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The Art of Michael Bedard

About Us || Associates || Become a Correspondent ||Contact Us || Advertising Opportunity || Privacy PolicyAdvanced SearchMean MargaretWritten By: Tor Seilder Reviewed By: Maggie T.Pictures By: Jon Agee STOMP, CRASH, BANG, SPLAT! This is what a married woodchuck couple, Fred and Phoebe, heard one morning. They had no idea what these new noises were. Then they discovered later that these noises were coming from a toddler who was left in the woods. As the new parents of the chubby child, Sally Hubble, (they named her Margaret), Fred and Phoebe must move out of their home for space reasons and live with strangers. They are treated like slaves by this bossy child! A screamer, Margaret is a most annoying child! Phoebe loves her dearly, but she just about ruins Fred's life.I liked this book a lot because it had SO much humor in it. Read this hilarious book if you want to find out more about Mean Margaret!My Louisiana SkyWritten by Kimberly Willis Holt Reviewed by Kimberly W. 1998, 200 pages Tiger would you like to live with me in Baton Rouge? All of Tiger's problems could be solved if she accepts her aunt's offer, to leave Saitter and move to Baton Rouge. How could she just drop everything and leave? Her family, and friends, and all the other important things in her life are in Saitter. But, Tiger soon finds a solution she can live with. My Louisiana Sky is a realistic fiction that shows a young girl's feelings while growing up.My favorite part of the book was Tiger's reaction to her first kiss. This wasn't Marlon Brando kissing me. This is my best buddy. My head spun, and I felt dizzy. Tiger was in shock. I mean, how would you feel if your best friend had just kissed you?This book is hard to put down. It uses a lot of detail, discussing a young girl's hardships. To be truly honest, a boy would probably hate this book since it is about a girl's hardships. Young Tiger goes through many difficulties while growing up in Louisiana. You could definitely say this book is for fourth to sixth grade reading. You may only enjoy the book if you're a person who likes realistic fiction, listening to other girl's problems, and finding out new things about other people. If I were to rate this book I would give it *****.Mummy MysteriesWritten by Brenda Guiberson Reviewed by Robert H. 1998 74 pagesImagine this. . . you see a mummy in your backyard. Scary isn't it? Mummy Mysteries is a mystery and non-fiction book. The book is about good people and bad people that turn into mummies and also animals like Blue Babe that get mummified. My favorite part of the book was when the author talked about Blue Babe. First, they wondered how a big animal like a bison got attacked and killed. The scientists think it was two lions, but they are still finding out what killed Blue Babe. The disgusting thing was that these scientists ate Blue Babe. My opinion is that this was the best non-fiction and mystery book I have ever read. It showed cool pictures and gave many specific details. People who will like this book are people who like disgusting or scary stuff.A Rats TaleWritten By: Tor Seidler Reviewed by: Doug C.If you thought other books were good you haven't read