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The Art of Michael Bedard

Eastwood, Laurie - Abigail's Bouquet posters24 x 18 - 14.75More Eastwood, LaurieBedard Duck Poster - BirdPosters Failure of CapitalismMichael Bedard27 in x 24 inBuy This Art Print At AllPosters Framed | Mounteddooyoo Europe: Deutschland | España | ItaliaAtwood Bibliography Page 12 -- Limited EditionsXbox Crystal - stylish, powerful gaming for under 100Format: HardcoverPub. Date: November 2004 8.74Original Cast Twentieth Century FoxSomebody made a request for a very small owl. I tried to shrink it:_ .* (_) *.. * ..* ___ . . *\/{o,o} ./ /) )* _/_ */,-- - --- .ejm98 *PARENTING NHAbout this video Michael Bedard, internationally known whimsical, fine artist and animator, discusses his origins as a commercial graphic artist and his ultimate entree into the Fine Art Community.StarringIan James CorbettDave WardKathleen BarrLee TockerSitting Ducks: World Book Day EditionM. BedardDavid Warren Gallery( ) 572-1288Art, framing, gifts, woodwork, jewelry.3625 Baldwin Ave. Makawao.Bird Posters poster searchAurora 80th Anniversary11 Glass Town : The Secret World of the Bront' Children By: Michael BedardCatalog: BookPublisher: AtheneumReleased: 01 September, 1997List price: 16.00Amazon price:Used : 0.86Click here for UK price and availabilityMEDIASacred cows and sitting ducksBY GREGORY BOYD BELLThe pack mentality of the media was let out to play last week in British Columbia, where a hearing was to determine whether Clifford Olson was eligible for parole.The coverage followed one of the Iron Laws of the news media -- the greater the audience's certainty that the subject is either the devil incarnate or very soul of goodness, the greater the quantity of coverage. Olson and the legal circumstances of his hearing fall into the former of the two categories, an overview of which appears in the helpful box at right.Olson, sentenced to life for murdering 11 children and teenagers in 1980-81, applied for early parole under a section of the Criminal Code known as the faint hope clause, which allows convicts serving long stretches an opportunity to prove that they are no longer a danger to the rest of us. The outcome of Olson's hearing was never for a moment in doubt, as he once again proved to be an unrepentant psychopath who enjoys whatever attention he can squeeze out of the media.Few newspapers and fewer radio and television newscasts (tears are more effective on air than in print) would deny Olson his jollies, perhaps fearing that the portion of their audiences that hunger for such spectacles would turn elsewhere for their fix.Like many enterprises, the media business is about appealing to your target market. News media employ two primary methods of doing this: either by offering useful information or by pandering to the prejudices of that market. The more economically efficient method is to pander, giving prominence to stories and interpretations that confirm an audience's view of the world, rather than challenging or extending it.A forceful example of this was the Aug. 24 opinion piece in The Toronto Sun by Editor Lorrie Goldstein, who used the Olson hearing to beat a favorite drum at The Sun -- that the problem with the justice system is that it doesn't inflict enough suffering on the guilty.The argument is that the faint hope clause is an insult to the victims of heinous crimes, and that the recent change in the law to tighten it up is inadequate, since it affects only those whose crimes happen in the future. This is a powerful argument, so long as you avoid acknowledging that it is constitutionally both impossible and undesirable to give a government the power to alter the penalty for a crime after conviction.It may seem curious that the anti-Big Government crusaders at The Sun are so eager to endow political rulers with the power to punish criminals by whatever means is most popular on a given Sunday. But since Goldstein isn't a fool, he probably decided that this aspect of the debate is too rarefied for his audience.Rather than explain the constitutional background, Goldstein expounded on the virtues of the biblical dictum, an eye for an eye, which, he explained, is misunderstood -- in the historical context of the relevant Biblical passage, the innovation of an eye for an eye was to make the punishment fit the crime at a time when the judicial exchange was as likely to be a liver for an insult.Does this appeal to scriptural justice, mean The Sun will join certain Islamic leaders in advocating the ritual stoning to death of adulterers? Hardly. Goldstein is once again playing a contextual shell game by omitting to mention that the eye for an eye concept of justice was promulgated three verses away from the the law that He who insults his father or his mother shall be put to death. Of course, both quotations are from a book that includes a deity's instructions on a variety of ethnic cleansing that made recent events in Bosnia look like a nasty case of name-calling. But back in the day, it's just the way things were done.



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