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The Art of Michael Bedard

?????VCD????30???????_??Generated : 22-11-2004 04:57:58Chinese Books English Books Japanese Books 100Michael Bedard S/N Duck Limited Edition #3Fine Art:PrintmakingThis is a beautiful, pencil-signed & numbered limited edition by world-renown poster artist, Michael Bedard. It is printed on heavy fine watercolor paper (8.5 x 11 ) and features his signature duck. This limited edition of 50 signed pieces features Bill and Bev (the stars of Sitting Ducks ) and is one of a suite of six Bedard limiteds which will be prizes for five lucky winners in three contests being held by McDonalds, Vivendi Universal and ZDF (in Germany). The remaining 45 limiteds will 12 Month Subscription & Free CD. Subscribe Now!Zora Hurston and the Chinaberry Tree by William MillerThis biography tells how the famous author came to be a writer.First Ducks on Mars - 1988Sitting Ducks DVD (Rate it)The Final Countdown (2-Disc Limited Special Edition) DVD ~ Kirk Douglas (Rate it)The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ~ Howard Shore (Composer), et al (Rate it)Chanticleer and the Fox by Barbara Cooney (Rate it)About | Critics Submission | FAQ | Site Map | Advertise | ContactLinking to RT | Licensing | Movie List | Celebs List | Games List | Press Releases | User Agreement | Privacy 1998-present by IGN Entertainment, Inc.. Certain product data 1995-present Muze, Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved. Other marks, names, and titles are property of their respective owners.I've just received bad news. My mother called and told me that Santa Claus has committed suicide.Old Mr. Schlupf played Santa Claus in our village every year throughout my conscious childhood, which took place somewhere a long way away from here. I can still see my brothers and I sitting in a neat row on the old, worn sofa of our living room, hands tightly clutched in our laps, expressions on our faces aimed to convince that we could not have hurt a fly all year, much less anything bigger than that. It was one of the rare moments where my brothers and I felt a deep solidarity in our shared feelings of terror and apprehension. Santa Claus sees everything-just like Mums. Inevitably he always knew that I had fought with my brothers, been lazy at school, that I still bit my fingernails and was responsible for the bite marks on my little brothers ear. It was all there - written down in his golden magic book. I promised to turn a new leaf for the New Year - and I really did mean this in earnest, recited my poem and was finally rewarded with a big bag of biscuits baked by Mrs. Santa Claus. There must be an endless supply of those, because I also grew up believing that sunsets were the lights of Mrs. Santa Claus baking cookies in heaven. Just like the steam that rises from the forest in thin spirals on cold mornings comes from the fires over which the foxes are cooking tea.His 16 year old son found him, slumped over the steering wheel of his car, which was parked in the middle of the wheat field where my brothers and I used to collect and torture grasshoppers. Well - they tortured, while I watched and cried. Can you blame me for taking an ever so small chunk out of an ear in defense? I had always wished for a sister. The autopsy showed that Santa Claus died from drinking a large quantity of weed killer, only recently bought by his wife from the local Spar Mart. The Spar Mart reminds me of shopping errands for my mother, who used to send me there with a mental list, which I repeated loudly over and over again, as I skipped down the road. At the time I had no idea what tampons were used for - in hindsight I'm no longer surprised that the little old ladies of our village, whose major highlight of the day it is to congregate at the market and catch up on village gossip, would direct disapproving glares at me, accompanied by an equally disapproving 'tutt tutting' sound. I'm not sure if my mother would have felt comfortable with the entire village knowing the exact details of our weekly shopping list. As a rule I always forgot at least one thing on my list, and the entire process was nothing short of an ordeal. When I was 7years old, I would never have predicted that one day I would actually enjoy shopping-no looove shopping - even use it as a form of therapy.No one knows what triggered Santa Clauses craving for weed killer, but he will be missed.Find a StoreYou'd be hard-pressed to name a technology that has had the societal impact of cellular voice service. Most of us couldn't imagine living without it. The enterprise cell-phone market is big business, adding lots of zeros to the corporate expense ledger and giving cellular providers billions of dollars in revenue. Will mobile data have a similar impact?Our analysis of data services from the six major U.S. cellular carriers suggests enterprises are an increasingly important target. With voice essentially a commodity, packet data services are the new battleground for the big providers. Mobile data is maturing, with new services approaching broadband performance. It holds significant promise for enterprise customers looking to improve productivity and for service providers attempting to increase their average revenue per user, or ARPU, at a time of falling prices for voice service. But there's also a lot of confusion surrounding these new offerings.If They Build It, Will You Come?As the data infrastructure build-out continues, all U.S. cellular providers are offering nationwide data services at speeds at least comparable to dial-up. Most provide voice coverage to geographic areas capable of reaching 225 to 250 million people (225 to 250 million POPS, or potential population served, in carrier jargon), with basic packet data services across their full voice footprint. GSM carriers like AT&T Wireless and Cingular offer fast basic data services over their EDGE infrastructure, but Verizon offers the fastest--EV-DO--albeit in a limited number of markets (for more on service types, see Wide Area Wireless Data: Forever Evolving, page 40). These higher-speed services are being rolled out gradually, with initial focus on large markets leading to projected full build-out in 2006.Jack and Jill Magazine - April 1961Irma Wilde27.5 X18.75 32.95 WITH 'SITTING DUCKS' HENRY JAGLOM HAS BROKEN THROUGH TO A NEW, RAMBUNCTIOUS, CASSAVETES - WITHOUT - TEARS STYLE OF IMPROVISATION THAT IS VERY FUNNY, A COCKEYED SEX ROUNDELAY, A RAFFISH HOMAGE TO BORN LOSERS GOING NO PLACE BUT HAVING A GOOD TIME GETTING THERE. Michael Emil is effortlessly, naturally funny. As he stares at his exasperated listener with the mildest of eyes, Emil speaks in endless, maddeningly logical sentences, propounding his theories about crime, sex, love, and God knows what else in the even tones of a man who can't be turned off. He's so ethereally absurd that you half expect him to enter his scenes suspended in air and upside down, like a happy peasant in a Chagall painting. 'SITTING DUCKS' HAS THE EXHILARATION OF PEOPLE GOING TOO FAR AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT! -DAVID DENBY, NEW YORK MAGAZINEQueen of Hearts Dancing Dollmore quotes Store home 1995-2004 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.Love Us? Bookmark Us or Link to UsDon't Love Us? Help Us ImproveHome Browse Bookstores 2002-2003 Direct TextbookLD Web Design CompanyTextbooks SubjectsArchitecture TextbooksBusiness TextbooksBusiness TextbooksComputer TextbooksEducation TextbooksEngineering TextbooksHumanities TextbooksLaw TextbooksMedical TextbooksScience TextbooksAll Shop Items: 1 | 2 | - Today's featured items: 100 USDRare Baker Frog Signed & Remarqued Lithograph 8,000 USDOriginal In A Stew Painting 5,000 USDMichael Bedard Original, Framed Hopelessly Lost .. USDMichael Bedard Foreplay Limited Edition Sculpture S/N 1,000 USDMichael Bedard Original Click Beetle, Clack Beetle .. 7,500 USDMichael Bedard Original, Framed Ducktown Painting 1,000 USDMichael Bedard Original Rockin' Robin Painting 100 USDBedard Original Nice Apartment Sitting Ducks Book .. 400 200 USD SALEMichael Bedard On Thin Ice Limited Edition 9,000 USDMichael Bedard Original, Framed At the Factory .. 100 USDRare A Discouraging Word Signed & Remarqued .. 5,000 USDMichael Bedard Original, Framed Face to Face Painting



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