anything yet! This fantastic fiction book is excellent for any age from 3rd grade readers and up. The author, Tor Seidler, writes from a rat's perspective. Montouge Mad-Rat, one of the main rats, discovered a world he knew never existed, a world that has been hidden in secrecy for many years. until one night when it was revealed to him. Montouge Mad-Rat tries to fit into this new way of life, but he just gets picked on. Soon Montouge finds no matter how cool he is, his family name has been disgraced. Now Montouge figures a way to gain respect, but all he has to do is accomplish his plan. I didn't have a favorite part because the whole book was just outstanding. A lesson you would learn in this book is, Don't try to act like someone else to prove you are cool. I loved this book for many reasons. It was outrageously descriptive, and it was more interesting to read because it was written from a rat's perspective. The last the topic fascinated me. I think any reader would enjoy this book for the ages I mentioned above. So, make sure you pick up a copy of A Rats Tale, by Tor Seidler your local bookstore or library. Trust me on this one, you will love this book, because I would give it *****!!The Secret of Platform 13Written by Eva Ibbotson Reviewed by:This exciting fantast will fill you with suspense till the very last page! It is about an island filled with witches, wizards, and hags. When the King and Queen lose their only son in the city of London, they must try to find him. But they were not expecting to see what they saw! My favorite part of this book is when Raymond Trottle's ice cream toppled all over him. The hag on the other side of the restaurant didn't like him. She contained herself, sort of, and she did not cast an ill wish upon him. Instead, she place an ill wish upon the ice cream. I recommend this book for third through sixth graders, so check it out at the Wolcott library!Home | News | Contact Us | Wish List | Log In5.DivideMichael Bedard, Emily Arnold McCully (Illustrator)Patricia Correia Gallery is proud to announce new work by Los Angeles based artist Michael Bedard in his fist solo exhibition with the gallery.Stella McCartneyRomantic Gift Baskets Comic ArtThis product is eligible for Free Shipping to United States, Canada (see details)progressive, left wing, liberal, politics, investigative reporting, Barbara Ehrenreich, Ruth Conniff, Matthew Rothschild, Clinton, Gore, Anne-Marie Cusac, leftist, socialist, radical, Democrats, magazine, peace, civil liberties, free speech, civil rights, feminism, women's rights, human rights, Amnesty International, gay, lesbian, environment, prisons, capital punishment, police brutality, economic justice, labor unions, workers, third parties, Greens, health care, welfare, poverty, foreign policy, U.S. intervention, militarism, pacifism, nuclear weapons, nuclear war, arms trade, sanctions, immigration, protests, demonstrations, strikes, civil disobedience, poetry, humor, activism, media criticism, Robert La Follette, Howard Zinn, Molly Ivins, Erwin Knoll, Kate Clinton, Will Durst, Fred McKissack, John Nichols, June Jordan, Laura Flanders, Noam Chomsky, John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Wellstone, Adrienne Rich, Martin Espada, Protest, folk