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The Art of Michael Bedard

Michael Bedard16 x 20Edition 350 400 PaperImages Galleries:The survival of the fittest proposalI've made a SurvivalOfTheFittestDiscussion page for discussing this proposal. RjMunroThe conceptLet's consider a piece of metadata, such as a specific album title, call it Alpha as entered by Alice. Let's imagine that Bob decides to change the title to Bravo . Currently, Bob enters a moderation into the queue, and people vote on whether the change in name from Alpha to Bravo makes the data better or worse. This is fine in simple cases, but when Colin comes along and changes the name of Alpha to Charlie , while the voting is still open, a complex situation arises. Under SurvivalOfTheFittest, Instead of voting on Bob's moderation as a yes/no to make a change, Bob's moderation becomes a vote for Bravo , Alice's moderation becomes a vote for Alpha , and Colin's moderation becomes a vote for Charlie . Voting is left open for subsequent visitors to this album to decide between the three, or add their own if they don't agree with any of them.A person who has made a proposal will automatically have their vote allocated to that proposal, but they can change them to other proposals later if they realise they were originally incorrect, and the new proposal is better. Other people will hopefully be able to pick from one of the several proposals that are left. Previous proposers and/or voters should be able to subscribe to be emailed whenever a new proposal is made against their item.SurvivalOfTheFittest is a bit of a paradigm shift from the current voting system. Votes and moderations might be a bit of a semantic trap. What is meant is State that they agree with . At any time we should be able to shift our allegencies, or switch to abstain on a particular piece of data. Much of the earlier discussion on improving the voting / moderation system seems to center broadly on /. style voting on proposed changes to the DB as if they were articles/comments. However, from a user perspective, the important thing is whether the data is *correct* - it doesn't matter how the data get's there.Of course, there is more detail to be worked out that what is outlined above. Merge type operations can be handled by having merge artist A into artist B as just a shortcut way to change the value of artist on all artist A's tracks to artist B. Other types of operation may need some more consideration, particularly as AdvancedRelationships and other proposals get implimented and the data structure gets more complicated. One Advanced Relationship may not be to the exclusion of another one, so these may end up as binary yes/no votes, but the application of other features from this proposal are still relevant.EditorRating and Removal of dataThe system works best if combined with the EditorRating. Votes should carry a weight equivalent to an editor's rating at the time of voting. If they subsequently aquire a higher rating, then they could re-affirm their votes, but until they do, the vote should not gain in value. This could be achieved with a vote weight field in the table of votes. This could also possibly allow people to vote with less than their full strength if they are not sure, but I don't think it is neccesary to build an interface to allow this.Non-leading data would have it's vote-weights reduced gradually over time. Once it's weight fell below a certain threshold (equivalent to approximately 1/2 a single newbie vote), the data would be expunged from the database. At some point shortly before this, people who have voted on the data due to be expunged could be encouraged to either reaffirm that vote, or cast their weight behind one of the alternatives.In the SurvivalOfTheFittest context, an editor's rating should be calculated only on moderators proposals, not on their votes. So you get it by having things that you proposed voted on. You must not be able to gain an improved editor rating by simply agreeing with all existing front runners.BTW: Manipulation using multiple accounts is always going to be an issue. The only solution would be an out of band verification, such as taking users social security number (but that is a /really/ stupid idea). We could attempt to detect it if it was suspected by analysing logs to see if two people usually log in from the same place and vote on each others suggestions.Subjective DataThe system may work really well for subjective metadata, where there isn't a clearly 'correct' way of doing it. Two artist reviews bubbling to the top on SurvivalOfTheFittest sounds quite nice, as well as where an artist spans genres, it might be nice to generate statisics like this artist is 40% jazz and 60% RnB? or something. The rules on non-leading votes decaying may need to be different for this type of data.Daryl HannahDiscouraging Word - 1981Survival of the Fittestshopping, merchandise, art prints, posters, gallery, Canada, Canadian, Art, Audubon, John James, Bedard, Michael, Blakeway, James, Brown, David Carter, Cardinal, Alain, Carmichael, Franklin, Carr, Emily, Casson, A. J., Christensen, Scott, Crowley, Dee, D'avoine, Pierre-Joseph, Driendl, Jerry, Forbes, Elizabeth Adela Armstrong, Gjevre, Christopher, Harris, Lawren S.,Hier anmelden, um 1-Click zu aktivieren.vital statisticsMichael Bedard 5.24See all storesDaily Warm-up Exercises For Jazz Ensemble Volume Ii 2nd Tenor SaxophoneAvP2: Survival Of The FittestRARE! Signed K. Seligmann etching. Dali contemporaryPerhaps America's greatest surrealist. 99.00 2,500.00-Nov-18 10:09 2004 Figi's Gifts in Good Taste Figi's Favorites | Your Shopping Cart | Customer Service | Quick Catalog OrderContact Figi's | About Us | Search for Gifts | My Home Figi's | Request a CatalogWeb Site Map | Become an Affiliate | Privacy Policy | HomeDuck Soupby Michael Bedard28x24Wir haben alle Literaturbeilagen des Herbstes gelesen. Wir wissen, welche Bücher am heftigsten gefeiert, diskutiert und verrissen wurden. Sie nun auch!ROALD DAHL DANNY CAMPION OF THE WORLD SC BOOK BENNETT 2.00What's today's Most Popular game? Find out on GameStats ! Click here!. Contact Us . Corporate . Advertise . Jobs . Developers . Support . Privacy Policy . User AgreementEmily Dickinson was born December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, the second daughter of the prominent family of Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson. Emily was well educated at Amherst Academy and attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley for one year, but returned home to spend her life in seclusion.Emily, usually dressed in white, seldom left her house and had few visitors, but actively maintained many correspondences and read widely. By the late 1860s she lived in almost total physical isolation from the outside world.Extremely prolific as a poet, she left behind 1,775 poems, though less than a dozen were published in her lifetime. Her first volume of work was published posthumously in 1890 and the last in 1955.Emily Dickinson died at age 56 on May 15, 1886 in Amherst.



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