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The Art of Michael Bedard

wissenschaftPape, Richard - Artistic photographs including nature, architecture and abstract images.A Retired Limited-edition The Painting Santa by Pipka, and one of only 9,700 produced - 45.00..This santa is 6 inches tall, and this Retired edition is limited to just 9,700 pieces; The Painting Santa !Each piece is individually hand numbered, and includes a free mini-Santa ornament!Updated, 4/21/2004: Only (3) of this santa remain FOREVER CHRISTMAS.Pampered unique gifts and gift ideas that all come in a gift box are what Pajamagrams specializes in!Carneiro, Robert L., ed.1967 The Evolution of Society: Selections from Herbert Spencer's Principles of Sociology. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.Peel, J.D.Y., ed.1972 Herbert Spencer: On Social Evolution. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.Spencer, Herbert1897 The Principles of Sociology. 2 vols. New York: D. Appleton.1969 [orig. 1851] Social Statics. New York: Augustus M. Kelley.Attacks on Explosive Materials in Transit or Bulk StorageBulk storage of hazardous chemicals and fuels, and their transportation in bulk by truck and rail networks, presents many other targets for catastrophic attack by terrorists armed with 50 caliber sniper rifles and the armor-piercing, incendiary, and explosive ammunition widely available for them. In addition to the direct effects of explosions or contamination such attacks would cause, collateral effects could be shutdowns and massive dislocations throughout surface transportation and communications networks, and other vital parts of the critical infrastructure.If the threat is not self-evident, one need only consider the vast number of bulk fuel storage facilities in the United States-such as gasoline and propane-and match that number with the incendiary power of the advanced 50 caliber rounds available to terrorists. Add to that problem the 50,000 trucks hauling millions of pounds of toxic, flammable, and explosive cargo over America's highways, and countless railcars loaded with hazardous material such as fuels and chlorine gas, the ability of a terrorist to inflict damage with the explosive firepower of the 50 caliber sniper rifle becomes almost unimaginable.52This is not conjecture. Terrorists in the United States have plotted assaults on such facilities. Disastrous accidents involving bulk storage and bulk transport of hazardous materials have shown the potential consequences of a terrorist attack. The potential effects of a carefully planned attack could go far beyond the random effects of an accident. It is worth noting that 50 caliber enthusiasts trade tips over the Internet about the best ways to shoot commercially available propane tanks to cause them to explode. What is missing is an official response tying these strands together.Consider, for example, the ubiquity of propane gas storage facilities and the transportation of propane on public roads and rail networks all over the country, every working day. The propane industry goes to great lengths to make delivery and use safe, but the fact remains that it is a highly explosive fuel when improperly released. A propane fire is a more powerful monster than the fires these heroes [firefighters] usually face, advised one materials-handling publication.53 The second most deadly chemical accident in history-after Bhopal-was a catastrophic chain of explosions set off at a propane gas distribution center in Mexico City in 1984.54 The death total was nearly 500, at least 4,000 were injured, 2,000 houses in a 20 block area were leveled, and thousands were left homeless.55The United States has not been immune to serious accidents involving propane facilities.56 An accidental propane release and fire near Des Moines, Iowa, in 1998 caused the evacuation of 10,000 residents and the closing of an interstate highway.57 An EPA official described a 1989 explosion involving ethylene and isobutane, both of which have similar flammability characteristics as propane as being the equivalent of 10 tons of TNT. 58The potential for unleashing disaster by igniting a propane tank has not escaped domestic terrorists. A plot by members of a militia group to blow up a giant propane storage facility in Elk Grove, California, was derailed when federal agents arrested them in December 1999 after an undercover investigation.59 The facility holds about 24 million gallons of propane and is a few hundred yards from a busy state highway and other industrial buildings. A study by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory concluded that, had the attack been successful, it would have caused a firestorm that would have reached about 10 miles from the facility and caused a fatality rate as high as 50 percent up to five miles away.60On a far smaller scale, an environmental terror group in Maine attempted to blow up a fish and game club with a propane tank, but a club member who was a fireman noticed the device and disabled it.61There are about 33,000 propane facilities nationwide.62 Bulk storage tanks at these facilities range in size from 6,000 to 120,000 gallons, and several tanks of various sizes may be found at any one facility.63According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, propane releases are a leading cause of death in hazardous material transportation. 64 Semi-trailer bulk cargo tank vehicles that distribute propane over long-haul distances have capacities ranging from 9,000 to 17,000 gallons.65 Smaller bobtail trucks deliver propane locally to customers that have propane containers on site, and have tank capacities from 750 to 6,500 gallons.66 Railroad tank cars that deliver from refineries and gas plants to bulk tanks have capacities of between 11,000 and 34,500 gallons.67FEATURESMessage BoardLatest AdditionsGaming NewsIn-House P/ReviewsRecommendationsTop ScreenshotsSaffron BurrowsAuthor:Availability: Usually ships within 24 hoursCustomer Rating : 29.99Missouri:US 4.65 Add to CartBedard Michael: more books (24)Tinder Box by Michael Bedard, Regolo Ricci, September, 1995Glass Town by Michael Bedard, Laura Fernandez, et all September, 1997The Nightingale by Michael Bedard, Regolo Ricci, et all March, 1992Flieg, Ente, flieg. ( Ab 5 J.). by Michael Bedard, 01 February, 2002More books from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France sitesTime stood stillTime stood still Schöttler, Katharinabedard, michael, sitting duck, children's books, art gallery, galleries, florida, deland, orlando, cast resin, artist, signed, numbered, dr. suess, cartoon, network, fox, central Fl, arts, culture, artwork, figurative, pastels, limited editions, prints, pop art, illustration, alligator, originals, museum, giclee, concept, arts, lithographs, serigraphs, storybook, fantasy, collectablesPLEASE NOTE: Holiday Limited Edition scents will stay live until November 20, 2004 due to the nature of the season. We cannot guarantee that any orders that come in AFTER November 15, 2004 will be received in time for the holidays.Sophie DahlA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y ZAllison JanneyNewsFrom School Library JournalThe unkempt old house, an eyesore in a gentrified Canadian city neighborhood, reminds 15-year-old Cass of a half-remembered dream. Its cheap second-floor flat is such a godsend that he and his improvident single mother, Alison, don't mind their reclusive, possibly sinister landlord, Mr. Magnus, living on the floor below. While Alison plunges into her long-postponed thesis on William Blake, Cass unpacks and observes neighborhood bullies extort cash from young children and play nasty pranks on Mr. Magnus. When Cass takes a job as an usher in a run-down movie theatre, he endures abuse by the head usher. Meanwhile he ponders the significance of pictures left in his flat--a painting of a snake swallowing its tail, a photograph of young Mr. Magnus in World War I uniform--and of the dreams that haunt him, dreams of muddy trenches, of gunfire, gas, blood, pain, and fear. Curiosity and sympathy draw Cass and his new friend Maddy into the old man's obsession with alchemy, which gives the book its title. While the villains seem implausibly malicious, the main characters are vivid and three-dimensional, and the atmosphere of decay and disorder is made palpable by sensuous writing. Yet the overall impression is of an unfocused narrative, its disparate elements never fully integrated. Teetering on the line between fantasy and realism, Redwork falls short of the high standard set by Margaret Mahy's Memory (McElderry, 1988), the consummate tale of interaction between young and old. --Margaret A. Chang, Buxton School, Williamstown, MA 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.



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