music, Vietnam War, Web Exclusives, This Just In, June 25 2003, IraqKirkus It is good to see a duck tinkering with destiny, and it is grand to see him turn a potentially depressing ending into a happy one 09/15/1998Customer ReviewsBritt EklandA utopia lies on the other side of the door. For once stop thinking of yourselves and your God(s). Drop them for when we reach Neo-Eden, they will be waiting for you there once again.CUSHMAN, CAROLYN (books) (continued)* A Name to Conjure With, Donald Aamodt, (br) Locus v23:1 No.342 Jul 1989 [Donald Aamodt]* Nameless Magery, Delia Marshall Turner, (br) Locus v41:2 No.451 Aug 1998 [Delia Marshall Turner]* Nautilus, Vonda N. McIntyre, (br) Locus v33:4 No.405 Oct 1994 [Vonda N. McIntyre]* Neena Gathering, Valerie Nieman Colander, (br) Locus v21:6 No.329 Jun 1988 [Valerie Nieman Colander]* Nevernever, Will Shetterly, (br) Locus v31:2 No.391 Aug 1993 [Will Shetterly]* News From the Edge: Insanity, Illinois, Mark Sumner, (br) Locus v40:1 No.444 Jan 1998 [Mark C. Sumner]* News from the Edge: The Monster of Minnesota, Mark Sumner, (br) Locus v39:1 No.438 Jul 1997 [Mark C. Sumner]* Newton's Cannon, J. Gregory Keyes, (br) Locus v40:6 No.449 Jun 1998 [J. Gregory Keyes]* Nick of Time, Anne Lindbergh, (br) Locus v33:5 No.406 Nov 1994 [Anne Lindbergh]* Nicoji, M. Shayne Bell, (br) Locus v25:6 No.359 Dec 1990 [M. Shayne Bell]* Night s, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, (br) Locus v36:6 No.425 Jun 1996 [Katharine Eliska Kimbriel]* A Night in the Lonesome October, Roger Zelazny, (br) Locus v31:1 No.390 Jul 1993 [Roger Zelazny]* The Night of Cloak of Daggers, Rosemary Edghill, (br) Locus v37:6 No.431 Dec 1996 [Rosemary Edghill]* The Night of Wishes, Michael Ende, (br) Locus v29:3 No.380 Sep 1992 [Michael Ende]* The Night Room, E. M. Goldman, (br) Locus v34:6 No.413 Jun 1995 [E. M. Goldman]* The Night the Heads Came, William Sleator, (br) Locus v36:5 No.424 May 1996 [William Sleator]* Night Threads: One Land, One Duke, Ru Emerson, (br) Locus v28:2 No.373 Feb 1992 [Ru Emerson]* Night Threads: The ing of the Three, Ru Emerson, (br) Locus v25:3 No.356 Sep 1990 [Ru Emerson]* The Nightingale, Kara Dalkey, (br) Locus v21:5 No.328 May 1988 [Kara Dalkey]* A Nightmare's Dozen, Michael Stearns, (br) Locus v38:3 No.434 Mar 1997 [Michael Stearns]* Nightseer, Laurell K. Hamilton, (br) Locus v28:2 No.373 Feb 1992 [Laurell K. Hamilton]* The Nine Gods of Safaddne, Antony Swithin, (br) Locus v31:5 No.394 Nov 1993 [Antony Swithin]* No Earthly Sunne, Margaret Ball, (br) Locus v33:6 No.407 Dec 1994 [Margaret Ball]* No One Noticed the Cat, Anne McCaffrey, (br) Locus v37:4 No.429 Oct 1996 [Anne McCaffrey]* No Quarter, Tanya Huff, (br) Locus v36:3 No.422 Mar 1996 [Tanya S. Huff]* Northlight, Deborah Wheeler, (br) Locus v34:1 No.408 Jan 1995 [Deborah Wheeler]* Nothing Sacred, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, (br) Locus v26:3 No.362 Mar 1991 [Elizabeth Ann Scarborough]* Oath of Swords, David Weber, (br) Locus v34:1 No.408 Jan 1995 [David M. Weber]* Oathblood, Mercedes Lackey, (br) Locus v40:3 No.446 Mar 1998 [Mercedes R. Lackey]* The Oathbound Wizard, Christopher Stasheff, (br) Locus v30:1 No.384 Jan 1993 [Christopher Stasheff]* The Oathbound, Mercedes Lackey, (br) Locus