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The Art of Michael Bedard

Art Deco Posters - Art Deco PrintsDegrassi, Daniela - We offer portrait services, handmade greeting cards and black and white and color digital prints.Desired Work Location:Psreporter is affiliated with SonyStyle .All product names and companies are trademarks of their respective owners and are used here for information purposes only.Sony, PlayStation and logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCE).ArtPromote World's Grooviest Fine Art Galleries and Online Artists Resources 1998 - 2004 ArtPromote . All rights reserved.Privacy Statement - Terms of ServiceArtPromote is an affiliate of AllPosters Yo, yo what's up niggaYou know the streets is a jungleYou gotta survive out hereYou need a strong mind to do the shit I doYou ever seen something blown the fuck up beforeSee that nigga cross the street in that CutlassCheck this out(Chorus 2x)Survival of the fittest, respect my come upSurvival of the fittest, you better not run up(C-Murder)I remember back in 89 a nigga used to stealAnd now I got a Navi with a mother fuckin' grillOne time chase a nigga through the alley fuckin' alleyMad cause I fucked up my only pair of Bally'sI used to smoke weed with the ballers after schoolMother fuckas wanted to hang cause I used to act a foolStarted slangin' rocks cause the shit was funI used to bang at niggas just to see 'em runNigga people started hearin' shit started recognizing meBig timers fronted me some coke in a ride GDope became my business, no longer a hobbyI owed a nigga 5 g's so I started robbin'I knew I had to move before I had to bang 'em upI'm a act a donkey if you don't respect my come upDumb niggas die, and real niggas liveThis ghetto is so wicked I can't even trust my kids(Chorus 2x)(Gotti)Started in this game at the age of 13Gettin' paid makin' money servin' crack to the fiendsHoes couldn't take me niggas gave me jealous looksTo the world I was a man, to the feds I was a crookPut my face up in the paper, put my name in they booksCause they see a nigga ballin' off the birds that I cookedAs the years went by still survival of the fittestNow i'm ridin' in the tank representin' to the fullestPuttin' bullets in you bitches, jealous niggas in disguiseShootin' niggas till we die, Gambino's on the riseMy nigga Fiend up by my side, my enemies bound to dieGot no mercy in my eyes label Gotti one of the realest(Chorus 2x)(C-Murder)I was born a bastard, my pops was a thug4 years in the pen for transportin' drugsI was known in the hood as the nigga with the weightBitches all up in my business, shippin' keys from state to stateTriple beams in the project iope, where I broke 'em downRazor blade and baking soda, pure white fuck the brownMy clientele was growin' started investin' in some other shitBarber shops on every block, even had a weed spotMoms and the kids put away up in the houseSurveillance cameras and alarms to spook a nigga outPitbulls in the backyard trained to kill my folks up on the phone before I made a dealI'm one step ahead of a nigga doin' wrongThat's why i'm still alive and been on top for so fuckin' longI had to spank some bustas, to show 'em I mean businessThe ghetto is so wicked it's survival of the fittest(Chorus 2x)Unser neuer Katalog mit 4.000 Kunstdrucken auf 586 Seiten!Sitting Ducks Which Came First? Limited EditionAllison joins siblings Justin, 14, Nicholas, 9, Jason, 9, and Matthew, 6. Her maternal grandmother is Pamela Maher, and her paternal grandparents are Linda and William Rodonis.Adam Thomas PicardZu den Inhalten | Warum sieht der Perlentaucher so merkwürdig aus?| Home | Bücher | Aktuell | Magazin | Service | MarktBarbara LeighNew!LaCrosseHandheld AnemometerEA-3010U44.95Cart Print | CanvasA guide listing the title and air date for each episode of the TV series Sitting Ducks.Excellent for those of you who are in Real Estate/Mortgage, Insurance, Network Marketing, Sales, Training, own your own business or really, just about everybody!. 600 CanvasLisa StansfieldLandscape: WinterJia, CaiBuy this Art Print at AllPosters Jane BirkinVeronica Lake



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