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The Art of Michael Bedard

QuicksearchAs a special introductory offer to launch our e-commerce facility, there is NO charge for postage and packing for any products within Europe. A charge of 2.50 per item will be added if you are resident outside Europe. If you are ordering in bulk and live outside Europe, please contact us to discuss postage charges.Writing on the BlackboardJane Hissey15.75 X15.75 9.95Bedard, Michael, Failure of Capitalism, fine art, poster, picture, framing, mounting, FailureofMarxism_151693, Crossing_319594Closeup ViewA Sci-Fi film in progress. You're at the movie theater and get to see the infamous floaty classic, Attack of the Earthlings from Outer Space! Back panel says Hollywood Hollywood - Classic Pen New! 4.95Sitting DucksTreat your loved ones, your home or even yourself and have a stress-free Christmas with Comet.Page ofAn Old Favorite!Authors Card GameWashing DayBell20 X16 12.95Matisse, Henri PrintsSurvival of the FittestMy dog pouts his lips and sleeps all day.He gets three mealsAnd a pet now and thensleeps on the bed when we let himor are goneif we see fitto let him out, he chasescars down the streetand runs away.Stupid dog.We bipeds sit atop the food chain,the biologists say.I spray my hair, brush my teeth,turn the key, and send toxins into the air.He sleeps on the bedif we let him stay.Power is might.I bought the foodand set the clock.and I suppose that I could beat him senselessto prove I had the right.Stupid dog.See these thumbs?Yeah, I'm atop the food chain.My dog pouts his lips and sleeps all dayWhile I break my thumbs to pay the bills.And I wonder,who created the survival of the fittest anyway?16. Legally Blonde DVD~ Reese Witherspoon (DVD)(Rate this item)Average Customer Review: 2004 Virtual Stores (NZ) Ltd. All rights reserved. GPstore , Gameplanet Store and the GPstore logo are trademarks of Virtual Stores (NZ) Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Virtual Stores sites: GP Store Australia Games & DVDs | GP Store New Zealand Games & DVDs | MovieStars DVDs8Deep River712 Traction Ave., 90013625-2958 1997425 Saturday-Sunday,noon-5 p.m. A not-for-profit artist-run project space, with an emphasis on contemporary art and L.A.-based artists. Stop It at Its Source by Amitis Motevalli (starting Mar. 16and runningthrough Apr. 21). 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One bird stands out amongst the flock - Bill. Well-liked, but seldom understood, Bill waddles to a different beat. He is a quirky, smaller than average duck with a big imagination and a secret fun loving side. Bill's best friend is Aldo, from the neighbouring town of Swampwood. A big lumbering bull-in-a-china-shop alligator, chock-full of rough edges. Aldo is also a tough guy with a soft centre. This unlikely friendship between these two creatures on opposite ends of the food chain sets the scene for unique challenges and a lot of fun.AbstractoAnimalesArquitecturaBodegonesCineCocinaDeportesDesnudosEtnicaFloresFotografíaInfantilMapas y PlanosNaturalezaObjetosPersonasTransporteVintageArtistas



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