v21:6 No.329 Jun 1988 [Mercedes R. Lackey]* Oathbreakers, Mercedes Lackey, (br) Locus v21:12 No.335 Dec 1988 [Mercedes R. Lackey]* Of Two Minds, Carol Matas & Perry Nodelman, (br) Locus v35:6 No.419 Dec 1995 [Carol Matas; Perry Nodelman]* On the Road to Baghdad, GŁneli GŁn, (br) Locus v23:4 No.345 Oct 1989 [GŁneli GŁn]* Once a Hero, Elizabeth Moon, (br) Locus v38:1 No.432 Jan 1997 [Elizabeth N. Moon]* Once On a Time, A. A. Milne, (br) Locus v21:10 No.333 Oct 1988 [A. A. Milne]* Once Upon a Time, Anonymous, ed., (br) Locus v41:5 No.454 Nov 1998 [Anon.]* Once Upon a Time, ed. Lester del Rey & Risa Kessler, (br) Locus v27:4 No.369 Oct 1991 [Lester del Rey; Risa Kessler]* One for the Morning Glory, John Barnes, (br) Locus v36:2 No.421 Feb 1996 [John Barnes]* Opalite Moon, Denise Vitola, (br) Locus v39:2 No.439 Aug 1997 [Denise Vitola]* The Oracle Glass, Judith Merkle Riley, (br) Locus v32:6 No.401 Jun 1994 [Judith Merkle Riley]* Oracle, Mike Resnick, (br) Locus v29:1 No.378 Jul 1992 [Mike Resnick]* Orbital Resonance, John Barnes, (br) Locus v27:3 No.368 Sep 1991 [John Barnes]* Orca, Steven Brust, (br) Locus v36:4 No.423 Apr 1996 [Steven Brust]* Orphans of the Night, Josepha Sherman, (br) Locus v34:6 No.413 Jun 1995 [Josepha Sherman]* The Orphan's Tent, Tom De Haven, (br) Locus v37:6 No.431 Dec 1996 [Tom De Haven]* The Orpheus Machine, Ray Aldridge, (br) Locus v29:4 No.381 Oct 1992 [Ray Aldridge]* Otherland: City of the Golden Shadow, Tad Williams, (br) Locus v37:5 No.430 Nov 1996 [Tad Williams]* Otherland: River of Blue Fire, Tad Williams, (br) Locus v41:2 No.451 Aug 1998 [Tad Williams]* Others See Us, William Sleator, (br) Locus v32:1 No.396 Jan 1994 [William Sleator]* The Others, Margaret Wander Bonanno, (br) Locus v25:3 No.356 Sep 1990 [Margaret Wander Bonanno]* Otto from Otherwhere, Peni R. Griffin, (br) Locus v25:1 No.354 Jul 1990 [Peni R. Griffin]* Out of the Ordinary, Annie Dalton, (br) Locus v26:2 No.361 Feb 1991 [Annie Dalton]* Outer Space and All That Junk, Mel Gilden, (br) Locus v23:1 No.342 Jul 1989 [Mel Gilden]* Outlander, Diana Gabaldon, (br) Locus v27:2 No.367 Aug 1991 [Diana Gabaldon]* The Outskirter's Secret, Rosemary Kirstein, (br) Locus v29:4 No.381 Oct 1992 [Rosemary Kirstein]* Painted Devil, Michael Bedard, (br) Locus v33:2 No.403 Aug 1994 [Michael Bedard]* The Painter Knight, Fiona Patton, (br) Locus v40:6 No.449 Jun 1998 [Fiona Patton]* Pale Phoenix, Kathryn Reiss, (br) Locus v32:6 No.401 Jun 1994 [Kathryn Reiss]* The Paradise War, Stephen R. Lawhead, (br) Locus v26:5 No.364 May 1991 [Stephen R. Lawhead]* Parchment House, Cara Lockhart Smith, (br) Locus v25:1 No.354 Jul 1990 [Cara Lockhart Smith]* Parsifal, Peter Vansittart, (br) Locus v23:4 No.345 Oct 1989 [Peter Vansittart]* Partisan, S. Andrew Swann, (br) Locus v36:2 No.421 Feb 1996 [S. Andrew Swann]* PartnerShip, Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball, (br) Locus v28:2 No.373 Feb 1992 [Anne McCaffrey; Margaret Ball]* Passion Moon Rising, Rebecca Brandewyne, (br) Locus v21:3 No.326 Mar 1988 [Rebecca Brandewyne]* The Passionate Ghost, Sheila Rosalynd Allen, (br) Locus v26:6 No.365 Jun 1991 [Sheila Rosalynd Allen]* The Path of Daggers, Robert Jordan, (br) Locus v41:6 No.455 Dec 1998 [Robert Jordan]* Pawn's Dream, Eric