beathard, however, he is generally listed in the records as either William Jarman Beathard or as William of Jarman. We have been unable to find any other male Beathards at this time in any of the records. This forces us to conclude that William IV was William III's son and if he had other children, they either died in childhood or were all girls.We are sure that William III died in Worcester County (formally part of Somerset County) Maryland, but we do not know the date. We estimate his death at about 1745-1750. This is based upon the fact that we think he had only one son who was born in about 1745 (estimated) and that he died young. We do not know anything about his wife.[Written by Gerald A. Beathard (I)]Back to Top or HomeThe ArtworksThe Painted Wall and Other Strange Tales by Michael BedardBirmingham w W/wide Travel.To run + maintain H+S projs upon clients sites.Req: 2-3 yrs exp win H+S + Occ Hygiene + NEBOSH Diploma.CVs: Holly Resources.Source: Recruitmt AgencyDame Edna EverageMisty RoweNew!Casio G ShockAtomic TimeSolar PowerGW700A-1V99.95Note: The views of Hope don't necessarily represent the thoughts and feelings of everyone at KryptonSite.Return homeDid you forget your Password?Floral Blush IAn Old Favorite!Authors Card GameLiving Togetherby Michael Bedard20x25.5VIVENDI UNIVERSAL Simpsons Hit & Run (Windows)Dressing the FairyWarwick Goble16x20 Fine Art PrintBabe RuthArt Print18 in. x 23 in.UnframedFramed / MountedBobby Jones IIArt Print18 in. x 25 in.UnframedMountedJack Nicklaus SnleArt Print18 in. x 25 in.UnframedName of ParentsDate BornSexBabernick, MichailaBachelder, Frank E.Bagdziun, KazimirBaillargeon, JacquesBainbridge, William A.Baker, Everett B.Baker, MichaelBakke, George H.Ballo, Manuel F.Ballos, ThomasBanack, AlexanderBanville, AlphonseBaragtaris, CostosBaran, KarolBarber, WilliamBarboza, JohnBaribeault, ArchilleBaril, JosephBarker, CyrilBaron, Alfred P.Baroxis, AndrioBarros, Manuel F.Barry, Charles J.Barry, Patrick J.Barry, William A.Barsarian, SarkissBasinos, VasiliosBassett, Joseph H.Bastien, JosephBastien, NapoleonBates, George W.Batista, Lawrence F.Bauer, PeterBawolek, Heronim S.Beaubien, ThomasBeauchesne, ArmandBeauchesne, NestorBeauchesne, VictorBeaudoin, ArthurBeaudoin, ErnestBeaudoin, JosephBeaudoin, MoiseBeaulieu, JohnBeaulieu, NoeBeauparlant, Joseph J.Beaupre, HiladoreBeauregard, EphrainBeauregard, William J.Bechard, ArthurBechard, Louis T.Beck, ClarenceBedard, AlfredBedard, ArthurBedard, NapoleonBedard, PierreBedore, Arthur H.Begin, WilliamBegley, John J.Belair, GeorgeBeland, AdelardBelanger, AlfredBelanger, NarcisseBell, Percy R.Bellefeuille, AlfredBellefeuille, GeorgeBellehumeur, GeorgeBellerose, AlfredBelleville, LeoBelocas, PeterBelyea, William M.Bendis, StanleyBendos, WalterBennett, Fred J.Benoit, ArthurBenoit, Francis J.Benoit, MedericBentas, HarryBerard, GeorgeBerard, HenryBerard, William E.Bergeron, AlbertBergeron, AlpheeBergeron, CyrilleBergeron, DonatBergeron, EmileBergeron, OvilaBergeron, RaineyBernard, ArthurBernard, Joseph E.Bernier, Antoine C.Bernier, LouisBertrand, EugeneBertrand, WilfredBerube, AlfredBerube, JosephBerube, JosephBevan, JamesBibeault, AmedeeBibeault, PhilipBibeault, WilfredBickford, Harry W.Biedron, JosephBieksza, VladasBigelow, Harold L.Bingley, JosephBiron, George E. A.Bisson, EmeryBlackstock, James R.Blaisdell, Kelsey A.Blaisdell, William F.Blake, CliveBlanchard, John W.Blanchette, ArthurBlanchette, Tancrede L.Blattner, Leon J.Blazonis, AntoniBletsis, StatasBlouin, WilfredBobola, StanislawBochu, Herman F.Bocka, AdolfBoghossian, CharlesBoisjoly, Joseph A.Boissonneault, HenriBoisvert, ArthurBoisvert, ArthurBoisvert, HenriBoisvert, HerveBoisvert, NapoleonBoisvert, RemiBoisvert, ThomasBoisvert, WilliamBoland, WilliamBolcewicz, MichaelBolduc, LudgerBoncar, MichaelBorst, Herman A.Borys, JosephBosca, JosephBotes, JohnBottie, Robert L.Bouchard, FrankBoucher, AlbertBoucher, ArthurBoucher, F. AlfredBoudreau, CharlesBoudreau, GeorgeBoudreau, LouisBoulard, ArmandBoule, TheophileBourassa, ArthurBourassa, LucienBourgeault, EugeneBourgeault, WillieBourgeois, WilliamBoutin, ArmandBowers, John J.Bowler, Harold D.Bowles, FrankBoyd, EarlBrady, BernardBrady, James F.Brady, Michael D.Brady, PeterBranco, JosephBratsinos, GeorgeBreault, George