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The Art of Michael Bedard

Ordering is easy. We accept online orders utilizing our secure server. We accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks. 24.99- newsPumaMarie Buchfink16 in. x 22 in.Buy this Art PrintDistributed by:Warner Bros.The Year Without Santa ClausBased On: 15.00Sign up today!Jeanne CrainFLORIDA ART GALLERY EMAILWe also accept checks, money orders & cashier checks.Thanks for your feedback.Please note that we are unable to respond directly to suggestions made via this form.Amanda BynesMichael,Bedard,Motif,Cartoons,A,Stranger,in,Paradise 1997-2004 Thinks Ltd. All rights reserved. About Thinks : edt thinks Candy's DandyM & M'sShari's BerriesCatherine SchellMICHAEL GODARD OLIVES LACQUER FRM RARE EXCL PRICE UNBLV 75.99Michelle RodriguezRahmenauswahlMail this pageWhite PapersLosing ParadiseTrading Thin AirGenetic GenieTortoise on the Half-ShellCrude BehaviorMurky WatersUneven JusticeSee No EvilSitting DucksA Friend in High PlacesDereliction of DutyPaving ParadiseNoah's Ark is LeakingWar of AttritionGrizzly ScienceTarnished TrophiesRotten at the CorpsHorses to SlaughterLand of No Return Bureau of Land MismanagementNevermind NepaTimber BeastsPhantom ForestsStealing the TongassUnindicted Co-ConspiratorBusiness as UsualEmpty PromiseSitting DucksThe USFWS's Assault on the Migratory Bird Treaty ActEXECUTIVE SUMMARYFWS law enforcement officers detail how their agency is retreating from strong and uncompromising enforcement of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) due to intense political pressure to allow unethical hunting techniques - principally baiting - which facilitate detrimental over-harvesting of doves and waterfowl. The officers are outraged by what they see as hunting which contradicts the sporting principles of fair chase and damages the very resources whose survival makes recreational hunting possible.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAt a time when migratory bird populations are stressed by habitat loss, pollution and hunting, the Department of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - the federal agency mandated to conserve America's wild fowl - is proposing changes to liberalize restrictions against the use of bait to attract waterfowl. According to its own law enforcement personnel, USFWS has succumbed to mounting political pressure to loosen the federal baiting prohibition.Baiting is the illegal practice of attracting game with feed. It is a highly effective way to lure birds within a hunter's range of fire because feeding birds conditions them to return to a specific area time and time again. In this regard, a baited field is essentially no different than a bird feeder. Law enforcement officers and ethical hunters agree that this activity, which has been outlawed since 1935, violates the tradition and sporting heritage of hunting.Despite more than six decades of enforcement, baiting remains one of the most common hunting violations. Baiting usually occurs in conjunction with other illegal hunting practices, such as exceeding kill or bag limits. Due to the vulnerability of migratory birds to the lure of bait, large-scale baiting usually results in the slaughter of hundreds of birds in a short period of time.Enforcement of anti-baiting laws has significantly reduced the unsustainable taking of game birds, but other factors continue to place pressure on bird populations. As habitat continues to decline in both quality and quantity, migratory birds are forced to concentrate into an ever-shrinking area, making them easier targets for hunters. For instance, North America's duck population, which has declined by 60 percent since the 1950s, is being decimated by hunters, many of whom use bait. The reason is evident - ducks are more scarce and baiting assures kills. The same is true for other migratory game species, including geese, swans and doves.USFWS special agents, empowered to strictly enforce hunting laws, fear proposed changes that would hinder prosecution of hunters who shoot birds over bait and, as a result, drastically reduce game bird populations, undermining the intent of species protection laws. The officers question the motives of those -- and particularly their own agency -- in favor of allowing the use of bait to hunt game birds. After all, the practice of baiting deer, bear, turkey and other species is outlawed. Like most Americans, the agents disagree with any government policy that promotes the use and abuse of migratory birds in a manner that has been banned for more than six decades.Each year, the nation's 200 USFWS law enforcement officers issue thousands of citations for violating hunting laws, most often for baiting. Many of these flagrant cases involve prominent individuals who use bait to ensure kills and often shoot more birds than the law allows. Despite their efforts, these few federal agents cannot possibly ensure total compliance among the nation's more than 20 million hunters. Their job would be made more difficult if the USFWS weakens existing regulations.The powerful sportsmen lobby and its state and federal political supporters are pressuring the agency to change existing standards. State game agencies and hunter constituency groups want to relax baiting regulations that they claim hurt the average hunter. It is obvious, however, that the proposed changes discriminate in favor of commercial interests - namely private hunt clubs which cater to wealthy and influential members - who want to enhance their hunting fields through baiting. Since birds would no doubt flock to the clubs' many acres of prime, heavily manipulated habitat, the common hunter would no longer have an equal chance to compete for limited waterfowl resources.



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