S. Nylund, (br) Locus v35:3 No.416 Sep 1995 [Eric S. Nylund]* The Pearls of Lutra, Brian Jacques, (br) Locus v38:3 No.434 Mar 1997 [Brian Jacques]* Pegasus in Flight, Anne McCaffrey, (br) Locus v25:5 No.358 Nov 1990 [Anne McCaffrey]* The People Collection, Zenna Henderson, (br) Locus v27:3 No.368 Sep 1991 [Zenna Henderson]* People of the Sky, Clare Bell, (br) Locus v23:5 No.346 Nov 1989 [Clare Bell]* People of the Wolf, W. Michael Gear & Kathleen M. O'Neal, (br) Locus v25:1 No.354 Jul 1990 [W. Michael Gear; Kathleen M. O'Neal]* The Persistence of Memory, Karen Ripley, (br) Locus v31:5 No.394 Nov 1993 [Karen Ripley]* The Pharaoh Contract, Ray Aldridge, (br) Locus v27:6 No.371 Dec 1991 [Ray Aldridge]* Phoenix Fire, Elizabeth Forrest, (br) Locus v28:2 No.373 Feb 1992 [Elizabeth Forrest]* The Phoenix Guards, Steven Brust, (br) Locus v27:1 No.366 Jul 1991 [Steven Brust]* Phoenix, Steven Brust, (br) Locus v25:4 No.357 Oct 1990 [Steven Brust]* Phule's Company, Robert Asprin, (br) Locus v24:6 No.353 Jun 1990 [Robert Lynn Asprin]* Phule's Paradise, Robert Asprin, (br) Locus v28:1 No.372 Jan 1992 [Robert Lynn Asprin]* Phylum Monsters, Hayford Peirce, (br) Locus v23:3 No.344 Sep 1989 [Hayford Peirce]* Piper at the Gate, Mary Stanton, (br) Locus v22:5 No.340 May 1989 [Mary Stanton]* The Pixillated Peeress, L. Sprague de Camp & Catherine de Camp, (br) Locus v27:2 No.367 Aug 1991 [L. Sprague de Camp; Catherine Crook de Camp]* A Place Between, Hugh Scott, (br) Locus v33:6 No.407 Dec 1994 [Hugh Scott]* A Plague of Change, L. Warren Douglas, (br) Locus v29:5 No.382 Nov 1992 [L. Warren Douglas]* A Plague of Sorcerers, Mary Frances Zambreno, (br) Locus v27:6 No.371 Dec 1991 [Mary Frances Zambreno]* The Planetoid of Amazement, Mel Gilden, (br) Locus v27:2 No.367 Aug 1991 [Mel Gilden]* Playing God, Sarah Zettel, (br) Locus v41:5 No.454 Nov 1998 [Sarah Zettel]* Power Lines, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, (br) Locus v32:6 No.401 Jun 1994 [Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough]* Power Play, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, (br) Locus v35:2 No.415 Aug 1995 [Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough]* Powers That Be, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, (br) Locus v30:5 No.388 May 1993 [Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough]* Practical Demonkeeping, Christopher Moore, (br) Locus v28:4 No.375 Apr 1992 [Christopher Moore]* A Prince Among Men, Robert Charrette, (br) Locus v33:2 No.403 Aug 1994 [Robert N. Charrette]* Prince of Dogs, Kate Elliott, (br) Locus v40:1 No.444 Jan 1998 [Kate Elliott]* Prince of Dreams, Susan Krinard, (br) Locus v33:6 No.407 Dec 1994 [Susan Krinard]* The Prince of Ill Luck, Susan Dexter, (br) Locus v32:2 No.397 Feb 1994 [Susan Dexter]* Prince of the Blood, Raymond E. Feist, (br) Locus v23:1 No.342 Jul 1989 [Raymond E. Feist]* Princes of Sandastre, Antony Swithin, (br) Locus v25:5 No.358 Nov 1990 [Antony Swithin]* Princess Nevermore, Dian Curtis Regan, (br) Locus v36:1 No.420 Jan 1996 [Dian Curtis Regan]* The Printer's Devil, Chico Kidd, (br) Locus v34:5 No.412 May 1995 [Chico Kidd]* Prisoner of Conscience, Susan R. Matthews, (br) Locus v39:6 No.443 Dec 1997 [Susan R. Matthews]* Prisoner of