J.Brendas, WilliamBrennan, DanielBrennan, Michael F.Brennan, PatrickBreton, NapoleonBreton, OxeliphasBrewer, Everett S.Bridges, Frank E.Brien, ArthurBrien, JosephBriere, JosephBriere, JosephBritton, William L.Brodeur, AdolpheBrodsky, CyBrouillard, AntonioBrouillette, DelphisBrown, Emil W.Brown, ErnestBrown, HerbeyBrown, Ira H.Brown, JamesBrown, William F.Brule, ?Brunelle, AndreBrunelle, Blaise E.Brunelle, JeromeBrunelle, JosephBrunelle, WilliamBryant, AlexandreBryere, WilliamBubanas, HarryBuckley, John P.Buckley, John W.Budd, GeorgeBuilbeault, Jean B. O.Buja, JosephBujnowski, VincentBukala, MichaelBuote, JosephBurgoyne, JohnBurke, EdwardBurke, FrankBurke, FrederickBurke, StephenBurke, Thomas J.Burnett, FrancisBurns, James E.Burns, James J.Burns, JohnBurns, RedmondBurns, Richard E.Burns, Thomas F.Burns, WilliamBurt, NeilBurt, William H.Burtchell, GeorgeBussiere, StanislasButler, Stanley C.Byam, Arthur W.Byers, DavidByrne, Edward 22 Mar. 192214 Feb. 192213 Nov. 192217 Apr. 192225 Jan. 192220 Jul. 192227 Jan. 19226 Mar. 192228 Sep. 192222 Mar. 19225 Dec. 192211 May. 19229 Mar. 192224 Jun. 192211 Jan. 19225 Oct. 192216 Jun. 19225 Jul. 192213 Nov. 192210 Jan. 192224 Aug. 192223 Mar. 192225 May. 192212 Oct. 192220 Sep. 192225 May. 192213 Nov. 192211 May. 192230 Jun. 192213 Jan. 19223 May. 192218 Mar. 19223 Jun. 19221 Jul. 19227 Aug. 19221 May. 192224 Aug. 192231 Dec. 192215 Sep. 19222 Jun. 19222 May. 19222 Oct. 19225 Sep. 192231 Aug. 192220 Sep. 192222 Feb. 192219 Jul. 192222 May. 192228 Jan. 192218 Mar. 192228 Jan. 19226 May. 19222 Feb. 19222 Mar. 19221 Sep. 192213 Nov. 192212 May. 19223 Apr. 192212 Feb. 192210 Oct. 192220 Jul. 192212 Apr. 192223 May. 19224 Mar. 192221 May. 192231 Aug. 192212 Aug. 192226 Jan. 19228 Aug. 192212 Feb. 192223 Oct. 192211 Apr. 192218 Nov. 192228 Jan. 192229 Aug. 19227 Apr. 192216 Apr. 19225 Dec. 19221 Sep. 19223 Jun. 19229 Oct. 192213 Jun. 192223 Feb. 192211 Jul. 192224 Aug. 192215 May. 192213 Jul. 192215 Mar. 19226 Jan. 192216 Jun. 192211 Mar. 192227 Jan. 1922Nov. 19224 Jul. 192220 Mar. 1922Nov. 19225 Jun. 19223 Dec. 192227 Jan. 192221 Feb. 192215 Mar. 192211 May. 192226 Sep. 192223 Jul. 192212 Oct. 192217 Dec. 19225 Aug. 192221 May. 192221 Sep. 192215 Dec. 192227 Dec. 192219 Oct. 192226 Aug. 192213 Oct. 19221 Aug. 192222 Feb. 192214 Mar. 192228 Aug. 192222 Mar. 192216 Sep. 192213 Jun. 19228 Jan. 192213 Dec. 192214 Aug. 192224 Oct. 192229 Nov. 192211 Apr. 19225 Feb. 19229 May. 192215 Jul. 19225 Nov. 1922Dec. 19227 Mar. 19225 May. 19224 May. 19226 Jul. 1922Nov. 192231 May. 19228 Dec. 192216 Feb. 1922Nov. 1922Dec. 192226 Jul. 19224 Jun. 192222 Aug. 192211 Dec. 19227 Jun. 19222 Nov. 1922Dec. 192221 Oct. 192228 Jun. 192229 Apr. 192223 Mar. 192218 May. 1922Nov. 19221 Jul. 192225 Oct. 192212 May. 192230 Oct. 192224 Aug. 192216 Dec. 19222 Jun. 192230 Apr. 192227 Aug. 192216 Jan. 192222 Oct. 192215 Jul. 192226 May. 1922Dec. 19225 Feb. 192216 Jul. 192215 Mar. 192216 Apr. 192210 Oct. 19223 Jul. 19221 Jun. 19225 Aug. 192210 Jul. 1922Nov. 192226 Mar. 192230 Dec. 1922Dec. 192223 Feb. 192228 Jul. 19226 May. 192214 Jul. 19221 Mar. 192211 Dec. 192225 Oct. 192219 Feb. 192222 May. 192224 Feb. 192215 Jul. 192216 Dec. 19226 Mar. 19229 Aug. 192223 Sep. 19229 Nov. 19226 Aug. 19224 Sep. 192222 Apr. 192217 Jun. 192215 Mar. 192227 Nov. 192220 Oct. 192224 Sep. 192216 Oct. 19226 Sep. 192225 Aug. 19228 Feb. 19222 Jul. 192223 Jan. 192210 Feb. 1922Nov. 192227 Oct. 19224 Jun. 192228 Aug. 19221 Jul. 19229 Feb. 192213 Oct. 192210 Feb. 19222 Aug. 192216 Nov. 19226 Jun. 192230 Dec. 192224 Mar. 192210 Sep. 192223 Jan. 19227 Jan. 1922SonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughter1 Son & 1 DaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSon1 Son & 1 DaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughter2 DaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSon1 Son & 1 DaughterSonDaughter2 DaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonSonSonSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterDaughterSonSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterSonSonSonSonDaughterDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonDaughterDaughterSonSon



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