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The Art of Michael Bedard

List : 24.95Edition: 4,810 PensType: Fountain PenSarah LancashireThe Sitting Duck message pokes a funny hole through this fragile concept. It shows that even when one is having a safe moment relaxing with friends on a lounge chair with a favorite drink; one can suddenly become a target of one of life's merciless hunters. That theme of vulnerability carries through the Bedard duck series and has allowed the artist to expand his concept to examine the frailty of politics ( Failure of Marxism and Failure of Capitalism ) and even relationships ( Living Together and Ship of Fools ).Author: Michael BedardCooney, BarbaraPremier Animation(143)Jim Navary's Midatlantic Galleries(43)PICTURESHOP1(9)Adam Hersh Auctions(1)Search for in projects articles commentsweb results by YAHOO! search Section Main Unix Handhelds Mac OS X Themes login «register «recover password «Card text: G, Choose and discard a creature card: Search your library for a creature card, reveal that card to all players, and put it into your hand.Shuffle your library afterwards.0 0.00Kirk Douglas has done few science fiction movies, this one was a sheer boring movie. The script was badly written and the characters in a Don Taylor movie are useually cardboard drawing played by wooden acting. This was the case here. We don't care about the time travel, we don't care about the short stories here that go no where, and we don't careif they return to their time or not. There is nothing except a bad movie with a story plot that was better done on the Twilight ZoneGift Card dollar value:( 10 mininum, 5 increments) .00» Rating: (not rated)» Vitality: 0.00% (Rank 13567)» Popularity: 0.34% (Rank 13072)TopVWXYZLast NameFirst Name Last NameFirst NameNovember 2004October 2004September 2004August 2004Complete Archive ListEleanor Powell9.Healing Power of Herbs: The Enlightened Person's Guide to the Wonders of Medicinal PlantsMichael T. Murray N.D. This isn't your father's secret agent Curse you, Bedard! Now I have to add another book to my monthly pull list. -Mike Bullock, BrokenFrontier New CNN `Crossfire' has GOP turning the channelMaybe it was Paul Begala's opening comments on the first day of CNN's revamped Crossfire that it was time to kick a little right-wingass that angered Republicans. Or when cohost James Carville keptinterrupting GOP Chairman Marc Racicot. Whatever, Republican leadersare blackballing the show. The word is out: Don't go on; you'll getscrewed, says a top Senate aide. Adds a House colleague: It isn't a total boycott, but the show's last on our list to do. That'sa blow for CNN, which has struggled to snare GOP guests as it battleswith conservative-friendly Fox News. The complaints: Combative liberalsBegala and Carville, both Democratic Party operatives, are too goodat what they do, and conservative journalists Robert Novak and TuckerCarlson, who might see a nuance now and then, can't keep up. And they photo-eye, 2004 All Rights Reserved | s-Trademarks | Privacy Policy | Contact Us



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