Dreams, Karen Ripley, (br) Locus v24:1 No.348 Jan 1990 [Karen Ripley]* Prisoner's Hope, David Feintuch, (br) Locus v35:3 No.416 Sep 1995 [David Feintuch]* Prodigy, Jan Clark, (br) Locus v39:3 No.440 Sep 1997 [Jan Clark]* Profiteer, S. Andrew Swann, (br) Locus v34:1 No.408 Jan 1995 [S. Andrew Swann]* Promised Land, Connie Willis & Cynthia Felice, (br) Locus v38:4 No.435 Apr 1997 [Connie Willis; Cynthia Felice]* Prophet, Mike Resnick, (br) Locus v30:6 No.389 Jun 1993 [Mike Resnick]* The Puppy Sister, S. E. Hinton, (br) Locus v35:4 No.417 Oct 1995 [S. E. Hinton]* Pyromancer, Don ander, (br) Locus v28:4 No.375 Apr 1992 [Don ander]* Quantum Moon, Denise Vitola, (br) Locus v37:4 No.429 Oct 1996 [Denise Vitola]* Queen of Demons, David Drake, (br) Locus v41:4 No.453 Oct 1998 [David A. Drake]* Queen of the Summer Stars, Persia Wooley, (br) Locus v25:2 No.355 Aug 1990 [Persia Wooley]* Queen's Gambit Declined, Melinda Snodgrass, (br) Locus v23:1 No.342 Jul 1989 [Melinda M. Snodgrass]* Quest for Apollo, Michael Lahey, (br) Locus v23:3 No.344 Sep 1989 [Michael Lahey]* The Quest for the 36, Stephen Billias, (br) Locus v21:11 No.334 Nov 1988 [Stephen Billias]* A Question of Magic, Tom McGowen, (br) Locus v32:2 No.397 Feb 1994 [Tom McGowen]* A Rage for Revenge, David Gerrold, (br) Locus v22:5 No.340 May 1989 [David Gerrold]* Rage of a Demon King, Raymond E. Feist, (br) Locus v38:5 No.436 May 1997 [Raymond E. Feist]* Rainbow Man, M. J. Engh, (br) Locus v30:4 No.387 Apr 1993 [M. J. Engh]* Random Factor, Joel Henry Sherman, (br) Locus v26:3 No.362 Mar 1991 [Joel Henry Sherman]* Rats and Gargoyles, Mary Gentle, (br) Locus v25:3 No.356 Sep 1990 [Mary R. Gentle]* The Raven Ring, Patricia C. Wrede, (br) Locus v33:4 No.405 Oct 1994 [Patricia C. Wrede]* Razor's Edge, Lisanne Norman, (br) Locus v39:5 No.442 Nov 1997 [Lisanne Norman]* Realms of the Gods, Tamora Pierce, (br) Locus v37:1 No.426 Jul 1996 [Tamora Pierce]* Receive the Gift, Louise Marley, (br) Locus v39:5 No.442 Nov 1997 [Louise Marley]* Reclamation, Sarah Zettel, (br) Locus v37:1 No.426 Jul 1996 [Sarah Zettel]* Red Sands, Paul B. Thompson & Tonya R. Carter, (br) Locus v21:12 No.335 Dec 1988 [Paul B. Thompson; Tonya R. Carter]* Red Star Rising (AKA Dragonseye), Anne McCaffrey, (br) Locus v37:6 No.431 Dec 1996 [Anne McCaffrey]* The Red Tape War, Jack L. Chalker & Mike Resnick, (br) Locus v26:3 No.362 Mar 1991 [Jack L. Chalker; Mike Resnick]* Red Wizard, Nancy Springer, (br) Locus v24:4 No.351 Apr 1990 [Nancy Springer]* Redemption of Light, Kathleen M. O'Neal, (br) Locus v26:5 No.364 May 1991 [Kathleen M. O'Neal]* Rediscovery, Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey, (br) Locus v30:3 No.386 Mar 1993 [Marion Zimmer Bradley; Mercedes R. Lackey]* Redwork, Michael Bedard, (br) Locus v26:2 No.361 Feb 1991 [Michael Bedard]* Reefsong, Carol Severance, (br) Locus v27:1 No.366 Jul 1991 [Carol Severance]* The Reindeer People, Megan Lindholm, (br) Locus v21:5 No.328 May 1988 [Megan Lindholm]* Remnant Population, Elizabeth Moon, (br) Locus v36:3 No.422 Mar 1996 [Elizabeth N. Moon]* The Renegades of Pern, Anne McCaffrey, (br) Locus v23:4 No.345 Oct 1989 [Anne McCaffrey]* Resurrection, Katherine Kerr, (br) Locus v29:2 No.379 Aug 1992 [Katharine Kerr]* Retro Lives, Lee Grimes, (br) Locus v30:3 No.386 Mar 1993 [Lee Grimes]* Revolutionary, S. Andrew Swann, (br) Locus v37:1 No.426 Jul 1996 [S. Andrew Swann]* Rider at the Gate, C. J. Cherryh, (br) Locus v35:1 No.414 Jul 1995 [C. J. Cherryh]* Ring of Intrigue, Jane Fancher, (br) Locus v38:4 No.435 Apr 1997 [Jane S. Fancher]* Ring of Lightning, Jane Fancher, (br) Locus v35:3 No.416 Sep 1995 [Jane S. Fancher]* Rise of a Merchant Prince, Raymond E. Feist, (br) Locus v35:3 No.416 Sep 1995 [Raymond E. Feist]* The Rising of the Moon, Flynn Connolly, (br) Locus v31:3 No.392 Sep 1993 [Flynn Connolly]* River Rats, Caroline Stevermer, (br) Locus v28:4 No.375 Apr 1992 [Caroline Stevermer]* Rogues to Riches, J. Robert King, (br) Locus v34:1 No.408 Jan 1995 [J. Robert King]* Rounded With Sleep, Rob Chilson, (br) Locus v25:2 No.355 Aug 1990 [Robert Chilson]* Rouse A Sleeping Cat, Dan Crawford, (br) Locus v30:4 No.387 Apr 1993 [Dan Crawford]* The Rowan, Anne McCaffrey, (br) Locus v25:2 No.355 Aug 1990 [Anne McCaffrey]* Royal Chaos, Dan McGirt, (br) Locus v24:5 No.352 May 1990 [Dan McGirt]From Publishers WeeklyBedard pits the iconic, yellow-billed white ducks featured in his posters against a carnivorous world in this alligator-y allegory. At first, the waterfowl don't seem to have a prayer. They hatch on a conveyor belt in a vast alligator-run factory, then their predators ship them off to Ducktown, where friendly placards encourage them to Eat a Lot and Fatten Up. (Bedard doesn't specify how the victims vanish from their seeming utopia, but alligator restaurants proudly serve duck soup.) Things change after a soft-hearted alligator adopts a duck and lets his pet in on a secret that could save Ducktown: physically fit birds can fly to freedom. Bedard, who styles his unlikely pair as soul mates, practices the same understatement seen in Tim Egan's Friday Night at Hodges' Cafe. His story can be read as a comment on Big Brother, vegetarianism or star-crossed lovers; his dry wit is such that the duck wanders into a Decoy Cafe modeled after Hopper's Nighthawks. Regardless, the narrative is primarily a vehicle for the crisp, mechanical artwork. Bedard uses clean, clear colors, hard edges and pebbled surfaces to construct his smooth-feathered, identical ducks and pudgy, Gumby-green gators. The strongest personality belongs to the anonymous alligator hero, who quells his hankering for his friend the duck by dreaming about chicken. All ages. 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.Gene TierneyStatue of Liberty Architectural Drawing print 22.996d 37mCrossingby Michael Bedard26 x 24 inches US Enlarge | Framed | MountedHow to Find Your Favorite ShowShows are arranged alphabetically. Click on the letter that corresponds to the name of the show you seek. For instance, if you're looking for The Powerpuff Girls, click on the letter P for Powerpuff. SAMURAI JACKSAMURAI XSCOOBY & SCRAPPY DOOSCOOBY-DOO MOVIESSCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU?WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO?SITTING DUCKSSHEEP IN THE BIG CITYSPACE GHOST COAST TO COASTSPEED RACER XSTATIC SHOCKSTREET FIGHTER VICTORYSUPER DOLL LICCA-CHANTEEN TITANSTIME SQUADTINY TOON ADVENTURESTOM & JERRY



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